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Show a list of all Estimated Best Efforts for run - 1st, 2nd and 3rd best. Currently, only the fastest Estimated Best Effort for each distance is displayed on the Profile Page.

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Is it possible to view all the personal performance records on one page, I assume so, but where to find this option escapes me?  Under stats, it only lists 3 items at a time.


Best 1k  
Best 1 mile  
Best 5k  




  • Another request for this feature please :)

  • If it's too much computation to implement this feature for ANY given portion of an activity (maybe why Strava is ignoring this request), a good compromise might be to implement it from the start of an activity to various distances.  If we could get best efforts for the FIRST 1k, 1mi, 5k, 5mi, 10k, 10mi,... it would be huge step in the right direction.

  • +1 for this basic feature. If you know it's my 3rd best time you know what my other times are so why can't they be displayed?

  • As a new runner, I'm only just starting to build up a picture of my running pace & times for each of the various distances, and already (without much of a running history!) I'm finding it hard to quickly & easily recall my PR time value for each distance.

    This is frustrating as other runners who are keen to help me with my training often ask "that's your xKm time?".... and I have to guess/give a rough ballpark as I can't remember off the top of my head.

    Another +1 for this feature pls.

    As others have already said, Strava already has and displays the data at route level, so there doesn't seem to be a logical reason why this can't be pulled across to the "stats" page.

  • +1 for this, it's been bugging me since I started using Strava.

    If the app can tell me 'new record' surely it's not that difficult? If it's a GPS accuracy thing then by extension what's the point of Strava sections

  • this please

  • Can't understand why Strava can't do what this website can:

  • +1 for this request. I googled because I would like to see the 10km time for my run, but couldnt find out how. Then I found this thread. I would just like to see best 5km and 10 km times for my run. That is pretty easy to implement! And even better feture would be a new page showing all previous efforts for each distance... Cant believe this isnt implemented already!!

  • How is such an obvious feature missing.

  • Mind boggling that this hasn't been done. 

  • +1 for this feature.  Just achieved 2nd best personal 10k medal but can't for the life of me recall when I ran a faster 10k.  Would love to see my 10k PR!

  • It's a very useful feature. Please add

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