Add more bike types, like "Single-Speed" and "Track Bike"

Request to expand on Bike types available in the "Gear" section of Account Settings on Strava.

Requests include:

-Track Bike

-Single Speed

-Hipster Bike

-Commute Bike



To vote for filtered Segment Leaderboard results by bike type, go here.



  • Certainly some classifications would be useful.  Unicycles are fine, but certainly recumbents are far more prevalent.  In the "standard" bikes, clearly subgroups like UCI legal road racing bike, Triathlon bike, TT bike, ect. would be helpful to racers.  For the recreational cyclists, certainly a heavy beach cruiser is much different than a TT bike or a tandem.  MTB's certainly need their own group!  Since, I'm mostly a recumbent rider, I'd like to see sub groups like trikes, long wheel base, short wheel base high racer, mid racer, low racer, faired two wheelers (Lighting F40 and such), faired three wheelers (Velomobiles) and streamliners (HPV land speed record machines).  I would certainly encourage Strava to add general groups and sub groups under that for those that want to be picky about comparisons.  But as it stands now, Strava does not want me on any leaderboards (climbing, distance, speed, etc) because I normally ride a recumbent.  I'm sorry, but this is discriminatory! 

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  • Please add a  "velomobile" section.


    At this moment df riders and velonauts are pissing each other off on Strava. This is not necessary when there is a possibility to filter. 

    The reason to exclude velomobiles from leaderbords that Strava Support mentions are: 1) "unfair advantage" and 2) "not in keeping with traditional cycling". 3) a velomobile is clearly a league of it's own.

    1) Strava is clogged with KOMs' ridden with unfair advantages. I'm not complaining when a 7kg road bike is quicker on a hill then me with my 30kg velomobile. Why should I, this is just using the fastest bike for the course. Of course my aerodynamic velomobile gives me an advantage on a flat course with easy corners, just like it is for a TT bike. Why is it necessary to make restrictions on Strava for how a bicycle is built?

    Some KOMs' are obviously being made by drafting team members. When a pro peloton has taken all KOM's  on a whole bunch of segments, simply by drafting each other during an event with closed roads, is that fair?. 


    2) What is traditional cycling or more importantly: why should only "traditional" cycling be included on Strava? Is the Strava server having problems with differentiation? Is this differentiation more difficult than that between "cycling", "swimming", "skateboarding", etc?


    3) "a velomobile is clearly a league of it's own". Umm, hey! That's MY point. Please give us this separate league by adding a "velomobile" section!

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  • Keep it simple...   



    -Fat bike

    That is all...

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  • I'd like to filter for each of the fields shown on the activity, this includes which bike I rode on that activity.  I think the bike is the only field I cannot yet filter or sort.    

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  • I would be totally satisfied with Road vs MTB - and as Strava is already collecting this information it should be simple to get a filter!

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  • What do you guys think about creating "Ride Type Tags" like Road, Mountain, Cyclocross, Commute, Time Trail, Track, Tandem, Recumbent, Hand Cycle, Unicycle, Velomobile... you see my point. (These could look and function exactly like the current Run type tags you see for Race, Long Run, Workout). Then, if you select a tag Strava will automatically prompt to you select a bike from your "My Gear" page to fit that tag, or to create a new bike. If you select a bike first, Strava will automatically select the correct ride type tag (which would also happen by default for whatever bike type you have set as the default). 

    (Do you think this would create problems if someone takes their mountain bike on pavement only? Would they want to classify a ride as a "Road ride" even if you're on you MTB? What about a Tandem Mountain Bike?)

    The Ride Type tag that is selected would determine language on the Activity Feed, social media, Training Logs, etc.  to help visually identify the type of ride. This could also allow for Segment Leaderboard filtering by Ride Type. 

    Just a few of my own ideas to throw out there! 


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  • "Ride Type Tags" are fine too, and it would seem to be easier to implement given Strava's database structure.  We need different public segment leaderboards for various types of human powered machines, because that's only way to make it fair.  So either machine classes, or activity classes would differentiate among them.

    But let us not forget, that using any human power moving machine, we would want to be included personal mileage, climbing and power analysis (for those with power meters).  As well monthly mileage and climbing challenge totals, such as the current July MTS, as well as shorter event like the Rapha Rising, or single events like the Grand Fondo.   We want to be able to have mileage and climbing appear on club leaderboards too, since the clubs could be for a specific ride type (or bike type) or be general for any type of machine.  For example the Velomobile Club could be just for Velomobiles, or it could be open for any machine, that could be the choice of the club organizer.  Whereas a Randonneuring Club would be open to any machine, since Randonneuring allows any human powered vehicles to be use for rides.  Or a triathlon group might decide restrict the club rides to bikes legal for tri-racing only.  With a bit of thought in the ride type tags, and thoughtful use by club organizers most everyone would see what they want to see and not see other machine types that do not interest them.

