Better Multisport/Triathlon support and features

Please leave us your comments, ideas, and feedback here regarding better support of multi-sport activities on Strava.

As things currently stand, some multisport devices will segment out the different activity types in to separate pages (swim/bike/run) when uploaded to Strava. Sometimes, however, an entire multisport file will upload as one activity page - presenting problems with choosing an activity type, achievements, and training stats. We currently don't have many features specifically designed for triathletes, but would love to hear your ideas. What multisport features and functions would you love to see on Strava in the future?




  • +1

    Just manually edited the TCX data from London Duathalon.

    For anyone else the current Garmin output data is split on laps which I've set to 1km on my watch, if this is enough granularity I can split the data here and add/replace the "Id" tag with same name as first lap starttime.  It does make transitions hard to manage though and you get a bit of distance creep due to not being able to mark the transition start end point explicitly.  You'll also get some blank splits.

    In my opinion the current cropping UI is a great start but rather than start/end crops what is needed is allowing the placement of these multiple tags with some sort of feedback on the map.

    I'm tempted to create a little program to parse the file, visualise it ( maybe using processing.js ) for a demo like thing :)


  • It would be great if Strava could handle Triathlons - even if annotated manually.

  • I will add that I'd love to see Strava support the swim data from the 910XT

  • +1 this feature, specially since Garmin Connect has it now.  GARMIN CONNECT!!!! Strava, you don't want to be outdone by Garmin Connect now do you!?!?!?

  • Just started the premium 'trial' not sure how to add bricks Bike/Run and how to enter races as a challenge/goal?  Also how to upload splits/intervals for swim/bike/run?

  • Is there a plan to allow multisport uploads from the garmin fenix2
  • I'm not a multi-sport athlete but I've decided to enter a beginner's duathlon this weekend and I stumbled upon this as I thought about how to record my activity. I have a Pebble watch and using an IOS app called 'Run+' (there is a 'Bike+ too) I can start and stop activities via the watch and get pace info on the watch too. So, to separate the cycling from the running, I'm going to use the Pebble integration to record three separate activities during the transition phases. The Bike+ app can auto-post to Strava (but I'll disable this to make the app more responsive) and initially they will all be running activities but it's easy to alter the middle activity afterwards within Strava. I'll lose the transition times but I'm not bothered by that but it would be nice to have an overall elapsed time. this could only happen if there was proper multi-sport support. The swimming, of course, only complicates things further. I agree that the ability to separate activities via the lap feature would be ideal.

  • Would be nice to see a tri race as one file-complete with transitions, uploaded from a proper tri watch. (Similar to what Garmin Connect has done)  Or maybe make an app for the new FR920XT that is coming out in November.  Now that would be sweet! 

  • The one time I ran a triathlon in multisport mode using my Ambit 2s, it posted to Strava as a single activity-- meaning that my pace stats were all jacked up because my run, swim, and bike paces were different. I blame Suunto since multisport mode on Movescount seems to do the same thing; I have a Garmin 920xt on order and am hoping that its integration with Strava is better.

  • Hey Everyone
    There is NO WAY IN THE WORLD Strava or Mapmyride or any other App is going to pay any attention to this problem. It is about 4 years old as far as I can see and it's just to hard. I'm not sure why but they show no interest in solving the problem.
    My suggestion is to pick your Watch (Suunto for me) which does MultiSports really well
    (I believe most watches do now) and choose their Web based site (Movescount for me) and hassle them to make it more like Strava (Easily share and compare with friends) then dump Strava and see if they look at the problem then!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If they were, their support people would say
    "We are looking at that exact problem now"
    But they don't, instead they say
    "Our Strava bits work"
    Which is very frustrating
  • Paul, 

    Garmin Connect have managed to incorporate multisport into their layout, which looks really nice, and performs well for triathlons.

    Saying "There is NO WAY IN THE WORLD Strava or Mapmyride or any other App is going to pay any attention to this problem" is completely untrue, and based off no factual information.

    I think Strava will lose a lot of triathletes to Garmin Connect or other websites if they can't rectify this problem.


  • See attached pic for reference:

  • I loaded the .fit file into Sportracks, it created each segment as a separate activity, I then exported each activity using Sportracks to a gpx file, and manually loaded them into Strava.


    You can get Sportracks from

  • Not finding this such an issue, now that you can download the seperate segments from Garmin Connect and upload them individually to Strava. Whole process only takes about 30 seconds. 

  • Strava,

    There is definitely a need for triathlon and Multisport support with strava. Many of my colleagues that use strava are triathletes.
    In regards to your comment re swimming. You do not necessarily need to look at the app during swimming, but just need to be able to toggle a button between swim/bike/run etc, and then strava makes the necessary changes. The results can be looked at at the end of the activity. Currently it does not, and a bike/run thinks it is just a run in the saved results.
    As said this will become more prevailent when the waterproof iwatch is released.
    Please consider this and hopefully make it ready to go when the iwatch is released.

