Better Multisport/Triathlon support and features

Please leave us your comments, ideas, and feedback here regarding better support of multi-sport activities on Strava.

As things currently stand, some multisport devices will segment out the different activity types in to separate pages (swim/bike/run) when uploaded to Strava. Sometimes, however, an entire multisport file will upload as one activity page - presenting problems with choosing an activity type, achievements, and training stats. We currently don't have many features specifically designed for triathletes, but would love to hear your ideas. What multisport features and functions would you love to see on Strava in the future?




  • I agree with Elle and Pieter. I guess that swim support for Triathletes would be a free feature so the to do list should be ordered by premium features. I have some Brazilian rider friends that have become premium members, but the Triathletes friends don't use Strava because the lack of functionality to them. Anyway the Strava Development Team is creating great features like heatmap.

  • I'm so glad I found this thread. Yes, please Strava put multisport / brick workout activity up. If you guys want sign up for an account on because they do show the brick workouts. Of course with Trainingpeaks It's not as detailed and nice looking at Strava but hey you can still share it on facebook and stuff.

  • Yes, 910xt mutilsport support please!  We don't need a gold plated Cadillac solution that will take years, with a fancy triathlon  activity page and all.  Though that would be nice.  A ford pinto will be fine initially.  Please at least support parsing of a multisport activity and automatically break it up into multiple activities.  How hard can that be?

  • Folks, any news on supporting multisport from Forerunner 910xt?

  • Come on Strava sort it out. add Swimming, and spliting events, and then that opens up a whole host of Strava challenge options plus loads more users.

  • Having my swims in the Activity Summary would indeed really be a nice upgrade!

  • Please, Strava, add swims in the activity summary! Even just for manual entries. Come on it could not be so difficult!

  • Please add 'Multisport' to the sport type options instead of marking my triathlons as 'Ride'.

  • With Strava 4 on iPhone we have the convenient button top left to choose a ride or run. Can this not be used to change from run to ride midway recording a session? I tried this yesterday but then the workout paused.

    This would be awesome as I ride to the mountain, run the trail and ride back home.

  • Please work on a solution to accept and breakdown into individual legs for the garmin 910 xt, thanks

  • This would be great
  • I would like to see walk as an activity please. I'm 45 and although not over the hill just yet i think Strava could benefit from lots of older members who are getting familiar with smart phones/gps devices/strava app etc. Plus i have uploaded my back strengthening walks this week as runs so i feel a little that im cheating. Thanks :-) 

  • It would be great to see my swims in the Activity Summary (since this is definitely a category on a Multisport watch).  A 'multisport' or 'race' option would also be great.  I appreciate the website updates, you guys seem to be putting in the hours, but the basic functions of a multisport watch exceed the capability of the website.  Maybe just taking a look at the foundation of Strava and add the very basics of multisport before adding more whiz-bang stuff.  You'd definitely get a wider customer base just by adding a couple very basic features that multisport athletes would pay for!

  • 2 years of asking still nothing from Strava. We only want to see swims in the weekly hours summary FFS, at the very least it could be an option users could turn on from within the premium panel surely thats not too much to ask for???
    Keep ignoring paying customters Strava and you're gonna find you start losing people to Garmin Connect, which is about to seriously challenge for your market from where I'm sitting.

  • I have just started to use Strava for tri capabilities and wondered if I should go for the paying option. But looking at the speed how things are improved, I'd rather stay on garmin connect and check again in a couple of years...

  • It's almost there... We can track multiple sports, and if we use a separate software package like garmin connect to break it down into separate legs, then we can download these legs and then upload them. But it would be nice to be able to just plug the watch in, have the separate sports recognised and have the event logged as a single activity... It's almost there now, at least I've seen something that looks pretty close to that on at least one upload of a multisport event... And to have swim metrics on the home page kinda like how it is tracked for clubs... So you can have swim specific stats tracked just like the run and ride... It's a small tweak but it'd be appreciated. As for paying to get the premium features... For the bike leg alone it's worth it...
  • Please support your triathletes!

