Mountain Bike as separate activity type or tag

Please add mountain biking to the list of activities in the app because the cals vs speed are very different from road riding. Also a count down to workout start would be a good feature.



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  • I've been using Runkeeper over Strava because of this issue.  So much easier to select Mountain Biking from Cycling in that app.  Just trying Strava as I'm finding a lot of MTB riders are still willing to put up with this making it the de facto biking app on the dirt, as well as pavement.  C'mon Strava... I want to be devoted to you, but just can't do it yet..

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  • Hi Elle/Strava, despite what you say near the top about using different algorithms for MTB and road biking, that simply doesn't seem to be true. As an example, on my road bike I regularly do 700 calories in an hour. Today I completed a 21km MTB RACE in 1:35, where I was working very hard throughout and it tells me I have done 734 calories at a very low average power output. Thus, suggesting that it's the same computations being done by the app!  I have my bikes entered properly as you said, so this just makes no sense! (I use the android app if this makes a difference).

  • Yes it's a nice update! MTB vs Road

  • Agree. Even when setting up a moutain bike in the gear section via the website, it doesn't seem to change the calorie calc (or if it does, the calc seems really low). Would just be more straightforward to have a MTB setting. thanks.

  • I'd also very much like to see this. Right now the MTB folks have no chance of ranking on the weekly club leaderboards, too.

  • And may I add my little voice to beg the Sweet Baby Cheeses at Strava Towers to give us the opportunity to compare our rides with other MTBers and not the whip thin Racing Snakes swifting up the climbs that make a mountain biker weep ..........For Goodness sake, I saw a roadie the other day that had thighs thinner than my forearms...... How am I expected to compete with that up a 3 Cat climb :-(


    Pull the proverbial Strava! Do it! Do it! Do it NOW! ....You know you want to. 

  • +1. Also it would avoid case where road riders accidentally log a section that runs next to the road. For instance, apparently I did a downhill super D section in about 18 seconds last month, about twice as quickly as the winner of the last national race. This ambiguity would be easier to avoid, if the differentiation existed. Keep up the good work.

  • Yes yes yes. "Ride" needs to be broken down into Road RIde and MTB Ride. 

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    Just came from RunKeeper and it is so easy to do this already.
    Sadly already signed up for premium, regretting that decision already.


  • Q1: So what if a Roadie storms up a MTB trail - the actual trail - not some adjacent road or something - .e.g dirt track Nate Harrison Grade on Palomar in SD - shouldn't they be able to get the KOM? This is only going to be applicable for some routes but I wanted to understand how people think this should work.

    As for being 2nd class citizens etc - count yourselves lucky - I ride an ElliptiGO (elliptical cycle) which is heavier and clunkier than your MTB and less efficient to boot (but good for my back so hey) - we don't even have a bike type so I use MTB (though it doesnt really matter). AND I LIKE to compare my times to both roadies and MTB - I'll try my best against both groups (and you can see my times up Nate Harrison or Haleakala ;)

  • Bill, I don't think anyone cares who gets a KOM on whatever bike they choose to ride.  I've lost KOMs to guys on cyclocross bikes but that's fine if they are able to handle the trail (usually they stick to fire roads).  I think what everyone is asking for is a clear delineation between road and mtb segments for a few reasons:

    1.  To make using the segment explorer MUCH easier.  If I want to just search for mtb segments, I currently see all road segments as well cluttering my view.

    2.  To make participating in challenges equal, so roadies have their own and mountain bikers have their own.  

    3.  This will also prevent Stava from inadvertently confusing road and mtb segments.  For example, there is a really tough mtb climb that goes up alongside the road, so all of the roadies who ride past get registered on the mtb segment.  Not cool.  

    It would be SO very easy to enlist the help of the Stava community to help designate road and trail segments.  I personally would take the time to mark all of the segments in my neighborhood if Strava would only give me the option.  

    So c'mon Strava!  How about finally implementing this for 2014?

  • Agreed that a clear separation of MTB and ROAD activities.  Please consider this.

  • il serait super de pouvoir filtrer les activités Routes et VTT

  • Agree!!

    Road and MTB should be separated!!!

  • +1. Would really like to tag my rides as MTB. Hell, I can tag Commute or Stationary Trainer, but not Road or MTB. Umm, yeahhhhhh...


  • Any update on when we'll be able to log our rides as either road or mtb? I run the Broken Riders Club, and we can't award prizes for miles as there are riders in the club who also ride road - and they're nothing up over 200 miles per week! It just skews all the rider leading order. So, any news of an update?

    By the way - thank you for developing such a great product and changing riding forever!

  • One reply to so many requests? I'd like to +1 this idea, but is anyone listening?
  • There is a definite need for this feature to be added as Mountain Biking and Road biking are very different when it comes to average speeds and overall distance covered. This makes some of the comparisons within clubs/groups or challenges meaningless. It would also enable a more specific search when looking for routes etc.

    I find it odd that there are three different categories for skiing but only one for cycling when it seems that the origins and focus of STRAVA is in cycling. Cmon Guys. Listen to all these requests and make a great product even better.

    I note the reply from Elle Anderson but I have always attached a mountain bike to the activities but they still show as "Ride". I have added a road bike as well now and will see if that enables this feature. Even if this worked it is not the solution that so many people are requesting.

    Thanks and regards




  • Is there a update on this feature request please?

  • +1 here Thanks
  • Also having the same problem as everyone else here.  I added my MTB to the gear list, but when I edited my activity and chose the MTB the calorie count and output did not change.  I know I am burning more than 400 calories on a super tough and hilly 7 mile MTB ride where my clothes are soaking wet with sweat afterwards.  That simply would not be the case if I were riding road for that same distance.   

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  • Kristen - FYI your calories jump to 525 when you switch the bike to your MTB and refresh the page. Hope that helps! 

  • Make sure you check out this related feature suggestion as well, with regard to showing the leaderboard results based on road or mountain bike:

    Thanks for the feedback - this is a really good collection of feedback regarding this request that the product team will be interested to hear. 

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