    Something needs to be done because the current system creates much hostility among athletes with different machines for no reason other than Strava not supporting the differences.  I personally had over 200 rides flagged on July 10th, 2014 and this was not just Velomobile rides, but my unfaired recumbent, MTB, and standard upright bike rides too!  We want healthy competition, camaraderie, and fairness, not flagging wars and boiling tempers! 

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  • Elle,

    I appreciate that you, as Strava support, are looking at these comments and trying to implement some of these changes.  I have posted to this thread for over two years and yours are the first official comments.  Much appreciated!!

    So, I will summarize my request that is common to a number of other postings.  All I want to be able to do is filter my own personal results on a given segment, based on which bike I was riding at the time.  I currently have three bikes setup in Strava, but there is no way I have found to use that data.  I just want to be able to see which segments I am faster riding my single speed 29er and which are faster on my geared bike.  This seems like a relatively easy addition, since the data is already there.  We just need a filter.




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  • @elle that sounds perfect, in fact it's what I asked for here: that got closed and directed me to this thread many months ago. I don't see the problem of a MTB riding on pavement—the user is going to categorize it to what makes sense to them and how they want to filter their rides, or which other riders they want to be compared with.

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  • I sometimes cycle with my kid in a trolley behind my bike. Instead of having a new category, maybe I could just indicate the total weight of me, my bike and trolley plus content? 

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  • Using the basic Microsoft Paint I have created an image of what I would like to see on the segment leader boards.  (Or Similar)

    I do not believe we should discriminate. An earlier comment dissmissed Tandems but I have a social riding friend who is roughly 90% blind and you will only ever see him stoking on a Tandem, yes he uses Strava and they are also bloody fast!!!

    I think the difficult part may come to Suspension types as both SS and geared can run a bike Rigid, Front Suspension & Full Suspension. Here is a full list of my ideas but I think it does push the boundaries.

    • Road
    • TT
    • Track
    • Recumbent
    • Fixed
    • Single Speed Road
    • Single Speed MTB
    • Uni ( Road Unicyclist can range upto wheels around 36" with slim/slick tyres)
    • Muni (Mountain Unicyclist, Most commonly with 24-26" wheels with around 2"+ Knobbed tyres)
    • Tandem Road
    • Tandem MTB
    • Cyclocross
    • Hybrid
    • BMX
    • Cruiser
    • Folding Bike
    • MTB XC (Most commonly 4" Suspension Travel)
    • MTB Enduro (5")
    • MTB All mountain (6-7")
    • MTB Downhill (7"+)

    Have I missed anything LOL


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  • @Tim Rowe, but it could include all of those, *and* be future proof by just letting users use that field for taxonomy tags. It could display the 10-15 most common, and as you start typing, you'd see ones that already exist. If you make a new one, so be it—no other users will be affected unless they want to tag their ride identically, and no one has to wait for a particular style to become popular enough for Strava to add it or not.

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  • Yes, Tim Rowe you are missing many types of recumbents:

    • Long Wheel Base (LWB)
    • Short Wheel Base (SWB)
    • SWB hi-racer
    • Mid-racer
    • Low-racer
    • mountain recumbent bike
    • mountain recumbent trike
    • mountain recumbent quad
    • Faired recumbent bike (IE Lightning F40)
    • Faired recumbent trike, AKA Velomobile  ==> cause of extreme hostility and flagging on Strava
    • Homebrew Velomobile
    • Streetliner
    • Streamliner
    • Faired HPV record setting bike
    • Faired HPV record setting trike
    • I'm sure I've misses plenty of them ....

       This is why I think it makes sense to have major classes, then sub classes, maybe even sub-sub classes.  Then a user can be super general (and human powered movement machine), a bit more specific (standard upright bikes), even more (road bikes), or super specific (TT bike).

    Regardless of how it's done, we need something.  Because normal upright road bike users are not happy with Velomobile pilots like this one:  Gotta love aero! :)



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  • I'd like to see e-bike versions of these, but until the volume of e-bikers using Strava rises significantly I'll settle for a single e-bike category, where one's e-bike motor is constrained to the power limit applicable for the jurisdiction of the activity (e.g. 750 watts USA,  500 watts Canada, 250 watts EU).

