Create Group or Club Challenges

I would love to be able to set up challenges within groups for the folks that I ride with. Complete with the features that are on the normal Strava challenges such as leaderboards, ranking.

Ability to set up the challenge measurement such as mileage, time, suffer score etc.

I feel like this would really help drive people to ride even harder, especially those that might feel a little overwhelmed by some of the site wide challenges.



  • This would really be great, since Strava killed the V1 and V2 API our club lost this functionality.

  • Bring back the group and team challenge. It is one of the reasons for being part of Strava and is is your brand. Why be a member without this feature?
  • Would be great if Strava brought this back.

  • Create a work group assuming that this could be done - really surprised that it can't!

  • Not very impress with the response from the Strava Team, since feb people are posting and asking for this feature, and not one single official response from them, saying yay or nay... 

    C'mon guys! It's a pretty cool feature and i bet a lot of people would upgrade to premium to use this feature... Heatmaps? Really? Why? I don't see a necessity and a reason i'd pay premium to have heatmap, but challenges yes!

    So please give us this feature!

  • I NEED this feature
    If Strava doesn't provide it, does anyone know which application can support a group challenge?Our company is celebrating it's 60th anniversary, and I we will create a challenge to commemorate it
    Will be nice to have something like Strava to keep track of it

  • Endomondo...

  • hi , i thought it would be great for one day challnges with a group at least 4-5 people from - beginnig to end. For example there can be 100-150 km with 500-1000mt elavtion tour and it should be done with 4-5 people at the same time.

  • Endomondo is good, but Strava is the best! Why I can't create my own Challenge in Strava but can in Endo....

    I Need this Future and I want to challenge with my friends.

    P.S: Всем из России привет! )

  • Group challenges please !!! :D

    But give us not only a challenge by time or distance. Let the starter of the challenge inside a group select the segments !!! :)

  • Hey Strava users - if you check out the new Club pages you'll see that we provide a way for you to compete with your group by creating a club:

    You may have noticed some changes to your Club page on Strava. We've updated the Club experience to help you and your members get more out of it.

    Here's what's new:

    Leaderboards: View the weekly leaders in distance, elevation, or activity time to see who's training the hardest and stir up some competition.

    Announcements: Got a group ride or run coming up? Let your members know what's happening and when.

    Invite Members: It's now easier to invite members to your Club via email, Facebook, or friends who are already on Strava.

    Enjoy these new features and send any feedback to

  • Elle, this is certainly a step in the right direction... but it still falls quite short of what I had originally intended for this feature request.

    The functionality should be that we can create custom challenges, not just view leaderboards for pre-defined categories. It should mimic the functionality of the normal strava challenges, but be shared only within a group.

    I really wish there was a way to un-mark this as done since I think this falls a little short.

  • Thanks Jeff! We have plans in the works to expand on the new Club features even more, and will hopefully go in the direction you suggest. 

  • yeah, thats ok but there is a problem with that... on our club we have roadies and mountain bikers, so when you look at the leader boards, it's always the roadies in front with distance and climbing... being able to set individual challenges inside the group would be the ideal, so you can set a MTB challenge or a Road challenge...
  • ... and the weekly leaderboard is just that - one week's activity. Isn't it obvious that the contributors to this thread have been asking for challenges that recognise monthly or seasonal milestones? The leaderboard means something, and it's a welcome addition to the free product, but it's not a valid response to the request and not a reason to set the status to "done". If this is too difficult or too expensive to offer, please say so, so that we can look at alternatives such as switching to Endomondo. Thanks ...

  • Totally agree - we want to do our own monthly challenges that are akin to the main Strava challenges. Also, is there any way to see the historical leaderboard data? By week would be fine. Downloadable in to excel would be fine as well.

  • I also disagree with the 'Done' marking.
    Clubs and groups are the real communities in cycling. It would be clever if Strava could offer Club Challenges and thus use the existing structures to make Strava stronger and offer the functionalities people are looking for. The weekly leaderboards are nice, but not what we are looking for.
    Maybe it could be included in a premium membership. That would be fair, as the service would also be provided on club level. My club would be willing to pay for it.

  • Hello everyone,

    I see that this thread has proven to include much more valuable feedback than just around our new Club Leaderboard feature. So thank you so much for your comments. I know that our Product Team is interested in hearing your feedback so that they can build more features around group or club challenges. Please continue the good feedback and tell us your ideas for new challenge features. Thanks!


