Add more bike types, like "Single-Speed" and "Track Bike"

Request to expand on Bike types available in the "Gear" section of Account Settings on Strava.

Requests include:

-Track Bike

-Single Speed

-Hipster Bike

-Commute Bike



To vote for filtered Segment Leaderboard results by bike type, go here.



  • I'd add Single speed as option for Road, Mtn and CX bikes

    Ability to filter using bike types would be very cool on the segment pages. Then you can better compare "apples to apples" so to speak

  • it would be possible to compute the cadence too, if you are able to save your gear inches (or gear ratio) of your single-speed/track bike.

  • Would rather have the ability to view all the actual bikes used and a sub cat for type so I can compare times on my different bikes from one page.
  • E-bike is required as well because it is very unfair comparing my commute with non-assisted bikes. Thanks
  • E-bike should be a distinct activity, as in "Bike", "Run", "E-bike", rather than a different bicycle type.  That way E-bikers get their own leaderboards for segments and don't get their results included with human-only powered bikers.

    Instead of or in addition to adding more bicycle types, users ought to have the option of specifying their own bicycle type and providing the common constants used in the power calculation such as CdA (coefficient of drag X area), Crr (coefficient of rolling resistance), etc.  This would allow users with unusual bicycle types (e.g recumbent HPVs, velomobiles, faired bikes) to get more accurate power and energy calculations.

  • If leaderboards can be filtered by bike type, then simply adding an "ebike" bike type would be sufficient.  (I didn't see that request before I wrote the above comment.)

  • I know not many people ride them, but my unicycle rides look pretty bad compared to almost _any_ bike--yet I'm usually hitting a pulse rate of 160+--so having unicycle as a choice would be especially useful to me (frankly, even having 'other' as a choice would help!).

  • I would like to see the segments split up by type of bike.  I think SS would cover most everything.  If the segment is on dirt then it is safe to say it is an SS MTB. If it is on road, then it is fixed or SS.

    I don't want to have to break down and buy a road bike but my KOMs are at stake.

    E-bikes shouldn't count at all.  I don't use Strava to track my driving...

  • An E-Bike is NOT an electric motorbike.  I am talking about an electrically assisted bicycle.  Except for the highly modified, you cannot ride an ebike without 'ever' pedalling, and sometimes 60km round trip is too far for an unassisted daily commute.  There is no malice here, if there is an option to add categories, E-bike should be one of them.  If you don't add it, E-Bikers will have no choice but to taint the results of non-assisted riders results.

  • I know what an e-bike and I am glad that you are not driving your commute.  There are many applications that track your rides, what makes Strava so much better it that it pushes us by adding competition.  I don't understand why you would want to compete on and e-bike.  Use any other app. to track you commutes but your e-bike doesn't belong on Strava.  As far as "E-Bikers will have no choice but to taint the results of non-assisted rider results", I make the choice not to drive the KOMs I want.  

  • The driving analogy is not apt. Think of an ebike as a human only powered bike with a handicap. With a street-legal ebike it requires a great deal of human effort to show near the top of the leaderboard on a popular segment. Strava is the only app I've found that uses common, pre-defined intervals (segments). The current workaround to keep ebike results from tainting the leaderboards is to flag the ride. A more inclusive solution is to offer them their own category, bike type or activity type.
  • Why do you need Segments on your E-Bike? If I held on to a car up a climb I would not brag about it or compare it to other peoples' rides.  You should make all your E-rides private. "It is very unfair comparing my commute with non-assisted bikes", I agree.  " It requires a great deal of human effort to show near the top of the leaderboard on a popular segment", are you trying to get KOMs on you E-bike? If so why?  Isn't the point of and E-bike to not require a great deal of human effort?  If you are going to put in the effort, do it on a real bike.

  • Why do you need segments on your road bike? Why are you hostile to the idea of ebikers having their own sandbox to play in? Riding a street-legal ebike does not make getting a roadbike KOM a "slam-dunk". It's not like driving a car or motorcycle by any stretch of the imagination. I use Strava because their fixed intervals (segments) are unique, and I like to track my performance on these intervals. At some point when enough ebikers participate it might be fun to have a little friendly competition. I tried making my rides private, but then they cannot be linked to from blogs or seen by non-Strava users. Ebikers have different reasons for riding. I ride an ebike because I like to go farther and occasionally faster for the same effort as on a regular bike. I generally work just as hard on an ebike as on a regular bike. There is nothing to prevent you or anyone from cheating any number of ways in order to achieve a high placing on a segment. The whole system relies on an honor system. At least Andy and I are being up-front about our rides.
  • Please add Track Bike, a lot of people train in velodromes!

