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Show a list of all Estimated Best Efforts for run - 1st, 2nd and 3rd best. Currently, only the fastest Estimated Best Effort for each distance is displayed on the Profile Page.

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Is it possible to view all the personal performance records on one page, I assume so, but where to find this option escapes me?  Under stats, it only lists 3 items at a time.


Best 1k  
Best 1 mile  
Best 5k  




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    We've been following the feedback on this forum and we understand the demand from our community to show all Estimated Best Efforts. It is our hope to address some of the quality issues that affect Estimated Best Efforts like GPS inaccuracy and bad data in addition to better surfacing more of your Estimated Best Efforts across all distances. 

    As soon as we have any news or updates regarding Best Efforts on Strava, we'll be sure to post here.

    Thanks for your continued comments and support for this topic! 

  • Please add this feature!

  • This would be a helpful feature to let people see their improvement over time. Even if all it has was the date, distance, time, and pace, and didn't necessarily link back to the run it was on. It would be nice to be able to see that over x number of weeks your time for a 5K got better by so many minutes.



  • Would be great to have this feature!

  • Was looking for this feature also, would be great thanks

  • Agreed! A must have feature. Need some self motivation!!

  • Another thought on this ...

    it would be helpful to have so  that when you get done with a run and it tells you that you just ran your 2nd or 3rd best mile or 5K, you could go see how far off you were you from the better times. If you've run them recently they may be on your profile page, otherwise you need to hunt for them in your past sessions. I created a spreadsheet on my own now to track that but now for every run I have to copy the data from Strava to the spreadsheet and now I've got two places to go to see my progress and training results.

  • May 2017 and this one from 2012 hasn't been resolved.

  • Seems to me it's an easy to add, must have standard option.

  • Please add this feature.  I can't even find a list of my best times for any distance.

  • Wow - this thread is 6 years old!  Still nothing.  It is a GREAT idea.  Do it!.  It should not be hard to do.  Makes Strava much more sticky for runners.

  • I would also like to see a compilation of my achievements, especially to be able to see them based on segments so I can look at how I've been getting better with TTs

  • @Rupert E.

    I've added support for the following distances at

    400m, 1/2 mile, 1k, 1 mile, 2 mile, 5k, 10 mile, 20k, half marathon, 30k, marathon, 50k.

    You can use the arrow on the right side of any column to view different distances. See image attached for more info.


    Use this until Strava add the feature ;)

    Any requests please let me know. Happy to contribute to the Strava community.

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  • Hey guys, I've just sent this (below) to Strava.  Let's see whether their response measures up to the logic I've applied.  Did I miss anything?



    A feature that I would very much like to see is a personal leaderboard for the EBEs. When I finish a run, you currently tell me that I've done, e.g., PR at 400m, or 3rd at 1km (see for an example). Clearly you have the data to make this statement, at least some of the time (for runs which do not have GPS waypoint spikes, etc.), and therefore have sufficient data to populate the personal leaderboard at each distance you send EBEs for. This is the main reason that so many people are upset about the lack of this particular feature.

    Of course users understand that some results are ineligible due to GPS spikes - this is quite clearly spelt out on the website and in the forum. Once your algorithms improve, you can always backfill the tables with older (but newly processed) data. The Slide app you recently presented might help here, as could ignoring the outlying WP or several outlying WPs (if not an endpoint) and using the shortest distance between the neighbouring "legitimate" points (since you aren't worried about the physical path here like you would be for a segment) and this would only penalise the runner, never benefit them, as you are sure that they ran at least the shortest distance in the posted time. As long as you have consistent, trustable data at the start and end of the distance, what do the central points matter?

    A quick summary of several years' discussion in and
    with some ideas of my own:

    - Take the good data you have right now for EBEs, tabulate it including at least date/length part of/link to activity, and put it on profiles. This will solve most of the concerns raised in this thread and make many users happy; and it should be achievable within weeks since the results are already recognised by your systems.
    - Include all distances that you currently report in the results for an activity.
    - Allow users to untick standard distances that they are not interested in.
    - By all means, continue working on the GPS accuracy. Add any previously filtered-out data in when it becomes legitimate via better processing techniques. The community will be grateful for it when it comes; we know this level of development takes considerable time and expertise.
    - Consider allowing users to specify a distance that matters to them (not necessarily one that you already calculate) and perform a database query on their own activities. Perhaps limit the frequency that users can do this to spare your servers too much load (e.g. one per day? week?). Save the new distance criterion to that profile for processing new activities as well, and so that others can see what distances are important to this user.
    - Allow people to sort these tables by each category to see their performance in terms of various metrics.
    - Build in sliders for filtering by total distance run limits so that people can exclude data if they wish.
    - Do the same for dates so that runners can exclude irrelevant results (most 40 y.o.s know they can't run as quick as they could when they were 20, and you're obviously trying to keep premium users paying for many years to come -- alternatively, if I switch up which event distance I'm training for, it would be good to see the effect of that training change)
    - Allow multiple reporting from a given activity: if I run the two best 400m sections of my life in a 2k run, I'd like to know both times, not just the fastest. You are clearly analysing all potential start- and end-point pairs in the activity data, and can therefore include them all in the reporting. This could be included as an unlockable feature after a user posts e.g. 5 results at a given distance, and you can fix a threshold below which results will not be reported (e.g. top 50, or PR + some time window). In your position I'd opt for a top 50 as that defines the storage requirements etc. for you - and gives you a direct list to compare against when a new activity is performed. As users record more activities, the list will evolve to become more diverse in date/time - and if it does not (either because the user is running slower or consistently faster), that will indicate the usefulness/inappropriateness of a user's training regime.

    I look forward to your well-reasoned response.

    Daniel Drumm PhD


    @Ryan Flynn

    Hey Ryan, you should be able to do everything here for now.

    Any issues, drop me an e-mail - [email protected]




  • If you want to compare all your best estimates for various distances in a convenient and clear way, make use of  I prefer it above the other service indicated.



  • Can't understand why Strava can't do what this website can:

  • 2012 - 2018 still nothing,

  • An update on this would be nice!

  • And still we don't have that feature....

  • Come on Strava. You have all the data just show us... to everyone watching this thread. If we all add another commment it may gain momentum?

  • +1
  • Guess I missed this post when writing my own. This feature would be great. Please add.

  • @KrisDear - Not that I know of!

    Everyone - Please upvote this feature if you havent already done so!

  • Four years w/o this feature. Disappointing :(

  • It'll be good to have an option to discard the newest Estimated PR e.g. when you get bad GPS data on a particular run.  It will then default to your previous Estimated PR for that same distance.

    Otherwise you're stuck with really fast PRs that look ridiculous against your manual edited PRs.

  • Amazed that this hasn't been resolved by Strava yet after 4 years and 220 posts. . Would seem a pretty basic capability compared to the complexity of "flyby" for example.

    Well done to for providing a work around to analyse personal performance by distance.

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