    The downside of allowing users to add bike types of their choosing is that we'd get a proliferation of overlapping and/or redundant types.  Users won't create these in a coordinated fashion such that the types created form a partition over the type space.  A similar problem exists with user-created route segments, where redundant and/or overlapping route segments are created, often with silly, whimsical, or inadequately descriptive names.  On the other hand, I'd rather have too many bike types (or route segments) than too few.

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  • You've probably hit the nail on the head there Mister Bill - what made Strava so successful, in part, was the autonomous nature of segment creation.  With this comes some 'noise' - bad names or duplicated segments.  If Derek Jone's approach to bike types was adopted, the vast majority of people will pay attention to the 'correct' or most popular category that best fits their bike type but there may be some spurious nomenclature that we can all just simply ignore.  Perhaps there can be a filter 'see hidden bike types' that filters out those types least chosen.

    I think we've solved this one - Strava, we're ready - two and a half years later, we've got it sorted for you.... Strava?... Strava are you there?

    No, they're not listening.  Two and a half years of falling on deaf ears!

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  • They could use their existing types and then have an "sub category" option under each type and an "other" option.  If enough users type in the same "sub" category or "other" category (threshold set by Strava), then it would become it's own category of bike.  That way the "noise" would get filtered out and options that users want would eventually rise to the surface.

    If you enter the ride under a "sub" category (ie, TT) and it doesn't have enough popularity, then the ride would count under the main category (ie, Road).  The "other" category would be lumped together until each category became its own.

    I'm still waiting for the penny farthing category so I can get a bunch of KOMs.

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  • Maybe your custom ones would have to have a "parent" tag that is set from a list of the broad categories that are easily defined. But yes, like segments, the signal to noise ratio is high enough that it's still very useful. I sometimes find the silly segments (which are often auto-hidden anyway) can be fun.

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  • I reckon Tim's list could be simplified somewhat.  I personally don't see the need for both track bikes and fixed for example, as a track bike is basically a fixed without a brake.  The amount of speed difference between a fixed with a brake and a fixed without a brake (track bike) is IMHO so tiny it's barely worth worrying about.  Track bikes are not street legal so will only be used on segments on a velodrome.  I'm not an expert on unicycling but I would have thought just "unicycle" would be sufficient?

    I reckon the following would be enough to cover everyone's needs:

    • Road
    • TT
    • CX
    • Fixed (including track bikes)
    • Road Singlespeed
    • Hybrid (trekking bike)
    • City bike (include Boris bikes, cruisers etc here)
    • Unicycle (any type)
    • Tandem
    • Tricycle (upright)
    • Handcycle
    • BMX
    • Folding
    • Recumbent (any type including velomobiles)
    • MTB XC
    • MTB DH
    • MTB Singlespeed
    • Other (basically anything else, such as ordinary bicycles)

    One type I am not sure about is E-bikes.  Think there could be problems with e-bikes due to various state imposed speed limits on e-bikes.  And electric bikes are not purely human powered, especially the type which you can ride without actually peddling at all.

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  • Unicycle would be a great and useful addition.
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  • It is so funny that some posts are so long and detailed. It is like some people really believe Strava will listen. They cannot even separate mountain and road.

    Unicycle, recumbent, gravel, bumpy, about....I have taken a craps today. Or, category for how many hours of sleep you had. Come on, let's keep it simple.
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  • How about a category for every known combination, a few are below.



    Fat bike

    Fat bike full suspension


    I am sick today

    I am healthy today

    Sun is out

    Night ride

    Clogged - I have not taken a crap today.

    Flat foot - forgot cycling shoes

    Gloves - full finger or half?

    No gloves


    No sunglasses

    Hair on legs




    ...all right you get the point...

    Actually, how about not do that.  Strava please take one step at a time and separate road and mountain!  Come on people, do you think Strava will implement some of these detailed requests?  Having road and mountain together is by far the most complained about problem with Strava and they can't even get that right!

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  • Hi Dave! We are listening! 

    This is a current topic of internal discussion (especially mountain biking). I also posted just the other week (July 17th).

    No plans have been formalized yet, but all your feedback is super helpful! 

