Show me all my achievements on Strava

Show a list of all the achievements I've earned on Strava, from KOMs to top 10s, to PRs.

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  • Realizing this is a server-intensive calculation (especially with the current KOM sorting by number of times ridden (prestige). I'd be fine with this being a premium member only feature.

  • I agree.  Fine to be a premium.

  • They could start with a running only tab that shoes PRs at certain distances at a glance. Sort of like what they had before.  I could see how KOM sorting would be incredibly more difficult.

  • Also it would br great if strava could keep track of 1 5 and 10 min power and alert the user when those records are broken, or what percent of each of those critical power numbers are achived on each segment.
  • Fine to be a premium feature.

  • Presenting it in a "timeline" format would likely be the most effective way. A scrolling area where you can go all the way back to your first ride and see achievements

  • This is particularly relevant for Best Efforts as the profile page only ever shows your fastest time - there is now way of tracking down your second or third fastest effort.

  • I agree, having a list of a person's Top Ten performances (trophies) shouldn't be that hard to do, and it would enhance the usability/usefulness of the app tremendously. As it is, I need to look through all my rides to see if I'm even in contention for a segment, which is a bit silly given the nature of this fantastic program. I could see not querying for anything beyond 10 (or 25?) places, but this should be a feature included in the basic app. 

  • On the proffile page, I'd like to see top performances for additional distances, for running: 3k, 8k, 5 mile, 15mile, 20mile and also be able to click on each distance and see the top X performances at each distance. This shouldn't be server intensive compared to something like the segment matching logic and would not need to be recalculated at runtime. When new activities are uploaded, check if that activities performances overtake any in the current list and if so inject appropriately. Additional analytics could be possible time along the lines of the timeline suggestion. Viewing best performances during a given time period could be nice.

    I'd pay the additional for the premium subscription for this.

  • happy with premium.

  • I would like to see the ability to check best effort for given length of time, like "best time on certain segment for current year". The time frame could be customizable to allow for tracking of improvement over prior year or even prior month.

  • I would pull the trigger for premium with this feature.

  • Agree with most posters above - great add on for premium.

  • Add me to the "would pay for Premium if this was a feature" crowd. 

  • Could get messy, but a great idea.

  • I guess this would get me to jump to Premium, too... BUT, I also want to be able to clock on another person's profile, and see all of their KOMs in a single list, too.

  • I am not convinced this would be serve intensive.  For any new athlete, the list of achievements could be built simultaneously with the event history.  For any athlete wanting their prior history evaluated, requests could be queued and processed during system idle periods.  ie: customers might have to wait a few hours to see their list populated upon request.  Regular users should not be a strain at all.

  • Like A. Ferguson, I'd like to be able to click on someones profile and see their KOMs in a list, but even better, I'd like to see every segment we have in common, and how we each score.  Sort of a 'challenge' or 'compare' feature.

  • Why would a list of all your acheivements be such a problem, many other sites manage it. I recently moved from Runkeeper to Strava and migrated my GPX files, therefore i want to see where my acheivements are but dont want to look through my last 70 Activities.


    I like the idea of this site but is a bit clunky in areas. I would also like to see total miles, top speed, averages etc too.

  • Hi - firstly, love Strava. This is a great foundation to build upon. For some reason though, when i upload not all my PRs etc are shown on the home page? It seems to be very selective and i dont know why this is the case?

  • Not sure if some in this thread know this, so I'll throw it out there. There's already a log of your Best Efforts on any particular segment you've ridden. Just load up the segment, and hit the "My Results" down on the left side of the page. It will show all your runs ranked by speed (so you can get your PR, 1st, 2nd, 3rd best times from this) and there are even some options for showing specific times, like in the last Week, Month, Year, etc. 

    As for the Achievements....they are pretty dynamic I think, so problematic to keep a historical list of. For example, there may be a new route/segment you fire up. Grats, you have a KOM! Oops, when it populates, you're in 5th place. 3 weeks later, you're somewhere down in the 30's. Which "Achievement" do you want to show up in your "Show me all my achievements" list? (That KOM of course!)  

    You could almost say just show me all my *current* KOM's/1-3 rankings or something, but I'm guessing that *would* be a fairly intensive calculation to be doing on a frequent basis.

  • Quick response to Not Speedy - it's exactly those 'achievements' that slide down the scale that I WANT/NEED to know about!

    The KOM's take care of themselves through the email system now, and everything other than that, I want to keep an eye on, either so I can make a charge to get the KOM, or just to make sure I'm not sliding any further down. Plus, if someone logs a segment for a ride that I've been on, I'd like to know that I'm on another ranking board, so if I was dawdling, I can save face and make a charge on that too!!

    Competitive? Moi? It's why I'm here...


  • not sure how anyone knows when these ideas may be implemented or rejected... do ideas get closed or moved to some user feature achievement kom leaderboard once implemented?

    i know that strava already has a "koms/crs" tab on the high level profile page, that lists current achievements... then by selecting the segment page and the "my results" (left side), i can see the history of how i've performed for that segment... it would seem, that this could be expanded to include all achievements over time...

    i've actually gone through the painstaking process of creating a spreadsheet for my various activities to see how i have performed over time... since strava does maintain a frozen-in-time leaderboard at the activity level, the data is there... it just needs to be presented in a more usable way...

    it would also be nice to have this "koms/crs" tab at the "my segments" level... 

  • i'll pay for Premium now if this is going to be added soon

  • Hi,

    Sounds like an achievement dashboard with a number of filters (could be pre or user defined), i know for me having copied across details for 2012 from Garmin Connect only now that some of my KoMs are getting beaten did i even realise that i held them - one area for me of medium interest would be see all KoM's i currently hold.

    Of more desire and motivation for my training would be to save or favourite a group of segments that i could use to measure myself against, potential that there is also value in applying the same filter to a group\team.



  • What is odd is someone following you can see a list of your KOMs but you can't see a comprehensive list yourself. Some sort of 'trophy cabinet' idea would be great - and a ranking of the trophies too - eg a KOM where only 3 people have done the segment ranks lower than one where 300 have done it - ditto maybe with PBs. Agree it should be a premium feature

  • Being a new runner who's training constantly, I have gone several months without hitting a #1 because I'm working at increasing distance, not speed. So being able to see all of my PR's would definitely be nice. I'm in with going premium if it meant I'd be able to see all my PR's and up to 3rd place in one easy to find spot.

  • I would purchase a premium subscription with the introduction of this feature.  As mentioned before, it would be nice to have a sort of 'trophy shelf' on your profile to display all of your achievements.

  • Particularly interested in *current* KOMs & top10s.  I can find my current KOMs by doing an athlete search on myself, but would like an easy way to find th top10s as well.

  • Does anyone at Strava actually read these threads. It seems our cries are falling on deaf ears!

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