Better Multisport/Triathlon support and features

Please leave us your comments, ideas, and feedback here regarding better support of multi-sport activities on Strava.

As things currently stand, some multisport devices will segment out the different activity types in to separate pages (swim/bike/run) when uploaded to Strava. Sometimes, however, an entire multisport file will upload as one activity page - presenting problems with choosing an activity type, achievements, and training stats. We currently don't have many features specifically designed for triathletes, but would love to hear your ideas. What multisport features and functions would you love to see on Strava in the future?




  • +1 for multisport support


    (bryton cardio 60)

  • +1

  • My Suunto Ambit3 can accurately segment and present in Movescount. When automatically shared with Strava it is a single file. I relabel it as a ride (which is more fair than a run) but if (automatic/manual) segmenting is not possible, then at least let us mark the event as "triathlon" or "multisport" or "duatlon" or so!

    I agree with others that the lack of this option (= proper triathlon functions) is what prevents me turning premium :( 

  • This is one area where Garmin Connect has really stepped up their game. Strava really needs to overhaul their swimming and multi-sport support!

  • Put me in.

    Could you add support for:


  • @Kees Van M: if you export a .FIT file from Movescount and upload it manually, your activity gets automatically split in 3 activities (swim, ride, run), but they are treated as separate.

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  • @Simone: thanks for the tip.

    It works.

    Best is to first delete the pre-loaded file, otherwise the swim will not be properly asigned. But after that, the three segments can be looked at properly (including fly-by's).

    Much improved over just one big file.

    Next step is to include the transitions and make it true multi-sport?

  • I think of Strava as a cutting edge solution for athletes but with the lack of functionality for multisport and swimming is beginning to me think otherwise.  The window of opportunity, for another tool to replace strava, is open.  I don't understand why you guys can't figure out how to add another sport and to properly read the data files?

  • I concur with the above requests for better multi-sport functionality. I think it's entirely feasible to design the app to automatically recognize when one is transitioning from bike to run to swim or any combination of the above. At the outset, users would select from among multiple options (e.g., bike and run), then Strava would register each segment independently (to function with the single sport features), but combined into one feed entry. There could be additional segments and challenges for multi-sport as well. The technology is available. It's just a matter of development. Good luck! :-)

  • If/when you start supporting this, please don't restrict your self to only the "triathlon" type of multisport. Any combination of your activity types should be possible.

    And then you have suddenly, in a magic way, resolved the problem of ski lifts (even for downhill biking) if you just introduce some sort of "motorized transport" as an activity type... ;)

  • Dear Strava Team

    This is just a bit of friendly feedback on the great work that you guys are doing

    I was a premium member for a month but I have just downgraded my membership

    I take part in Triathlons and swimming events as well as running an cycling ones

    I would like to leave here my suggestion for future development to include stats for swimming in the dashboard

    It would be also nice if Strava had the Triathlon as an activity category

    That was my feedback

    All in all well done Strava Team and thank you for your support

  • It would be a great feature to have, at least in the form of being able to record second activity while first is paused.

  • Duathlon ! (run-bike-run)

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  • I'd just like to add my wish for Strava to accept 'multsport' files as intended from Garmin devices.

    Right now, I upload to Garmin Connect and everything is nicely contained within one activity (bike, run and transitions) with the relevant data for each (power for bike, pace for run etc.) but then Strava takes the file and splits it. Tonight, I did a brick training session; 4x 1k runs, 4x 4k bike and instead of one neat file that I get on Garmin - I get 11 separate activities on Strava (4x run, 4x ride and 3x transition)!

    Big fan of Strava but this is one of the few areas where Garmin Connect is way ahead.

    I raised a ticket and was told to simply use one activity (e.g. bike) but then I lose the ability to gain meaningful data from my training - power and none bike related metrics etc.

  • If we could have a multisport activity type...and a way for us to create the different segments and transitions....that would be perfect for me.

  • Elle,  What is the latest from Strava on this and integration with Garmin files, what's the current problem? 

  • Not sure if this work...however I found this page... I will try and let you know if it worked.

