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Show a list of all Estimated Best Efforts for run - 1st, 2nd and 3rd best. Currently, only the fastest Estimated Best Effort for each distance is displayed on the Profile Page.

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Is it possible to view all the personal performance records on one page, I assume so, but where to find this option escapes me?  Under stats, it only lists 3 items at a time.


Best 1k  
Best 1 mile  
Best 5k  




  • A runner's Personal Bests are sometimes almost treasured.  Bizarre that's it's not available on a Premium membership.  I was looking for the listing of personal bests for:







    1/2 Marathon



  • +1 there is no reason that these estimated effort lists don't exist.

  • +1

    Should also be able to revise a best effort due to GPS measurement uncertainty or lost signal.  Time is not affected when this happens!  If the race course distance is known/certified, please let me revise my "best effort"!  Ran a personal best today and Strava does not know it.  Plus, there is no way to view a list of my results at the standard race distances.  Frustrating!

  • +1 !

  • +1

  • +1

  • Could someone from Strava please explain why thy haven't added this feature? They clearly have the data or they wouldn't be able to tell you when you do set a PR - so they have simply chosen not to make the feature available. Please explain why? It is not a difficult addition.

    To be honest, while the iPhone app is good, I find the PC version pretty poor (and support terrible) - it should be able to offer a heap more functionality. I stay simply because others from my running community are here, making it difficult to shift. It feels as though inertia is Strava's best friend at the moment.

  • +1 for the feature request.

    Its very frustrating to not be able to see how much I have improved on any given distance. Please add this feature as soon as possible.

  • When I click "1 mile" in the "achievements" pop-up in the web interface, clearly we should be presented with our other results over 1 mile?  That is intuitively obvious.  Instead we get sent back to the run we just came from looking at?  That's just broken.


    Years of silence on this is absurd.  I will not be upgrading to premium until I see more responsiveness to users on substantive issues like this.


  • It turns out that the Estimated Best Efforts feature is even more broken than I thought.  The first one shown on my profile is 1k at 3:23 - when I click on the link it takes me to the relevant run, which has the annotation "3rd best estimated 1k effort (3:23)"...

  • Strava has done a GREAT job on providing so much more data on segments and routes. Still confused with the best estimated effort on distance alone is not here.

  • I am forced to use both Endomondo AND Strava for this single reason.  If Strava had 1k, 3K, 5K, 10K bests (etc) then I'd dump Endo straight away.   Please implement this feature!

  • My estimated best efforts does not reflect on my profile page.  I have logged all possible distances, but only my 42.2km estimated best effort is shown.  There is no 1km, 1mile, 5km, 10km, 21km etc etc...
    Can anyone explain why this is? Or is it a bug in the software?
    Help would be appreciated... 

  • I have s stopped using Strava becuse of this.   So stupid that they are ignoring their customer base.

    A great product foiled by TERRIBLE customer service.

    So many responses to this and not a SINGLE response from Strava. 

    thank god for Garmin.

  • Instead of commenting here, everyone should log a request for this, click the Submit a Request button at the top of the page.

  • ok, my problem has been rectified by the Strava guys.  Took a few days after I email them, but everything is 100% now.  If you have further trouble, as Ken said below here, just submit request I am confident it will be sorted out within a few days.

  • i don't know why people said that the problem has been,s like exactly as it was. I also sent them a request using the buttom of this page, but they just told me that they don't have this feature and invited me to participate in this forum. Conclusion, after one year, strava is quite good for bikers but not for runners. If you practice 2 sports you probably will need 2 apps, or wait until endomondo o runtastic introduce segments.
  • This is such an easy fix, and well sought after. Star a, please listen and implement this or at least give an explaination why not.
  • The current system is really weird. Yesterday I ran several 2nd bests (15km, 10miles, 20km, half marathon) where I was pretty sure, there couldn't possibly be a better time for most of them. I was quite surprised, that

    1. besides the half marathon I couldn't even find the time for my personal records
    2. the half marathon link for my best effort takes me to the activity from yesterday, where it says 2nd best estimated?
  • Still no news?

  • Each individual should be able to display their personal leader board for each distance category. I want to be able to see all of my (or at least the top 10) PRs for each distance, not just the top 1 or top 3.

  • Good call giving an update. Confidence returning. Thanks Elle.
  • Sorry Elle, but your answer is nothing more than a polite formulated "we do NOT care what you customers want". This thread exists since almost 3 years ( T H R E E !!!!!!!!!). If you would really care, you would have just implemented this feature!

    And by the way, your answer has nothing to do with this topic. The topic is NOT about GPS accurracy. Its about seeing all estimated best efforts!

    So make your homework and come back with results and not with this useless "We care so much about you and we come back to you when we have some good news for you" I've heared this to much!

    P.S. I cancelled my premium membership last month!
  • +1

    I dumped another app for Strava, and I do really like it! But hope this feature will be added very soon!

  • Johannes, it is surprising how long it takes Strava to fix some of the really simple things. However, I think they have the correct priority on this one: first improve the method used to find/filter Best Efforts, and then add the comparison feature. Currently, some Best Efforts can be thrown out due to sections of bad GPS points (showing inhuman acceleration and thus unreliable data). Sections are also thrown out that have a net elevation loss, which is also dependent on GPS error. The Best Effort comparison feature won't be very valuable/reliable until these issues are fixed. They also only have ~100 employees and only a fraction of them are on the technical side, so they can't do everything all at once...

  • I agree that Elle's message does only very very little to make me less frustrated. Obviously Strava's database is comparing one effort to another, all we want is to see those other efforts! This single issue is so frustrating that I canceled my premium membership and will not subscribe again until this is added. 

  • Yeah, I guess there is the argument to just show us the comparison with the current results/issues. It would make the issues more visible, but they are affecting our Best Effort results whether we can see our comparisons or not.

  • @Bryan, with your argument, strava should better show us nothing and just sell our data with things like their metro project.
  • Hit the send button to early... sorry. The accurracy argument is so weak... all they doing is offering comparision and analysis of GPS data. If estimated best efforts are so unreliable, then whats about KOM's, Segment leader boards, PR's etc... for me it's just a lame excuse!

    And for the reference to their size, I am involved in the IT sector and I know what a 5 persons development team can do in 3 years, thats far more. Let this feature be a week's time for one dev. 


    I stay with my opinion, that Elle's statement are just some nice marketing / customer support phrases to keep the ball low.

  • Segments are easier than Best Efforts to deal with because:

    1) With Segments you just need to time someone from the start to the finish, and make sure they didn't take a short cut along the way. If there are bad points when crossing the start/finish, propagating the track isn't too bad. And if there are bad points in the middle of the segment, it really doesn't affect their time so long as there weren't enough bad points to think they took a shortcut. With Best Efforts, there is no segment to reference. So any bad GPS points that go unfiltered will generally add distance (and thus "speed") to your run. You have to decide if each "detour" is real or GPS error.

    2) You are also looking for the Best Effort across the entire run, so a bad point right in the middle of a 6 mile run affects every considered 5k Best Effort for that run (since a 5k is more than half the run).

    3) Most segments are shorter than a 5k, so the likelihood of having to deal with bad GPS points over a segment is less than the likelihood of bad GPS points over a Best Effort.


    Many of our results aren't just based on raw GPS data, there's processing that goes into it. But agreed, it seems like Strava should get more improvements in each year...




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