Better Multisport/Triathlon support and features

Please leave us your comments, ideas, and feedback here regarding better support of multi-sport activities on Strava.

As things currently stand, some multisport devices will segment out the different activity types in to separate pages (swim/bike/run) when uploaded to Strava. Sometimes, however, an entire multisport file will upload as one activity page - presenting problems with choosing an activity type, achievements, and training stats. We currently don't have many features specifically designed for triathletes, but would love to hear your ideas. What multisport features and functions would you love to see on Strava in the future?




  • Love the suggestions of Anders and Franck.

    What would be nice if you can first add all the activities you want to include in the brick and then move them around to put them in order to cover stuff like bike - transition -  run - transition - bike - transition - run... etc.

    This would also allow for more sports to be covered than triathlon (i.e. duathlon, quadradlon, aquathlon... )

  • @Eva D.: It doesn't even have to be a defined sport (duathlon, triathlon, aquathlon, biathlon, etc.). It could just as well be any activity including more than one activity type (which could be called a "multisport activity"). E.g. if you cycle from downtown to the woods to go for a run or do ice skating on a lake. It looks silly when this becomes three/several/multiple separate activities and requires one minute of fiddling with the GPS to "stop, reset and start" every time you want to switch activity.

  • Definitely like the ideas from Franck. Would be great if there was both the linking of activity option plus a multisport option so that the data from Garmin for example transfers across without additional manipulation potentially other than selecting the order of phases i.e. swim, bike run or run, bike, run etc if this information cannot be pulled automatically. 

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  • In respect to how I would personally use this - I use Strava on my iPhone, and frequently bike to my running location, run, then bike home.  I'd like to see that, with the segments properly ID'd as bike/run/bike, in one Strava event.  Versus spamming my feed with 3 separate events.

  • Mu suggestion would be the following :

    1. Create a new activity called "Multisport"

    2. Simply have tabs inside your activity, be it "Run, Bike Run" or "Swim, Bike, Run".... 

    This will avoid spamming your dashboard with multiple events. Most sports watches (Fenix 3 in my case) do have quick switch functions when doing a triathlon for instance, including transitions. So it is saved as a single event on the watch, simply split it like the watch does in separate tabs.

  • Is possible to add a Multisport / Triathlon / duathlon metrics on strava? With the aim to see the sectors times and transitions...


  • wow, this topic is from 4 years ago where strava asks for ideas and input and after all the feedback there is still nothing???

    In any case, today I've done my first xduathlon so I can share my experience and what would help me.

    I used one device to record the whole event so I ended up with one track.  I wanted to press the lap button but in the heat of the moment forgot about it :(

    Now that I have my activity in strava, wouldn't it be the easiest if you could just point out on the track where you switched from one activity into the other?  Thats all, you then indicate what activity the first one is and what the next one is etc..

    With this indication, strava can deal with each activity type as if it was a completely separate activity.  As a user you choose wich activity you want to look at and then you get all your stats data about it.


    Seems pretty simple and a good first start.  Sorry if it was already suggested, I didn't go and read through the many posts.

  • Well, Strava is my favorit but the lack of multisport is driving me to trainingpeaks. I'm still on Strava but have transport allmost anything tontrainingpeaks as well. Reason is the posibility to give in the multisport training. For Strava will be great(and better then TP) if you could edit a workout(or race) in a way you can click on the start/end of the cycle part, start/end transition, start/end run, start/end 2nd transition and this as many times you want. This keeps your cycling, running, swimming and Strava totals clean. In TP you have the ability to give in race results which doesn't effect your totals, this is not ideal, i would like to edit the activity by pointing out start and edit points like explained above.

  • It would be good to have the option to give a run or ride a #brick. This is also suggested in another thread (search 'brick').

  • Hi,


    As someone says, this post is 4 years old. Since the multisports is still not available, I'd either think that Strava doesn't care or can't implement any change, which would be hard to believe. 

    There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Garmin Connect does it perfectly so why not use the same? When using our watches or whatever equipment, it's saved as a single record and transferred as such showing each activity and transition. What's the magic about it?

    Being a Triathlete, I don't count on Strava for it. 

    4 years, Strava, 4 years.....

    Good luck

  • +1 multisport for a session would be nice to have just used this for a MTB/Hike and separating those two activities would be nice like it says i'm #1 for a section MTB section which I hiked so I shouldn't really be #1

  • +1 from me as well. GC does it so well!

  • I want to load a triathlon race into Strava. The threads date back two years ago. I'm fine with manual entry. Please give this option.

    Thank you

  • Yep, the one ideal thing would be to select your swim/bike/run parts similar to a cropping tool (I don't need it that much since I record my activities with the multisport tool on the 910xt but I see plenty that do have a need).


    Of coarse it would be cool if you could also group the activities such that they are seprate for segments, but considered as a single triathlon activity in your feed/training log.

  • Vote for the multi-sport options.  Surprised it is not available after zoo many years.  Look for other apps that can do this.

  • looks like there is a "SPLIT" so you can now do it on Strava while on the web go to Click the Wrench and select "SPLIT"

  • The "split" is an improvement on what it was before. It makes it easier to split a warming up from the actual training (or race). But it still has the fundamental flaw that you suddenly have 3 (or 5, with transitions) activities for one (1) triathlon.

  • Is this worth the time to comment?  No response or even signs of monitoring (let alone moderation) by Strava.  (If a tree falls in the wood, and nobody is there to hear it...)

    But, if anyone is willing to help - I would like to hear recommendations on Tri training plans.  Has anyone found anything effective?

    Thanks, in advance!

  • I think the key would be to allow for activities to be grouped. That way you could see the individual activities from a triathlon but also look at it as a whole.

    This grouping could also be useful for bike rides and other actives where you might have done a longer pause / stop but then want to combine it as a whole.

  • After all these years - still no Multisport support. Strava ignores the swim data from my 310XT, and Garmin Connect's TCX export for multisport activities is broken. 

  • Why is this not even on the planned list? Why is this so hard to implement?


  • Strava, hello? Anyone there?

  • About time Strava either provides Multisport or comes clean and says that they are not interested.


  • Still nothing?

  • Come on Strava, just fix this issue, or at least share where you stand in the development phase. Garmin can do it, Training Peaks can do it...

  • Any further update on this?

  • Yesterday I did a Sufferfest Chrysalis workout (run/bike brick session with warm up, 4 x bike/run sets and a warm down) which covers all 10 multisport file slots.  with transitions included this comes to around 20 activities when Garmin Connect uploaded this session to Strava.

    Needless to say, my followers were none to pleased that I had deluged their feed line with a whole load of activities, some of which are only 20 secs or less.  I deleted them as soon as I realised but what I want to know is this:

    Can brick sessions like this be uploaded as a single file but analysed as individual activities?  

    Any advice/information would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.



  • +1 This needs to be a priority feature to allow multi-sport support - based on what I've seen at tri/duathlons its a feature athletes need!

  • It is a total joke that this thread has been going on for this long and Strava just doesn't make any effort to implement these changes. Multi-sport is an absolute must and if Strava wants to be a serious cycling and running and triathlon platform, rather than just a segments competition platform they really need to get around to do this and hear their user base.

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