Better Multisport/Triathlon support and features

Please leave us your comments, ideas, and feedback here regarding better support of multi-sport activities on Strava.

As things currently stand, some multisport devices will segment out the different activity types in to separate pages (swim/bike/run) when uploaded to Strava. Sometimes, however, an entire multisport file will upload as one activity page - presenting problems with choosing an activity type, achievements, and training stats. We currently don't have many features specifically designed for triathletes, but would love to hear your ideas. What multisport features and functions would you love to see on Strava in the future?




  • This is a must soon , its nice if triathlons would be one workout and worse is swimrun , now i have friends that posts 20+ activities / day since strava cant handle the multisport .. 

    To be honest, its a joke that Strava havent implemented this yet, i wont return to premium until they fix this and when they fix som a swim can be a race




    Thanks for all the feedback, and hopefully the processing of multi-sport files will be coming soon!

    -Elle, Strava Support

    That is some years ago.. still nothing

  • Please add support for not only triathlon racing but also for training purposes (apple watch supported)

  • After 6 years still no multisport on Strava?!
    How much feedback do you need?

  • They just don't care. Sadly. I've just cancelled my pro membership that I had since 2013. I thought it was a nice project and deserved support, but it seems they just don't care about what the community wants. Once they add the features that have been requested for more than half a decade (or at least tell us why they won't) I might reconsider. 

  • Please work on the multisport activities. When you have such a great platform for Swimmers, bikers and runners and dont support triathlon its a little bit shame. One Race splitted into 5 activities will mess with dashboard. Also brick workouts will do the same. Swimrun is on the rise so its more then necessary to support it. 

    Thank you in advance for all triathletes and swimrunners. 


  • I got Swimrun and triathlon and Brick sesions working on my Garmin but when its moved over to Strava its all separat activites. Would love to see the session as one with the total map...and at second level dive in to the details.


    Garmin got it...would love to have the same in Strava...what I do now is I set all my Swimrun as Running.

  • Please add multisport, why are you refusing to listen to your customers? It's obviously a important thing for us and I can't be that hard to implement.

  • I have really considered premium, but without tri support, I'll never really buy it.

  • Thanks for all your input, everybody! I realize how important improving the triathlon experience is in Strava. 

    Our forums are just one component of our decision-making process. While a ton of ideas are genuinely valuable, we need to be selective and balance our priorities.
    Thanks for understanding!
  • Same here - only load training into Strava as it's impossible to load and track performance for triathlon races. Won't pay for premium without this.

  • I thought this must have been sorted years ago, I came back today to find out it's still an issue. Strava, hello?!?

  • @lucian and @andy. Strava doesn't really care for our input. All we get is their lousy: "we need to be selective and balance our priorities" canned response, which is a shame.

  • @santiago: that's my experience as well. it's sad. no way I'll keep paying for that.

  • Jess, we don’t understand! If Garmin can do it why can’t Strava? Or if you don’t want to do it come clean and say that Strava is not interested in Triathlon.

  • Hi Peter, 

    Thanks for your feedback. Strava can only do what's in our capacity and I hope you can understand that. 

    Triathlon and multi-sport is on the table, but I can't give you an ETA when features will be available as I don't want to lead anyone on. The best I (and you, the community) can do is add constructive feedback and prove the necessity and popularity of a triathlon feature. Having all these comments is helpful and what I use when I report back to the product managers and engineers. 


  • Wow.  Impressive.  Delete *honest* feedback that relfects your own responses to the community.  That's amazing.  Lets see -- Introduce a subscription, make it a 'reasonable' price,  and then ambush the entire community by trying to gouge on that by splitting it into 'separate feature packs'....Avoid feedback about what the community actually *needs* from the product....Tell them 'it's on our map, but it's not something we know when we will care about'  This sounds eerily familiar... Oh right, it's very similar to what Evernote did... and how did that work out for them?  Oh right... they have been struggling ever since and have been downsizing as a result.  Hmmm... notice that most of us are sick and tired of you guys beating around the bush, and *very* sick of the copy paste responses?  Thankfully, I have already started looking into your competitors that are starting to rise up.  Good job, Strava.  You started as #1, and you're slowly knocking yourself down :)  Brava.