  • ADD a function where I can see my workouts defided by sport. For example, I only want to see an overfew of all my running activities instead of searching them between al my other sportactivities.
  • This might not be the most seamless of workarounds for multi sport uploads and I have posted this elsewhere but I thought it may be of some assistance here. 

    I'm shocked that Strava still hasn't sorted this Multisport upload issue and like others I question why I pay for Premium when they can't add this function. Like many others I was annoyed when I used my Garmin Fenix 3 and it's fantastic Duathlon App setting (a custom created setting but works in the same way as the Triathlon preloaded setting). In Garmin Connect it shows it in beautiful Technicolor and I can easily see the Run/Bike/Run splits. But as everyone here has found when you sync this to Strava it splits them into 3 separate events. Not cool Strava. Not cool!

    To combat this I decided to just use my normal RUN settings on the watch and hit the Lap button at transitions. Not what it is designed for but I assumed it would work and show the whole event as one continuous race. And yes it did when uploaded to Strava however I forgot that when I upload it as a run... It assumes the distance I did on the bike is also a run... which was obviously considerably faster and I absolutely smashed my PB's and ended up top 5 on a few challenge leader boards. Not good for me as I'll never have accurate PB's and not good for those on the leader boards and someone quite rightly flagged this as dodgy whilst I was looking for a solution to the problem. As we all know Strava recognises duplicate data so you can't upload it 3 times and crop out the individual Run/Bike/Run (this would seem the easiest way for Strava to allow us to do this ourselves whilst they get their multisport ducks in a line and just allow an override function when uploading duplicate data!)

    So... my solution is to edit the .TCX file so that Strava thinks the 3 uploads are different events. I've tried this by changing the Altitude unit from Meters to Feet, the time by a few hours and a combination of both to try and keep the events on the same day but it will still recognise these uploads as duplicates. So by changing the date on 2 of your 3 uploads it does not think they are duplicates and you can upload them and change the type of activity there are.


    Record your multisport activity with a one sports setting  (so don't use a multisport function on your device)

    Have the original .TCX file saved on our desktop

    Upload the full event with all activities/transitions to Strava and crop it down to just the first activity and save that. This leaves you with a whole chunk of your race missing

    Open the desktop .TCX with Text Edit (OSX) or WordPad (Windows)

    Use Find & Replace function and find all dates, which will probably look similar to this... 2015-11-15 and replace these with 2015-11-14

    Save this as a different file name to the desktop and you can then upload this to Strava and it will not think it's a duplicate

    Crop this activity to your second of the multi sport activities and save it

    Complete the .TCX edit for each activity you want to upload. You need to have a different day for each saved file


    This does mean it will not recognise other Strava users that were on the same course as you at that time but to me this is a small price to pay for accurate data. 

    I hope this is in some small way helpful. I have tried to edit other data in the .TCX file to keep the dates the same but Strava always seems to recognise this. If anyone can improve on this process please let me know. The idea of editing .TCX files is not new and I don't profess to be a genius... just utilising it for own issue. 

    FYI here are the links to the duathlon that I used this process on. Shows them as 3 different activities but shows the correct .TCX data and stats for each activity.


    Oh..  and Strava... sort your own game out so that we can all spend less time in front of a computer trying to work out the simple things you get paid for BY US... and maybe we can all get outside a little more!!!!!







  • Your efforts are impressive Steve Wynn. Nearly as impressive as Strava's are frustrating. 

    Appreciate they'll have a list a mile long with things that they're working on but this just seems so blazingly obvious as it's currently such a mess - particularly considering the amount of air time they've given triathletes on their blog.

  • To Steve Wynn's post:

    Sorry Steve I'm obviously missing something in your post (which I find of interest having just completed a Duathlon myself on the weekend) - if you could just clarify.

    Your complaint is that "when you sync this to Strava it splits them into 3 separate events. Not cool Strava. Not cool!"

    However, doesn't doing what you have just described in great detail (i.e going through the hassle of editing the .TCX file so that Strava thinks the 3 uploads are different events) simply do exactly the same thing!? i.e you will simply end up with 3 separate events which is what Strava is doing automatically anyway? I was able to see my run/bike/run splits easily within Strava as they were automatically split into 3 events - so I'm not sure why I would go through all this editing to end up with the same 3 files I had in Strava to begin with?

