Show/Compare all segments in common with another Strava user

A lot of times if another rider shows up on one segment you've ridden, they'll frequently show up on others. This feature would function when viewing segment results, one could click on a rider in the listing and generate a view showing all segments you have in common, and the respective times of each rider.



  • Yes please


  • 3rd party offers a Strava segment Rivals feature which shows you the top 10 most numerous, close rivals (2 places either side in leaderboard) you have on your top scoring 400 segments. Will show a table of the 10 rivals with the number of matched segments and how many you are ahead/behind/drawn with. Also on the page also shows the top 10 most numerous leaders from those segments

  • Please add this, it makes too much sense. 

    Also, thanks Derek for the 3rd party workaround, but Veloviewer is like going to my neighbor's house for toilet paper. It's great paper, but I have to leave my house every time to get it. This is something Strava should have knocked out long ago based on the aging of this thread. Didn't know it had been sitting this long when I posted mine.

  • Any chance this will ever be implemented?  Or restore API access so useful sites from others (like Jim Ley) could provide the handy capability again?


    I see Elle, a strava rep, recently pointed Robert here from his similar suggestion in the above link.  That indicates Strava is aware of it, but how about a status?  Strava talks a lot about "community" but doesn't seem to participate in it.  I see a comment from a few years ago on this thread (could it really be that hard to implement over a couple years when third parties already managed it?) that these suggestion and feedback threads are a black hole.  Same with the new run and cycling pages.  Lots of community interest but no strava participation?


    Any reason some simple status can't be communicated?  Is there a chance this will be provided?  It would help to know if there is a point to continue providing feedback.  No response at all seems to just encourage apathy in or alienation of the user base...

  • I would also like this feature.

    It's a real pain to go through segment by segment to compare myself with my friends on Strava. I'm sure this could be done with minimal effort by contacting the third parties who had done it before the required data was hidden from them by Strava. Or just undo whatever was changed that blocked the API from

    I'm inclined to discontinue my premium membership. I can't see what it gives me.

  • This would be a huge plus for me and my friends.  I'd particularly like a head-to-head heatmap against another user(s) with segments coloured according to the faster rider.  I can see that overlapping segments might present some issues: perhaps a toggle to favour the longest or shortest segment might work?



  • +1 for this feature. I am always trying to figure out how I stack up to other riders, and more specifically to my friends. It would be great to see a comparison of all segments in common.
  • This would be a very useful feature to have, it's a real pain to get the info now

  • Veloviewer now has the possibility to not only see your rivals, but also your friends (they must use Veloviewer though). Click compare and you go to this address:[strava_id]/comparison. This only compares the segments/activities that they have updated though.  

  • This would be a good idea if there were a relatively small number of segments, but given the massive proliferation of junk segments I don't think it's meaningful.  With rankings available for each of us on many thousands of segments, only a small fraction represent quality efforts by each athlete, and for the comparison between two athletes, you'd want to do the comparison only on those where both did quality efforts.  So how to assess quality efforts?  I don't think it's productive.

  • If you don't think it is meaningful or useful, you don't need to use the feature. I've got a bunch of friends I ride with occasionally. I'd like to be able to check what segments we've both rode. The most incredibly awesome VeloViewer can do it; but after two years, Strava hasn't been able to do it. What's up with that?
  • I think this is a great idea but agree with Daniel Connolly too many junk sections so perhaps compare only those sections you star or add to favourites. And for those lone riders who want to compare their own rides/sections how about a ride/section history showing previous rides/sections.

  • I see this is a very old thread, something I sent to support yesterday. I almost always ride with 4-5 of the same people. If I could line up my ride with theirs, since they frequently ride ahead of me, I could see if I am generally improving on the entire ride. I know I can compare segment by segment, but it shouldn't be that hard to line up a few of my "favorite" riders on a particular ride next to mine, in particular since Strava already lets me see if I rode with another friend at the same time on the same ride. Several year premium user, would *really* like to see this feature.

  • Tried to look for this feature today ! come on....and please can you sort something out for Windows phones!

  • Any news on this ? i ride in a fairly large group and we all compete quite healthily, this tool would enable me to target segments that ive not riden in a long time and 'update' my time relevant to my current fitness level.


    pretty please !!! ???

  • This would be an excellent feature.  Someone else had it working so it cant be that hard to incorporate it.  Its frustrating having to check segment by segment, especially if you've only ridden somewhere the once, so you don't even know if your friends have been there.


    I totally agree for that idea but with the friends/followers in Strava.

    For all the segments you have in common with a friend it can be GREAT to have the list of the segments where your friend is behind and the list where he is ahead.

    So you can challenge each other.

    I think it can be HUGE !!!!!!!!

  • +1 for this feature please.

    I'd love to be able to do a side by side segment times/PB comparison with another athlete on Strava.

  • A very obvious feature which I just assumed to be available (at least as premium member).

    What would be the reason for not providing this feature? 

    1. Please add it
    2. pretty soon
    3. why not???? ;)


  • We need that!

  • are we any further forward with this ? even up for discussion ? or ignored ?


    i would find it particularly useful for finding segments my friends have ridden that i have not !

  • Still keen to see this - please!!!

  • Please

  • I think I first commented on having this feature about 5 years ago! Strava should remove this comment feature if they never do anything with them or can't even bother to explain why they cannot / do not want to implement it.

  • For six months or more, we have had to login by clicking on some headless woman's breast. (Recently fixed). If it takes that long to fix something so obviously horribly wrong, chances for new features are pretty slim.

  • @Alistair R., I like that strava keeps these ignored requests up.  It reminds me why I dropped my premium membership and helps keep me from making that mistake again.




    If Veloviewer can do it Strava may do it too !



  • Yes now you say it why do I pay for premium still....

  • Veloviewer could do it; although it isn't there now (that I know of).

    I pay for veloviewer; it is absolutely worth it. Premium, not so much.

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