  • Can any of you upload swim trainings from a suunto ambit2?

    If.. How do you do it?

    Best regards

  • I was just directed by a support email to add my +1 to triathlon support (triathlon category, 3 split events grouped as one, proper swimming analysis). After 2 years and 3 months, I'm not sure it's worth bothering - but I'm doing as requested and living in hope.


    I just started doing triathlons and have just started uploading my training using the iphone app. I bought a garmin 910xt yesterday... but now I read that it is worthless to try to connect it with strava. :(


    Strava: Looking back through the forum posts and reading the many positive reviews on the internet I chose Strava as the app to use. I'm surprised you haven't seen the benefit of adding proper triathlon support. Surely it's a smart business move to focus on doing the basic support for triathlons.

    Think about it from a business model perspective... if triathletes are constantly struggling to use sub-standard app functions here, battling to do manual text file editing of uploads... that says 2 things:

    a) there is no other triathlon app to switch to

    b) they are a dedicated and loyal customer market segment.

    Think about those 2 facts- then take the smart business move of investing programmer attention away from feature increments for the existing market (who aren't going to churn easily anyway, not after uploading years of data) and capture a whole new segment of users desperate to use something that works. Because the converse is true also. The first app that DOES support triathlons will cause you to lose every frustrated triathlon user in a heatbeat.

    Which makes more sense from a business perspective? My guess is to pick up this 2 year old ticket and action it - but you'll have to make your own choice about what's important.

  • Matthew White: +1

    They just don't care: never got any feedback from Strava , just a big silence..... really disappointing !!!

  • It has 2+ years since this thread started - Why hasn't Strava at least just added "Triathlon" or "Duathlon" to the activity type when you upload an activity? Then you could pick race and be all set...

  • Geez, give Strava a break. This is just one of probably thousands of threads requesting new features or enhancements. I am sure it is on their radar and when the time comes, they will get it right and Strava users will rejoice. I agree it seems simple, just like the request for multi sport HR zones. I am sure there is a huge backlog of requests and as this thread has grown, hopefully it brings attention and value to its priority.
  • +1 in this feature

  • Would love to see this support for the fenix 2 / 910 XT. Looking forward to the next update!

  • +1

  • +1 for Strava adding support for Triathlon. Just an additional activity to start with. D.

  • This feature is supported.  My 910xt uploads a single multisport activity as seperate swim/bike/run with T1 &T2 activities in Strava.   Cheers!

  • This is badly needed as people tend to add the entire multisport activity as a run, then cycle on running segments and take a load of CRs.

  • +1

  • As it is very obvious to anyone who starts this discussion, Strava needs to work with the GPS watches that record MultiSports, and do it well.

    Im another,-  Suunto Ambit 3 is my beast and Duos, 70.3 and Swimmimg are my concerns.  My Suunto is a beast that links to my iPhone with Bluetooth and records and lists all the above options really well

    As with everyone else the data is lost or transferred wrong, it is so frustrating that if i was too do an Ironman tomorrow i would NOT use my MultiSport part of my Suunto.  NOT EVEN A THOUGHT.

    This is made even more frustrating when you Google it and find that this is a base problem that have been around for years. I have contacted Strava (NO RESPONCE) and SUUNTO (responded well but were loathed to admit a problem)


    As i said to Suunto, you brag about Multisport functions which now include transitions (works great with Movescount (Movescount fails with internet and their site seems to always be down)) and you brag about the auto transfer with Strava, but the inference would be that it works for all sessions NOT JUST RIDES AND RUNS

    But good news, at last phone conversation with Suunto i was told that I SHOULD HAVE DONE MY OWN CHECKING FOR THE EXTRA FUNCTIONS THE SUUNTO HAS, to which i replied I DID, I WATCH ALL YOUR ADDS AND INFORMATION VIDEOS. and let me tell you what the inference was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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