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Show a list of all Estimated Best Efforts for run - 1st, 2nd and 3rd best. Currently, only the fastest Estimated Best Effort for each distance is displayed on the Profile Page.

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Is it possible to view all the personal performance records on one page, I assume so, but where to find this option escapes me?  Under stats, it only lists 3 items at a time.


Best 1k  
Best 1 mile  
Best 5k  




  • It would really motivate me if I could see this feature to help me keep track of my running performance. Thanks for considering doing this Strava!

  • I would also like this feature!

    I'm disappointed it isn't already built in

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  • Indeed, this would help a lot! more stats for runs please! Signed, a Strava addict :)

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  • This would be great. Today ran my 2nd fastest mile effort - would love to see when my fastest was for comparison.

  • Was looking for this feature - should be quite straightforward to implement

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  • Yes plese! Add this feature, that would be so nice!

  • Support. Voted above.

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  • I ran a mile PB last night, and Strava tells me it was my second best estimated effort for a number of distances.  I've just spent ages trying to find out what my best was, in case it was a ride wrongly entered as a run or something, but I can't find it anywhere at all - my profile page only shows 1 mile (which is a different run, whose page doesn't show any achievements), 5K, 10K and Half Marathon.  VERY frustrating!!!

  • @Charlie - From what I see on your recent run activity, your distance recorded is 0.98 miles. Unfortunately, this doesn't count towards a 1 mile Best Effort as it's a little short! 

  • Fair enough, but that's not really the point I was trying to make!  At the time that run was showing as my 2nd best 1k, 1/2 mile and 400m effort, and I was curious to see what it reckoned my best was - unfortunately there's either no way or no obvious way of doing this!  It would be great if you could see the full list on your profile, or better still click on the little medals to show the leaderboard.

    (I finally worked out that I had a ride home from work wrongly entered as a run  - after changing that last night's run has now become my best in all three categories)

  • Hi all.

    Today I submitted a request for response and feature. We look forward to the response:

    "This is a request for a new view of the data presented by Strava related to Estimated Personal Best Efforts.

    Currently we are running a thread on this here ... We believe there is significant support for this feature.
    The request is that we be able to view ALL our personal best efforts in one place (Profile or similar). Currently only selected PB's are available (1km, 1mile, 5km, 10km, etc), and some of the PB's we have collected are not visible (2 mile, 20km, etc). These are PB's which we have been given/indicated by Strava on our individual runs, but are not listed anywhere other than the individual run for boasting (!) or goal setting.

    Added to this, it would be really good if we could pull up all of our PB's for a particular distance - or the last 5:
    i.e. Click on 5km and bring up last 5 best 5km times, with dates and links to those runs.
    1.1.14 - 27:22
    7.1.14 - 27:01
    22.1.14 - 26:45
    1.2.14 - 26:32
    22.2.14 - 25:58


    Thank you - on behalf of those requesting this feature"

  • This is far and away the #1 feature I would use. Would be great to track progress and see how much you beat (or missed!) your current bests by!

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  • This is a must!

  • Yes this is a must, i am forced to write down my records on an excel sheet atm. Another thing, do they have a list of all the different distances for best efforts? i know they have 400m 1/2 mile 1k 1 mile 2 mile. what else do they have? are there distances in between those that im missing? if anyone could direct me to a link where the information is, i would greatly appreciate it, then again this information would be readily available if we had a feature to few all our PRs. Also when im talking about the distances, i am referring to running only. i dont know if running and cycling have different standards for their distances, it would make sense if they did. Thanks again for the help from anyone who decides to help :) 

  • Yes please! Also being able to list distances other than 1km, 1 mile and 5km would be great - distances calculated based on user variable?

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    Please vote for this major feature!

  • For anyone still following this thread, I've found a way to sort and view all past PR's at once. Go to and connect with Strava, Then go to the "Activities" tab and you can filter and sort your activites by PR time, distance, etc.  If you want to see your 5k PR's sorted by time, for example, click the black 5k column header and they'll sort best to worst. I hope this helps!

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  • Excellent thanks Greg, provides a great view of the data.

  • Oy, Strava! Tap tap, this thing on? ;-) 


    Thing is, speaking as a DBA, as you can tell us at upload "This is bigger than the last thing that was similar" you can easily provide a view saying "Here's a list of things which are similar to that other thing, and we'll order it by this column over here."


    So...................... ?

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  • Please restore this previous functionality.

  • I would pay for premium if we had this very basic feature even just on site and not the app. The info is there just a page to display it? i cant understand this or why someone from strava doesn't speak out and say its happening or not and why? So frustrating!

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