Better Multisport/Triathlon support and features

Please leave us your comments, ideas, and feedback here regarding better support of multi-sport activities on Strava.

As things currently stand, some multisport devices will segment out the different activity types in to separate pages (swim/bike/run) when uploaded to Strava. Sometimes, however, an entire multisport file will upload as one activity page - presenting problems with choosing an activity type, achievements, and training stats. We currently don't have many features specifically designed for triathletes, but would love to hear your ideas. What multisport features and functions would you love to see on Strava in the future?




  • Any updates on this thread? Would love to see this supported by Strava!

  • Here's how I did it. Complicated workaround but it worked.

    1 - Save the activity file (.fit) from your Garmin device somewhere

    2 - Upload from file

    3 - Crop the first leg

    4 - Save it in GPX (must be Premium)

    5 - Delete from Strava

    6 - Same operation but with second leg

    7 - Same operation with 3rd leg

    8 - You now have 3 GPX files on your hard drive, one for each leg

    9 - Upload from file, starting from first leg

    10 - I know, it is long and tedious and Strava really needs to support splitting activities

  • Please add me to the list of triathletes screaming for new features and support built into the Garmin 910xt.  Clearing out the activity by holding down reset and switching to the next sport (swim --> bike, bike --> run) is ok, but can be cumbersome during a race.  Incorporating the SWOLF and Efficiency swim ratings along with stroke rate would be awesome.  If something could be developed similar to your Suffer Score for brick workouts, taking in HR, Watts, etc and apply to the whole workout, that would be amazing!  

  • +1

  • Agree with all.  Any updates on this functionality?

  • This would be a great feature to have.

  • The real swim support would be a great feature to strava. It is amazing to bike and run and I guess that would be great to swim too.

  • So, is there any progress on this? Strava used to be smart enough to split up the activites during upload, but that seems to have been broken in the last 6 months or so.

    Right now, I'm having to upload everything to Garmin Connect, export the tcx files, and then manually upload them to Strava. Given that Garmin is steadily adding the social features I've used Strava for, I'm wondering why I even go through the hassle at this point.

  • Yep, I "ran" into this problem too about the Multisport feature...but Elle at support is right and it is the easiest way to do her recommended work around for those that have Garmin Connect accounts (thank you!). Interesting to let you know that handles all 5 segments (swim/t1/bike/t2/run) as seperate files when uplaoding--so they have it figured out. Strava: please contact them to get a recommendation on how they did it (and buy them a beer)! ;)

  • Just ran into this on my new 910XT as well.  +1, please support!

  • Why on earth does strava not allow me to upload my triathlon data?? After all this training listed on Strava & it won't show the actual race. Fortunately its very easy to switch to an as Strava is unable to perform its primary function.

  • You could also download the multisport race to Endomondo and export the files from there..

  • Add me to the people who would love to see this feature!

  • I did a run-bike-run yesterday, recorded it on a Forerunner 305, and uploaded it to Strava. I got three activities. Although that's a little annoying, as others have already noted, I'm not complaining, as Garmin Connect fails to upload the very same data. Their bleeping own data!

    Anyways, it would be great to have these multisport activities in one activity. It is only a matter of representation, as Strava is able to parse the data.

  • This is ridiculous that this feature is not enabled. As a premium member i expect some relatively straight-forward programming can solve this. Please sort this out

  • +1 I've just got a 910, and done a tri with it, Strava regocnises that it's a multi lap event, but I've no way to have it as different sports. I'm not a techy person so I don't want to faff about with uploading, deleting and editing files. Surely this is something that should be sorted out. This is a fairly basic feature and I can't believe that a request like this has gotten to be 18 months old without a decent resolution.

  • Strava, I've started my 30 week countdown to an IM, and as a premium member, I'm not getting any information/benefit from my brick sessions that I wouldn't be getting as a free member.

    Please look at improving this or I'll struggle to see the value in premium, as a triathlete.

    Thanks for the terrific individual work on running & cycling; would really appreciate you adding triathlete functionality.

  • Last week I spend approx 20 hrs on hiking but none is shown in the activity summary as it only shows running & cycling.. I'm so annoyed by it! I could set those acitivities on 'run' in order to make them appear but as it where HIKES and not RUNS I don't want to do this. When will finally be the option available to also show other activity types in your activity summary?...

  • I also have a 910XT and would love to be able to use a multisport upload feature! lease implement ASAP. thanks Strava,!

  • Loving strava - am also a premium subscriber a triathlete, and looking to buy an 910xt.

    I am also currently using a swimsense monitor to track swims.

    It'd be a brilliant feature to be able to have multi sport separation. The data is there, being able to separate the data that falls into each category at import and then having that data logged against the segments and recorded against stats for each discipline would be brilliant.

  • This ought to be relatively simple to do. Set activity type as triathlon, when uploading the import routine asks for swim, t1, bike, t2, run times & then chops & imports accordingly.  Not that hard, don't see why it's taken so long for Strava to implement.

  • Premium Member with a Garmin 910 XT - Triathlete

    Would love to have a multi-sport activity split... the device register it this way, and upload it this way on Garmin Connect... I don't want to be simplistic, but it seems feasible.

    Strava is so much better overall but for a triathlete I feel that 2 features are missing:

    - as mentioned above, multi-sport activities

    - treatment of wim activities

  • With regards to Sebastien N.'s remarks, why not having the option to have it split, or have it as a single, multisport activity? Maybe have it as a preference option, or choose it when uploading.

  • My current (910XT) workaround for this isn't perfect, but it works well enough for now...

    1. Don't upload the multi-sport workout to Strava directly.  Instead upload to Garmin Connect and let it auto-split the workout for you.
    2. Use a 3rd party service like CopyMySports ( to auto-sync new workouts from GC to Strava.

    You don't end up with a single workout that has multiple views, but at least you get the activities in and categorized properly so that you can review/track them.


  • @chad i actually use to do the same but it seems something is broken now between CMS and strava... Did youndo it recently?
  • Agree with Chad - not a big deal to get the 5 separate files (swim, T1, bike, T2, run) into Strava to analyse as standalone legs. Simply upload the files directly "from file" - my .FIT files are in AppData/Roaming/Garmin/Devices/xxxxxx/Activities 

  • @Sebastien - Yes CMS has been having some hiccups recently.  There is a notice on the front of their site about it.  Right now it is a bit hit or miss, but I'd say it has been working about 95% of the time for me lately.  I just double check at the end of each week and manually upload the 1 or 2 workouts it missed.  Not perfect, but easier than doing a 100% manual export/import.

  • Splitting the workout removes power data captured by the garmin - will this ever be supported by Strava? At the moment its not possible to look at metrics for my multi sport activities without using competing apps...

  • Hello Elle

    Please understand how it seems so unfair to us Triathletes that all the effort we put into swimming doesn't show up in our profile page , doesn't add to the total of hours/distances on our stats.  So if I bike twice a week and swim another three , on my profile page it seems like I'm slacking :-) If you can do something complex as "heat maps" , It's really is hard to believe that you can't add simple swims to the "Activity Sumary / Activity Type "  Thanks for your help

  • About 2 yr since original post now. Seems Strava has quite a long to do list.... :(

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