  • prove the necessity @Jess? this post has been going on since 2012, what more can you possibly ask for?

  • Until we wait for the real multi-sport implementation, it would be nice if we can already at least select e.g. Triathlon as an activity. Now, we have to label them as either Run, Swim, or Ride (when recording the entire race as one activity). The ability to label those entire races as 'Triathlon' would already be an improvement. 

  • I hope Strava adds Tri-sport activities logging.  I'd pay for that (reasonably priced).  Looks like this and many other ideas have been ignored by Strava since 2012... Also how Swims get logged in Yards, yet most of Earth swims in Meters.  US/UK Runs & Rides in Miles, Swims in Meters.  Why can't this and Triathlon events be added to Strava?  Do they not like to improve?  Innovate or die?  Meanwhile, I'm looking for another tracker.

  • Thanks @Justen for your input! I realize how important improving the triathlon experience is in Strava. 

    Our forums are just one component of our decision-making process. While a ton of ideas are genuinely valuable, we need to be selective and balance our priorities and don't really care for your feedback.
    Thanks for understanding! Good luck finding other trackers :)
  • Hi @Santiago C. How can you say that you (read Strava) does "not really care for our feedback". It does cross my mind that your paying customers do pay the bills at Strava, so why don't you care????

    I realize that most of the feedback is not helping you to develop the right functionality, but there is no information on the status of your developments even no information on what you are developing (a Strava roadmap would be helpful) is available.

    I think Strava needs to guide a little more what input is wishfull and helpful to develop the right things. Otherwise it is better to shutdown this "fake" feedback portal.

  • @jaco Putter. I was kidding. I don't work for Strava :)

    I was just copy pasting and modifying a little bit the support message that Strava actually gives. But I agree with you, they really don't care and is stupid.


    For the real message from Strava, see the post in September 5.

  • PLease add this multisport support für SwimRun!

  • That's really disappointing that 6 years later there's still no support for multisport.

    I think this was already brought in discussion but anyway. I would suggest idea of so called "superactivity" which is indeed a container for several activities. Besides multisport this can be easily used, for example, for grouping multi-day hiking/backpacking, etc. Basically for anything user wants to group for some reason.

    There are some points to consider:

    1. How to create?

    Both automatic way when exporting from device (fit/tcx) and manual way should be supported. If doing manually an empty activity is created. User should be able to add or remove activities from superactivity. Removing does not delete activity itself but rather makes it "standalone" usual activity.

    2. How to display in feed?

    Again I would suggest to display superactivity only to not spam the feed with its children activities. Map in the feed should display tracks all all activities merged. Total distance is sum of all distances, same for time.

    3. How to view activity.

    When user gets into activity he/she sees somewhat what's currently in Lap view mode, except these are not laps but activities. When you click on certain activity you can open it as usual.

    Glad if this helps or useful.

  • thumbs up for that constructive comment!

  • Adding Triathlon support would be a very nice addition. I'm honestly wondering if with all the comments about this topic that Strava hasn't addressed this yet. There is really no good way on the Apple watch the record a triathlon. Added to the fact that swim support for apple watch doesn't exist i can see why this probably isn't supported yet.   

  • Garmin manages to save Triathlons as one activity but is also able to display the times for the separate Activities, including transitions.  please try look at this strava as whenever i  do a triathlon my strava friends are spammed with all the all the individual activities including transitions..     not cool !!!!

    We all love strava , so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... 

  • Why is Strava deaf to the multi-sport community.  How hard is it really? Garmin does it, as it seen in the above post.  Might just have to move all my activities to Garmin, sonce all my devices are Garmin anyway...

  • I recently did a duathlon, (run, transition, bike, transition, run).

    Normally this would arrive in Strava as 5 different activities, with the runs and bike properly assigned and transition as an other( I think).

    However a few weeks ago this was not the case, all the activities had the complete end to end multisport event, in essence 5 copies of the complete activity. Maybe @Strava could comment if this was a blip or a sign of things to come?

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