Xbox-style achievements/milestones for notable Strava activity

I submitted this to the ticketing system (which is the starting point for formal feature requests). The response was appreciative but they said it was a direction they weren't looking to go right now. They suggested I post in the general forums to gauge interest. So that's what I'm doing here.


KOMs / segments are terrific, but it would be cool to implement xbox-like achievements and accrue "strava points" or something like that. This is separate from KOMs / segments and would be per-individual.


  • "'Monthly 1,000' - Ride 1,000 miles (or km) in a month" (40 points)
  • "'Century' - Complete a ride of at least 100 miles." (25 points)
  • "'Polka Dot' - Complete a category 4 [or 3, 2, 1, HC] climb" (5 points)
  • "'Usurper' - Oust someone's KOM/QOM on a segment with at least 10 competitors" (5 points)
  • "'Wall Climber' - Complete a categorized climb with at least 13% grade" (10 points)
  • "'Eww, Roads' - Complete a ride with at least 1 segment without touching a road." (5 points)
  • "'Eww, Mud' - Complete a ride with at least 1 segment without going off road." (5 points)
  • "'Mile High Club' - Climb at least 5,280 feet on a ride." (10 points)
  • "'Time Trialer' - Average at least 20mph on a ride >10 [or whatever] miles." (10 points)
I think this would make Strava even more competitive and add a fun, new dynamic to its already competitive nature (and possibly make it even more addictive than it already is, if that's possible).




  • This is a great suggestion! It would further "gamify" the Strava system to provide additional reinforcement and positive feedback over the existing social Kudos and competitive analysis. VERY cool.

  • I'd really like to see the segment matching algorithm fixed as a higher priority, (especially partial matches on loop segments) but I think this idea is positively brilliant, and should be implemented.  It would definitely make it more addictive than it already is.

  • I just started using Strava. I am all about achievements. I was hoping to see this happen soon!

  • This is a fantastic idea, I would love to see achievements and merits and whatnot being added to Strava. Strava is already fun, with the segments and leaderboards,  but this would take it to the next level. Great idea! 

  • I second this motion!

  • I too, think this is an awesome plan.

  • Great idea. I've been on the fence about paying for the premium membership and this could definitely help sway me in that direction.
  • This is a great idea.  I think more people would talk about their "achievements" and therefore get more riders to use Strava. :-)

  • I think this is a great idea too, but i agree with Chris, id like to see Strava sort out a few of thier core issues first, in particular with segments. Also, strava are providing a 3rd party api, soemthing i think could be very exciting - this could open up strava to allow other websites to priovide these kind of extras, leaving strava to concentrate on giving a rock solid platform.
  • This could be a good motivator to do something different.  Dust off the mtb or TT bike.  Excellent idea, good product differentiator too.

  • I'm not convinced this would work as proposed, but I do like the idea of achievements based on something other than solely speed; after all that's all Strava segs are about--how fast. This kind of thing opens up Strava to dedicated, but not necessarily fast, riders--and opens up more customers to Strava!

  • Anything to motivate me to ride harder and faster :)

  • Im also a gamer and i think hell yes! Its pretty amazing how much of an effect these can have on people!!

  • +1, this sounds like a good idea :) Would add another element of competitiveness instead of just over short segments

  • +1

  • I too had a similar idea and suggested this to the Strava team -would of been nice to see this idea appear in the  improveementss list for people to vvote on.


    An idea for 'awards' or 'badges' or 'achievements' ....etc

    For example, a visual pictoral icon awarded to you when you....

    Ride your first 10, 25, 50, 75 100, etc mile or km ride
    Ride a 1/2/5/10 hour ride
    Ride your first cat hc/1/2/3/4 climb
    Ride your first 5/10/15/20/25 % gradient (maybe up or down)
    Ride 10/25/50/75/100 etc etc segments
    Reach 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 etc etc recorded miles/km on strava
    Record 100/200/300 etc miles/km in a set period, month, week, year etc
    Record 100/200/300 etc hours in a set period, month, week, etc
    Record 100/200/300 etc climbing m/ft in a set period, month, week, etc
    Ride on 2/3/4/5/6/7 etc consecutive days

    These 'badges' could appear as part of the bio/highlights section of my profile - but be assigned automatically. Would inject some competition not only on segments but more 'traditional' cycling achievements, similar to cycling career 'palmares' of the professionals. Would also be a good way to instantly understand the level of the persons profile your looking at - friends etc

    Im sure there would be others to add, and it could be replicated for running - but I don't run so wont offer any suggestions there.

  • @ Pete, that's a great and fairly comprehensive list--and it would be easy to add geographically-inspired badges too:


    * Pikes Peak

    * Crater Lake

    * Lake Tahoe

    * Death Valley


    * Riding in each Foreign Country (Yes, come on, Canada counts)


    and et c.



  • Great idea, just to add a few more "achievements":

    - 10,000 km in a calendar year

    - 100,000 m vertical elevation in a calendar year

    - etc

  • Strava staff - It would be good if this suggestion found its way onto the feature requests list, allowing people to vote to support the idea - gain a better understanding of demand.

    After all, we already have a 'Separate Nordic Skiing as an Activity on Strava into Classic/Skate'  topic on there which seems which seems quite niche - would be good to gauge interest in this too.

  • Great Idea, I would really like to see this implemented!

  • While this topic is the second-rated one in this forum, I think it may still not have as much backing as it would need to get the Strava staff on board to respond. It would be helpful if people following this thread spread the word to other Strava users to boost interest (assuming they have the interest). Getting others to comment and indicate support of the idea is probably the best way to elevate the profile and get the Strava staff to act.

  • I agree achievements are a great idea.   Additionally it would be cool if you could also 'level up' your own Strava rank based on a combination of those achievements, along with your total milage, suffer score, power band stats etc.

  • Acheivements are a cool idea, but if this gets implemented before improving the segment matching, that'd be bad.

  • Sounds like a good idea. I think the achievements should be slightly harder. I believe that segment matching (out and back, loops) should have a higher priority.

  • I like the idea of badges more than gamifying everything. One problem I see is with the way the segments are implemented now, for example a HC climb usually has several overlapping segments of lower categorized climbs which would really skewer your points. But moreover I really really hate the idea of  "ranks" or levels and I don't feel this gamifying would steer the community in a good direction at all. Sure make some badges to keep people striving for unachieved goals, but please stay away from continuous point or level scales.

  • I think FourSquare is an even better example.

  • Would be a great feature.

  • great idea and again, something i would consider paying a small amount for, as opposed to power analysis/hr stuff which doesnt interest me

  • This is an excellent idea!!!

    I also like that Nike+ (for running only) allows you to create your own challenges and gives you virtual trophies for completing or winning them.

    The challenges can be Competitive:

    First to ride 100 miles

    Fastest 10 miles

    Most miles in October

    or Cooperative (everyone has to complete the challange - if everyone does, everyone gets a trophy):

    Everyone ride 100 miles in October

    Everyone rides 20 times in October


    Both the user-created challenges and the Xbox-like achievements would be very motivating!!!

  • Awesome Idea.  

    Those of us who play FPS know how hooked you can get into getting that next badge or achievement.    Love the idea of the challenges having those as well.... maybe even plays into a ranking system - more achievements you get, the more you move up the ranks....

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