Keep Strava Visible when iPhone locks

Would be great if you could see Strava still when the phone locks. I used to use Endomondo and could see my current ride data at all times, now using Strava I have to swipe and enter my passcode to see my data.



  • Strava will likely not implement this feature.  I think the coders like the app they way they have it.  This and display of current speed are the most requested adds.  Strava is silent on them, but hey you can upload instagram yeah.

  • I've filed this issue as a bug (request #162590). The fix is 2 lines of code.

  • Use Endomondo instead and use to sync to Strava, or use Strava in the background. Con not understand why Strava does not add the feature???
  • I too was surprised and very disappointed that it's not possible to keep the phone unlocked, and have the current speed indicated.
  • +1 for Android please.

    I want to use Strava as a bike computer while mounted and see my current data whilst riding, but I don't want to use Endomondo if I don't have too.

  • When using it as a bike computer, can you not just turn off auto-lock in the settings?

  • I simply disable the auto-lock of my iphone, in the settings section. Or did I misunderstood the problem ?

  • Hi folks! 

    For those who upgrade to iOS 8, you can start recordings from the Notification Center and also view your recording progress. 

    This isn't the lock screen per say - but if you swipe down from the lock screen you will be able to easily see this information and check on your recording.

    Here is an overview of the changes in version 4.2:


  • Since my iPhone is provided by my employer, and we have a policy installed that forces us to use a passcode with a maximum of 5 minute delay before locking, I too am in need of the Strava app to keep my iPhone screen on while riding.  Some have asked, "Why do you need this function?"  Well, in my case, I like to ride other people's routes that I'm unfamiliar with, and I need to watch the map as I ride to make sure I take the correct turns, etc.  This is a very important and simple function that Strava desperately needs to incorporate in their app.  Without it, sharing routes with Strava friends becomes unusable for iPhone Strava app users.

  • This seems to be a duplicate of an existing issue (from 2012!)

  • Strava, This problem is larger then you think, My IT Department told me when our company upgraded to the Iphone 6's that there is the ability for the company to set certain defaults in the phone that the user (not owner) has no control over.  One of these is to make sure that the Go-To-Dark screen can never be disabled.  Reason: The company phone has certain accesses to email folders, Timecards, etc. that they would like to control access if it should fall into a theifs hands.  So your phone is set up to go to AutoLock in 5 minutes and other then doing something in the phone while your riding to prevent it, your going to go dark and have to log back in to get the Strava Map screen again.  Here is the thing, this is completely fixable by Strava, nearly every other Map Program out there has the ability to hold the screen open while the program receives Input (GPS-Bluetooth-Cell).  This probably does not have to be a button or even a selection in settings, just soft wire the screen to stay open any time its recording.  The way it currently is, it's unusable, and I'm paying a premium membership for looking at a dark screen while I'm riding.  You have well over 23 people who have brought this problem to your attention, probably twice that  (most dont make it to a blog, they just move on).  I'm giving Strava to the end of June to get a fix in place, after that I will be convinced you guys dont listen to us at all and move on to another program like Strava that will stay open.

  • Hi did this ever get resolved?  Just started using it and cant see how to disable the auto lock?




  • The solution is go to Recording an activity then to Settings then to Screen settings  end select No automatic locking and no Dimming (Always On).

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