Show/Compare all segments in common with another Strava user

A lot of times if another rider shows up on one segment you've ridden, they'll frequently show up on others. This feature would function when viewing segment results, one could click on a rider in the listing and generate a view showing all segments you have in common, and the respective times of each rider.



  • Yeah, I'd be keen for something like this.  I've wondered about it before.

  • I was just about to add this request.  I'd like to see it somewhere on the page where it compares you and another rider side by side.  A button/link labeled common segments and then just show all of them with the 8th/192 or whatever for each of the two riders.  We have lots of riders on the team always competing against each other and it would make it an easy way to see who's ahead in the overall segment standings.

  • i really like this feature also... great tool for comparing goal achievements, based on another rider who you do not necessarily need to "follow"... or spend endless hours looking over activity segments trying to compare results.

  • Yes, exactly as JN describes!

  • It would really 'up' the competitiveness even more - it would be great fun doing tit for tat beating of segments against your 'friends'. In our small island community Strava has been taken up with enthusiasm and lots of people spend ages poring over other peoples segments etc. 

  • This would be great, would be nice too easy exactly which segments I need to ride to beat them!

  • Two ways to do this - the first should be easy to implement: on the Segment page, click "Show only people I follow" - in other words, filter out all the people that are strangers. Make this an option to choose as DEFAULT so I can get rid of the noise.

    The second would be a grid for when I rode the same ride with a group of friends. Across the top list the names, down the side list the segments. Each "box" has the time/position.

    Again, I LOVE Strava, but as the service becomes more popular, I don't like wading through 10-15 pages of strangers trying to find a way to compare my group of friends.

  • I Would also like this feature - somewhere on the user's profile page, 'compare segments' or similar
  • This had been suggested well over a year ago on the old forum.  These suggestion forums seem to be a black whole where ideas go to die...

  • I'd like to take this suggestion a step further. It would be nice to have a "segments summary" page that lists all of the segments you've done, with your best time (and maybe most recent time) for each.

    In addition, for segments you have in common with people you're following, show the best time for each person.

    So in short the view would be a table where segments are the rows, and riders (you, friend 1, friend 2) etc. are the column headers.

    I would pay for this feature.

  • +1 to David's suggestion above, segments in common with people you're following would be great.

  • It seems I'm not the first to think of this then. There's me thinking I'm bordering on genius. So is this a feature that we can use yet and if not when is it going to be brought in.

    I'm pretty sure that once this feature is up and running it could finish me off.

  • +1 to David's suggestion.  I would also pay for this feature.  IMO this is one of the most needed features that could be added.

  • Would LOVE to have this feature!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • I just submitted a request for this feature and got a response back that this is a very popular one with a link here. This would be a killer feature. I think they should do it both ways (1) in segment view have an option to filter by people I follow (2) you should be able to click on any person and have the option to "compare segments". This would show a side by side comparison of the segments in common with key data elements like rank, avg speed and time. In this view it would be great to be able to add additional people to get a group view. It would also be nice to be able to save this as a favorite with a link from your dashboard. Come on Strava - we love you - build us this view!
  • I'd love something like this.  Have a friend of mine with whom competition is rife.  Would be great just to be able to see all segments we have in common and who is ahead of who on each segment. 

  • The Segment leaderboard is only showing best achievement for other users. It would be good to see the number of times they have riden this segment with a link to display all their results on that segment. this is a feature seen on ridewithgps

  • I'd also like to see this feature! C'mon Strava! Less riding; more coding.

  • I would definitively love such a feature.

  • Great idea.

  • This is a brilliant idea! Strava should give Elle Anderson a job here

  • Hey all!

    This isn't a tool created by Strava; but check out and enjoy the classing background image.

    Credit to Jim Ley,


    Strava Support Team 

  • Would you rather have something wherein you pick a *specific* rider and find the common segments with them (which is what seems to do) or something which finds many riders who often ride the same segments that you frequent? I've written a tool which does the latter. It might now be broken from the changes Strava has made to their API's, but I could dust it off and get it working again....

  • Why not do what does, but for everyone you are following?
  • This would be great for me.  A ton of my friends also ride. It would be neat to see what segments we have in common -- and to see whether they're about the same speed as me.  

  • Strange thing is that my PR on 10k is 45:19 from a 10.2 km run (it also shows the PR with a ribbon in that activity), but in my side by side comparison on running, I only see my previous PR of 50:48. More people with this problem? Next time, I will just run 11 km, to be safe... 

  • Never mind, this is about the segment side-by-side comparison... 

  • Still nothing on this? :(

  • A little boy waits....

    And waits...

    And waits...

    For this feature to be added before becoming a premium member.

  • @ Matt Gordon,

    Jibbering sounded (note past tense) like it would have been a great tool, but then Strava went and killed access to its API.

    You guys need to get onto this feature ASAP.

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