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  • Hi Elle:

    I'm glad that Strava is seriously looking at this issue.  Yes, road and mountain bikes are clearly different, but I suspect there is little friction among road and mountain bike users on leader boards, since MTB riders do not expect to place well on road segments because MTB's are slower and heavier.   And Road Bike riders rarely ride MTB single tracks, dirt and gravel roads which would be the MTB segments.  MTB riders would likely beat the road bike rider on MTB segments anyway because the terrain would easily damage the road bike.  However, among the different road users, there is significant friction, because some machines or riding in groups clearly is different than other machines or solo riding.   From that perspective, adding even a few road categories would reduce flagging wars such as "Solo Road", "Drafting Road" (group or tandem), "Aero Road" (aerodynamic  machines: TT bikes, disk wheels, fairings, HPV's etc.).

    Then there are rides like this one:   where it's Road, MTB and hike-a-bike, so I would not know where to place it.  However, that's my problem! :)

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  • Agree here too!  I'm supporting the addition of velomobiles and recumbents over at since we (as a group) are getting flagged too often on KOMs just because our type of ride does certain segments faster than uprights.   We need more cycle types and an ability to filter them!  Our petition started in May 2014.  As a web developers and programmer, I know this isn't rocket science to add, but still respect the need to take the time to "get it right".  Yet still no feedback from Strava, or even discussions about this idea which has obvious merits and has at least three requests/petitions on the subject.  Come on guys!  Feed us some info so we know that you are *at least* looking into the idea(s)!   Thanks.

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  • There are probably more activity types out there then athletes! Not to speak of gear types! :-)

    Why not let the user define his own activity types? This could be combined with a community approach: Pick one activity for your exercise that has been already created in the community or define your own and share it with the community.

    Leaderboards can show exercises from all activity types, maybe with a filter on the activity type. I would assume that many segments are anyhow somewhat specific to a certain activity like road cycling or running, so there shouldn't be too much blur of different activity types, I mean, maybe only an Usain Bolt appears as KOM in your 200m uphill segment. ;-) And the rest is trust in the honesty of the members of which such a community is built on. :-)

    What I would love to see is to filter my training in the log, calendar and history view by the activity types which belong to me. Actually, this lag of a true multisport capability in the reporting keeps me using a competitor solution and I log only my road cycling exercises in strava.

    Just an idea...

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  • With the proliferation of bike parks everywhere I know people are running strava on the chairlift obtaining vertical accent and mileage while I do it the old fashion way-pedaling any way to separate this?

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  • "drivetrain" or something similar should be added to accommodate geared, fixed gear, and singlespeed. the technique is different between each one making it valuable when reviewing data, bike types can share the same drivetrain, and it satisfies many users. i ride fixed gear, singlespeed, and geared, and i always wished there was an icon or something in leaderboards to see what people are riding. "bike type" seems like a challenge to get right—but that's an entirely separate issue. 


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  • Please add 'Elliptical' as a Ride/Bike sub-type.


    The main thing I want is to be able to compare my rides on my ElliptiGO (Elliptical Cycle) with riders on normal bikes AS WELL AS only have ElliptiGO rides in our club. This would be really useful and I don't see why it is so hard - clubs and challenges can be set up with top level Ride or Run or Ski or whatever - and ALSO with sub-type if wanted. That way - normal 'how many miles ridden this month' challenges still show ALL sub ride types - but you could do a 'unicycle miles' challenge on a month - or elevation gain or whatever. When you set up clubs - you should also be able to specify major activity type - run/ride etc - AND subtype - that way a person can ride normal bike and elliptical or recumbent or whatever and have no pollution onto club boards. Clubs that don't care don't set the sub-type.

    I think e-bikes should be a different activity and NOT a sub-type as assisted cycling (faster than fastest road bike) pollutes normal rides.


    Finally - you should be able to filter any leaderboard by sub-type. BUT I don't believe in designating segments as road vs mtb vs whatever - the segment is the segment - its a route from A to B - its up to you how ride or run it - BUT the filtering by sub-type will get people the results they want.

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  • A tandem bike type should be added so that the rides don't get flagged and have to be made private when they put the riders on the leaderboard.
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  • Interesting... Bill P. is asking for "Elliptical" on September 2nd, and I can see that activity type in the drop down list when categorizing a ride. Could be it was in there since much longer, or it has indeed just been added. But then again people ask for Velomobiles or Recumbents to be added since 2012, and that hasn't happened yet. Glad to read that Elle confirms an internal discussion going on about it and hope for the best outcome of that. As it is now, the situation is unfair to both road bike riders and velomobilists, and since Strava asks their customers to be fair, the same should apply for them.

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