  • Mountain biking should be a stand alone activity type.  Bike should be changed to Road Biking and Mountain Biking should be added.  That way, if you go for a road ride on your SS, you can select Road Biking + SS, and conversely if you go MTBing you can select that + your MTB.  Road biking and MTBing are very different activities and should be separated.  

  • What about a hybrid with aero bars?!
    off road vs on road would be a better filter

  • Another request!  20-inchers! (à la bmx/freestyle, which is what i train on)

    And I'll second the request for unicycles as long as Strava promises not to start recording number of times falling down.

  • I use a Trek 7.2 FX for my daily commute to work.  Commuter Hybrid should be one of the choices.

  • How about a recumbent as a second road bike?

  • I've been using a Strida LT (folding/commuter bike) because I crashed recently and need to rehab my knee. It's not really fair to classify it as a road bike since my 16" wheels and low gear ratio will never be as performant as my real road bike. Not that I don't love my Strida, but come on! The thing tops out at around 12-15 mph!

  • I would love to have Unicycling included as a distinct activity.  I use Strava exclusively to track my progress doing mountain unicycling on a nearby switchback descent trail.  My descent times (13 - 16 minutes) are being compared to a mountain bike (5-6 minutes), so the leaderboard is a bit meaningless.

    Regarding the falling that Max mentioned, I've tried to standardize my runs by repeating any section on which I fall.  Having to backtrack for 10-20 feet, remount, and re-attempt acts as a time penalty on the overall descent time.  It might be hard to even determine when a fall has occurred from 1 Hz GPS data, particularly given the GPS errors in some of the ride locations.

    Elle indicated that she would need to see a relatively large number of unicycle requests from the Strava community before adding it as an activity type.  It seems there are quite a few unicyclists logging times on Strava - now we just need to coordinate a 'feature request' campaign.

  • For mountain bikes, suspension is a substantial differentiator for downhill speed and occasionally for very rough flat or uphill segments.

    To justify this as not being a pedantic request, I suggest 3 broad categories of no suspension, front suspension and full suspension. For downhill sections riders would expect to see substantial differences in times between these three sub-categories. I would assume that other categories of bike would not have suspension, or that this wouldn't enhance performance on the road.


    Also +1 to the single speed / fixie request above. This makes a huge difference on fast sections and on sustained climbs.

  • Ditto, I've done about 12,000km on 16" folder, and I can't enter that bike, as none of the types are even close

  • And tandems!  To make tandems fully  functional, Strava needs to make a tandem team athlete profile.   

  • Ok my understanding is that the bike type is used to estimate wind resistance in power calculation. In that case, I would love to be able to select "road bike with kiddie trailer", which has a very different aerodynamic profile to everything else mentioned!

  • jeesh! - where does it stop? carbon vs steel?  There are so many bike variations, somehow Strava would have to come to a sensible rationalised selection.  I can see the sense of filtering the broad categories, but where would it end if they include all the niche rides? Bamboo trike recumbents with yellow flags and loaded panniers...?

    I only ride fixed and accept that I top out in terms of cadence on some segments, but I'm happy to compare with geared bikes on KOMs.  That said, I think it should be one of the broad categories.

    So, as a short list for the 'Broad Categories', how about (in no particular order):



    Folding commuter


    Road - SS/fixed (contentious pairing!)

    Road - tandem

    Road - tourer

    Road - recumbent

    MTB - no-suss

    MTB - hard-tail

    MTB - full-suss

    MTB - SS/fixed

    MTB - tandem

  • I would contest that SS/Fixed are not the same.  Continuous pedaling on a fixed drivetrain is much different than singlespeed or typical drivetrains.  

    Inputting your gear inches would also allow strava to generate very accurate cadence.  

  • There definitely needs to be a definition between bike types road/mountain. (but with mountain, I'd really like to see a definition between hard-tail bikes and full-suspension), would be great to see how your times compared to other bikes of a similar style.

  • Take some baby steps and start out with a Single Speed Mountain bike category.  What many single speeders, myself included, really want to measure is how well I am doing against the geared guys.  Then you could create a whole new set of awards for Single Speeders when comparing SS to SS, but also leaving the comparison open to the regular analysis.   If that works out, then open it up to the CX guys, and finally the ss/fixed crowd.

  • Add a penny farthing category.  I have over 2000km on mine and have had to fit it under road.  This throws off my road numbers juuuuust a little.

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