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Show a list of all Estimated Best Efforts for run - 1st, 2nd and 3rd best. Currently, only the fastest Estimated Best Effort for each distance is displayed on the Profile Page.

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Is it possible to view all the personal performance records on one page, I assume so, but where to find this option escapes me?  Under stats, it only lists 3 items at a time.


Best 1k  
Best 1 mile  
Best 5k  




  • +1 - I would very much like to be able to view all my estimated best efforts on my profile page and in-app (even if they are slightly inaccurate ... ) .I'm fine with this beeing a premium feature, but it should most definitely be implemented.  

    Best regards

    Karl Wallevik

  • +1, would like to have this!  

  • +1

  • +1

  • Hello

    Any news from strava concerning this killer feature? Not enough +1 yet? :D THanks :)

  • This has to be a joke!

    The only comment from Stava on this thread is this: "@Charlie - From what I see on your recent run activity, your distance recorded is 0.98 miles. Unfortunately, this doesn't count towards a 1 mile Best Effort as it's a little short! "

    Come on!

  • Please add this feature, if 'Strava' can see it's my 3rd Best Effort, it's in your system, so why can't I see the other efforts?

  • +1 Thinking of cancelling my premium membership... this seems basic. Any word on resolution from the developers? 

  • Yes, please add. I've just completed my "3rd best estimated 10 miles effort " and obviously I would like to compare this with my faster times....

  • Yes, please add. I've just completed my "3rd best estimated 10 miles effort " and obviously I would like to compare this with my faster times....

  • Agreed, this would be helpful

  • I'm just trialling the Strava premium edition. I've been on Endomondo since 2012 and it has fantastic statistics. The only benefit of Strava that I can see is segments...

  • +1

  • +1

  • +1

  • So uhh this thread is 2+ years old, I don't see it happening. Unfortunate. 

  • Why not treat best efforts like segments, where you could define a best effort type (run/ride) and distance then see a leaderboard of your best efforts with clickable links to the runs/rides where the best effort was recorded? if you like that idea, vote "me too" on:

  • I have spent ages looking for this and it appears IT'S NOT HERE???  Really Strava - this is a competitive market so why not be as competitive as your customers and keep up with the pack eh - this is 2-3 weeks web/db development work tops!?

  • It's a good point about being competitive but how many of us are premium members? I'll be honest and I'm not about to spend £40 per year, it's just not worth it.

    I would consider something like £5-£10 per annum. Less is more?

    Use - brilliant, still no list of bests but great non the less. 

  • This is literally why I unsubscribed from Pro and I won't re-subscribe until it's added. It's BS that this isn't offered. I've looked through the other posts and I don't even see Strava reps explaining why they don't think this is worth doing. It's just absolutely ridiculous that they're ignoring this. 

  • Everyone stop posting here and go log an item here and be as detailed as possible to help the mgmt and development teams visualize what we are asking for.  Also feel free to reference this thread.

  • @Christian
    I don't think it really matters. Strava as an app is pretty cool (I'm paying for the premium membership) but STRAVA SUPPORT IS TERRIBLE!
    They don't care at all about customers requests, they don't even bother to answer and, when they do, it's to make jokes instead of addressing issues: see Elle's comment from May 9, THIS IS PATHETIC!

  • I sent a support request last week about the poor response to this thread. I got a weak response saying they had no news.
  • I am a well experienced software developer, and adding this isn't a technical challenge. Assuming they are working with big data, nosql or similar they are already presumably doing map reduce on the data to provide comparisons. If they are working in a RDBMS it would be a bit different, but equally doable. They just haven't prioritized that feature in the work queue. Granted they are comparing your effort to everone else, comparring the results to yourself for a given distance... easy button.
  • Hello,

    Any news from Strava please? Is it planned or not? Thanks!

  • I have started using Veloviewer and have made a donation to them in recognition of a great site. You can sort your runs by your best estimated efforts to track progress over time. I won't consider going Premium with Strava until they implement something as easy as this.

  • I didn't take the time to give VeloViewer a try until now... Thanks to everyone who suggested this, VeloViewer is perfect to compare best efforts!

  • I just got done synching veloviewer to my Strava data - wow!  Thanks for the suggestion!! Hopefully the folks at Strava will take a hint and incorporate some of the features, I wont consider a premium membership until then. Even then I may not given the lack of communication and lack of any sort of incremental updates.

  • +1

    I have the same problema. My personal records has more than 1 year and I don't know exactly how far from am I.

    I'm a Premium user :(

  • I just cancelled my premium membership because of this.

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