    Thanks, Tom

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  • It would help a lot if you could reupload fit files without Strava whining that it is a duplicate. That way I can upload a fit file, crop it so it shows only the swim, run or bike leg and select the appropriate activity and then repeat the process for each leg. But Strava won't let me do this as the next time I try to upload the original fit file strava says it is a duplicate.

    All you need to do is get rid of the code preventing people from uploading a duplicate fit file. How hard can that be? Surely it can't take 3 years to do.

    I had to use fit file tools website to crop the activities and then again use fit file tools to change the time (to trick strava into thinking they were different activites). Too much messing about for something that shouldn't be that complicated.

    Ideally you should be able to upload a fit file and split it into multiple activities based on laps and then the user can change the activity type as needed.

  • Just found this thread and I'm amazed that multisport is not supported. I would definitely pay premium for such a feature, but almost four years after this thread was started and nothing! So many other platforms do this perfectly fine, especially with so many devices now having multisport as an embedded functionality...

    Is there anyone listening on this thread? Are there any plans of ever implementing this or should we just rely on other platforms like Garmin Connect and Suunto Movescount?

  • Hey all,

    Thank you for your continued contributions and feedback. I have a few small updates which I hope you'll find compelling.

    We’re in the midst of adding swim-related progress goals and profile stats (they’re live on the web and coming to mobile soon) to better serve triathlon and multi-sport athletes. 

    As well, we’re toying with the idea of linking activities together; the idea being that an activity could be a brick workout or a combination of linked activities, such as a triathlon race. I can't promise anything on this, but it's definitely a possibility in the near future. 

    The most helpful thing to do here on this forum would be to let us know specifically how you'd use these features and how you'd envision their design contributing to their function and usefulness.

    Thank you!


  • I imagine that for each upload, I could click a "multisport" button, then a "+" button until it has the right number of activities/segments, then use a slider (similar to the one in segment creation) to select which part of the activity was each activity, and finally a possibility to select activity type for each part of the activity (i.e. ride, ice skate, ride for the three parts of my activity last night).

    This would be quite simple to make and simple to use; better than today when we usually have to edit the GPX file manually or use 10 seconds to manually push stop, reset and start for every transition.

    They could show up as linked activities in the dashboard, in a similar way to group rides today.

    Maybe there could be a summary page for the common parts (time, distance, heart rate and so on) but that's certainly a lower priority than "split into several activites in a simple way" as described above.

  • I would give 2 options to the user. One to group activities creating a multisport activity (triathlon, duathlon...) as a main activity in which I would be able to add individual activities that have been uploaded individually...aThe other option would be to change the sport of a main activity (from Run to Triathlon for example), and to associate a specific activity to the different lap of the main activity (Lap 1 would be changed from Run to Swim, Lap 2 would be changed from Run to Transition 1, Lap 3 would be changed from Run to Bike, Lap 4, would be changed from Run to Bike....

    Hoping this make sense.

  • Hi Jeremy,

    This sounds promising. Particularly the part about linking activities together. Right now, I do a typical brick session once per week. On my Garmin, it is one activity, I simply press the lap button to change from run to bike. I typically do a 4k bike ride, a 1k run x4. When I upload it to Garmin Connect, everything is clean under one activity. I have all of my runs with the relevant data (pace, HR) and all of my rides (with power, cadence, HR etc) as well as my transitions.

    Then, when I upload it to Strava it gets a little silly. I have 11 separate activities. 4 runs, 4 rides and 3 transitions (there isn't even a label I can use on Strava for transition).

    So, ideally I would just love Strava to do exactly what Garmin do with regards to Multisport activities without requiring any manual modification from me. BUT, if this isn't possible, a little manual labour isn't the end of the world and if I need to click a + sign 11 times so be it. Please ensure there is an option for transition - this will help keep the whole thing a little clearer.

    Here's to progress soon. I'm a big fan of Strava's networking and segments but I do find Garmin Connect to be a little further ahead with the analysis side of things. Would love Strava to catch up there.

    Thanks again Jeremy. Happy to beta test if you're looking for such help.

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