    (PS I've removed the 'Done' tag)

  • Thanks, Elle!
    What would help my club to really interact with our members on Strava would be:
    - possibility to create challenges exclusively for club members
    - possibility to create segments exclusively for club members (which I think would also be a good solution to the 'chaotic segment-situations' in popular cycling areas)
    - more tools for club admins to select settings for the club page (how deep the leaderboard runs; showing winners of previous weeks, for example - but also manage the new features that will hopefully be developed)
    - more ways to share strava content in other media. The existing widgets are great, but we would for example want to automatically publish the final week-ranking on our club's facebook page.
    I understand that it will cost time to develop this kind of services, so maybe a premium membership for clubs would be an idea to make it viable for Strava?


  • I agree 100% with Gudo! That would be great!

    It is also okay, that maybe the group starter/admin needs a premium membership to use this special tools in the club section.

  • Jumping back in here - I'm glad this idea is generating activity.

    Seems to me these are some of the requested features - 

    1. Expanded Date Range, Leaderboard, Miles - 

    a. Challenges - Miles challenges could be set for a club for a time period. In my club, I set a challenge for May to September, and manually entered mileage for each rider, each week and published it on my website with a note about progress, etc. It's doable, but kind of a pain, and I had to push some of the folks to use Strava - they didn't visit the site, I was publishing all of the stats and they were already using Endomondo/GPS/Cateye computer etc., so can't they just send me mileage? So, I could pretty much guarantee increasing pageviews on Strava by my group numbers at least once a week - woohoo.

    b. Annual - Show Jan 1 to Jan 1 Miles

    c. All Time - All Time Leader board Miles for the club. Give the old timers something to crow about. ;)

    2. Expanded Date Range, Leaderboard, Elevation - same things a miles, but for climbing

    3. Club Specific Segment Data/Leaderboard - this already exists, kind of, in that one can filter a segment for club leaders. However, last summer I assigned point values to the top 10 places on identified segments in Strava. Again, the data was there and accessible, but I had to navigate to each segment each week and xfer all of the data manually to a spreadsheet and then publish on my website. All good, but again Strava was accidentally sending traffic to another website. So, I think if the admin could identify club specific segments and collect that data on the club page, that would be useful. This seems like a simple re-display of segment data that already exists in Strava within the club section. Gudo has already commented on this.

    4. Interclub Challenges - this is not listed in this thread, but what if my club's top 10 riders could challenge your club's top 10 riders to a weekly duel, or some such? That would be cool - kind of like a stage race on Strava! Check out Endomondo for this - Bike CLE vs. PGH intercity challenge. Full navigable leaderboard by month, total miles, kcal, lbs of CO2 conserved, etc. The Endomondo usage is intended to draw attention to policy changes advocated by these local Bike Clubs/Advocacy Groups. The point is that the data is there, is used and enjoyed by thousands of people in these two communities, year round. Strava is much more marketed to the athlete and competitor. Different markets, same data, probably using the same programming code, too. :0

    I guess this is a biz strategy question - how much $ do you put into facilitating self-organization at the Club level on Strava? How much $ do you spend on empowering club administrators to use Strava to create a usable "Club" application? I think it is a HUGE opportunity to organize clubs around the USA. Personally, I set my club challenges up last summer like a golf club. Try to handicap some people, be relatively timely with updates (weekly is too slow) and keep it local and fun. Cycling can learn a lot from that model. I think Strava can certainly move in that direction and I hope they do. 

    I hope this discussion continues and we can see at least the first three changes implemented before Spring.

  • Hi Elle,

    thanks for the feedback, i'm glad this is not over...

    As i've mentioned before, on our group we have road riders and mountain bikers, so having a leader board with km is not fair with our MTB friends, as most of the road rides are longer than any MTB, not meaning they are doing the most effort. Specially when it comes to riding our local trails.

    So having the ability of separating the rides in to groups inside the club would be pretty good, road and mtb, i know it doesn't have much to do with group challenges, but in saying that, we could be creating challenges for mtb and challenges for road.