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    Travis Robison, Nov 17 03:35 PM:

    Sorry for the trouble but the app currently doesn't have the functionality to record "multi-sport" activities such as the type you're referring to. This is something we may add in the future and you may want to add it to our feature suggestion forum. However, it would likely not be introduced until more multi-sport activity features are available as well.

    Swimming is currently an activity on Strava, but we don't have any way to select swim as an activity while recording. So you have to record as a run or ride and then change to a swim. I suppose we don't expect too many folks to need a recording screen specific to swimming since it would be hard to view the screen while recording that activity.

    Regardless, you may want to post your suggestion in our community forums. We use these forums to consolidate and collect feedback from our community so if there is enough interest, it may be something we put on the roadmap.

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    Strava Support Team

    I tried using strava this morning during a triathlon, switching between bike and run using the bike/shoe icons on the app. The actual switching seems to work but when you save the activity it thinks the whole activity was a run instead of a ride and a run.
    Any plans to fix this please ?
    This will become particularly useful when Apples iwatch comes out.
    Also any plans to introduce swimming as a Strava activity ?
    This will make Strave very triathlon friendly. Maybe compare functionality with the garmin 910 GPS watch.
    Look forward to hearing from you re development of this great app.
  • + 1

    Mandatory feature to track multi activity file just like Garmin does instead of separated activities, please!

  • Strava, whaat is the progress on implementing what every multisport athlete is requiring?

  • Pleased, this is a mandatory feature!!  We need to track multi activity file just like Garmin or Suunto do instead of separated activities, please!!!

  • Any ETA for support of multisport activities such as brick, duathlon, triathlon? Garmin Connect has it and that's free whereas I'm a paying member of Strava thou I doubt for long.

  • This is the one thing (along with adding triathlons as target races for discussions/training etc) that I think would turn me into a premium subscriber

  • This is how I would implement it - create a new activity type called "Multisport".  Then allow the single multi-sport activity to be uploaded, and then a screen similar to the "crop" screen so that the user can mark "Run", "Transition", "Swim", "Ride" etc as portions of the activity.  This would then allow the Strava backend to match "run" segments to the run part of the activity, "ride" segments to the ride part etc etc.

  • Just spotted on the Strava Run facebook feed - "Thanks for the feedback Keith! This type of multi-sport development is not scheduled for 2015, but we know it's a popular request with our users." Really?  No progress on this in 2015, yet flagged as an issue which Elle said you were working on in 2012?  ???!??!?  Really??!??!?

  • I got a little bored so created this little gist to help split a gpx into multiple uploadable gpx splits

    html/javascript here

    or to view page


    Its nothing clever nor pretty but helps me.


  • I believe there is two separate asks here...

    1) support multi-sport activity files such as a Garmin fit file from a 920XT that contains all the different multi-sport activities in one file and present them as one event with easily identifyable separate legs and their associated stats like Garmin Connect. At present uploading one of these to Strava splits all the activities to separates, so for a Tri/Duathlon, Strava will show 5 separate activities, rather than one event.


    2) Support uploads where the activity file doesn't internally have the various legs separated and user can manually select/tag each leg to appropriate activity type.


    For me anyways, #1 is of higher priority

  • A further reason for multisport support... I have had the Garmin Edge 500 for years. I commute to work on the bike (15km - 30km total for the day, there and back). I prefer to turn off the device after arriving for work, and then start it up again when leaving for home. It remains as one file; 30km total and doesn't split. There's a massive time gap in the middle of the file but I don't care; it's a commute. I don't pollute the feed of others with splitting that up.

    However, I recently got the new Garmin Fenix 3. It allows me to "save the ride", "discard", or "return later". I chose to "return later", all well and good. It keeps the same file on garmin; but on Strava it splits the files... sigh.

  • Did my first duathlon this morning and was pleasantly surprised by both my result and my having managed to tailor a multisport setting on my Magellan to include both runs, both transitions and the ride.  Although it's one .FIT file and the Magellan site recognises it as a multisport activity, Strava doesn't.  People may well wonder why I have listed 30 second walks in my activities (one of the transitions), surely triathlon (and duathlon, and aquabike, and aquathlon) is popular enough these days to warrant site support for it?  It's not even an app I'm bothered about since my GPS watch does all the requisite recording in the first place.

  • +1 - Think now that Garmin 920xt and newer are creating multisport fit files; Strava, please pick this up as a change, it would seem to be an inevitable one.

  • Yep, definitely need an upgrade to be able to have a nice multisport function. Strava team: Please support triathletes! (Garmin connect has done it, pls do something similar for all of us using triathlon enablef watches)
  • If I upload a .fit file from a triathlon activity from my suunto watch, it gets split in the 3 activites (swim, bike, run) but they are reported as 3 separate activites: it would be cool if they were grouped somehow together, maybe showing also the transitions.

  • Hi Elle,

    triathlon season ist about to begin (in Europe).
    Is there a timeline, when the feature will be available?


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