    1. Create a challenge by segment, so we have a few different loops in the forest for mountain bikers, we could create a segment with the full loop, where people will compete to get the best time on the specific loop, also let people on premium plans to be able to download the loop, That way it will motivate people to go to premium and download the map so they can use them on garmin devices and follow the loop, since our forest is not very well signed, this would be a plus for it.

    2. challenges by distance, giving us the ability to create challenges by distance, instead of using the leader board, will prevent the road and MTB riders to get mixed up, we would create a challenge called MTB long distance, and the user will sign up to it if he is a mountain biker, than after the ride he will be able to choose to add that ride to that challenge or not.... as we also have mountain bikers that ride on the road too... so if they done a road ride they will choose the road challenge to add the ride too, and not the mtb challenge.

    3. Team challenges is also a cool idea, lets say there is always a group of guys that ride together, and there is another group that also rides together, they could create a team inside the group and we could do a team cooperative challenge. so instead of an individual, we could sum all distances for that team and compare with the other team. even if they ride separate they will always be helping the team to achieve the goal.

    4. set distance challenge, like the Prove it challenge, we could set a distance like 800km and who ever gets there first wins... with or without time limit.

    5. leader board is good but needs a better classification on the type of ride. (road, mountain)

    6. a gravity enduro type challenge, we would set a date to start and end, set 3-5 different segments (downhill only) and people will be timed for each one with an overall time. once they start the first segment they have a X amount of time to complete all segments if not they will be out or start again.

    i'll be happy to pay premium for this group challenge feature.

    thank you for listening...



  •  the ability to set future rides and schedules that allow better co-ordination for local group rides. Reminders could  be sent via push notifications. All data is already collected by Strava including routes, people you follow etc. Most riders ride regular routes and want to know what their friends are doing tomorrow or the next day. Seeing who and  how many people are going to a ride in a simple tally will create a great pre-ride feature and Strava being a one stop shop for cyclists/runners. Thanks Strava!!

  • So is there a way to look at Club totals the same why I look at my own profile?  I'd like to  track how many miles the Club ran, swam, or rode by week and by month for the Club.  Is there a way to do that?  All it is is adding the graph and the ability to click.  It would be great to report to the Club and work, which is a Company Club, on real progress throughout the year.

    Plus if we can see what we do for the year it is easier to say we are going to donate X amount for every mile run.  I just have no way to track that right now.


  • The club leaderboards are a nice enhancement, but a real challenge/course/race set for a club would be great in a way

    * Ride the following x segments in same day

    * Complete the course y during week z

    * Ride segment x as often as possible on day x

    * improve your time on segment x as much as possible


    This woud be great for club-internal races or challenges and add massively to the pure collection of kilometres.

  • I hope that the swell of support for developing the club structure as many have suggested above happens.  I manage a virtual cycling community through Facebook/Twitter/Strava etc, and did one successful challenge before Christmas based on the existing leaderboard structure with prizes for the 3 league tables.  It would have been nice however, to ring fence the challenge data, give it a name/logo and an opt in/out option for members.

    I intend running a second challenge where those who climb a very specific amount, and do at least one ride over a specific distance then qualify for a draw for an amazing prize, so being able to tweak the existing data and set perameters for challenges would be very useful!

    Still, what is there already helps people get a feel for weekly club efforts, but any challenge has to be within those boundaries at the moment unless you want to export and manipulate data yourself (not me thanks!)

    Lots of love and continued suffering,



    In my community I would like to set up  virtual enduro challenge i.e. for a specific weekend, and link it to "Special Stage"  segments. That would be fun :-)

  • Even if we can't do individual Premium challenges yet, could you at least put in training challenges for all the big events? It would be nice if the upcoming Tour of Long Beach could request a challenge be created for the thousands of people training at this time.  We have 12 weeks to go.  This could be a stepping stone until we can create our own.  It looks like you make challenges with third party vendors.  Could the non-profit event organizers contact you and get you to create and donate challenges?  It could be a corporate write off for you, excellent advertising, and very helpful to the fundraising.

  • we are running a series of Time Trials during the summer for our club so that many riders will ride the whole series: would be great to use Strava to track each athlete over each race and over the series.. I reckon this would move Strava use to the next level and take it "beyond Social and on to Competitive" !!! There, I've even written yer tag line

  • Our STRAVA Club is raising money for charity. And it would be great to use the tool of a STRAVA Club Challenge to get mot people into it and getting a bigger awareness. 




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