Create Group or Club Challenges

I would love to be able to set up challenges within groups for the folks that I ride with. Complete with the features that are on the normal Strava challenges such as leaderboards, ranking.

Ability to set up the challenge measurement such as mileage, time, suffer score etc.

I feel like this would really help drive people to ride even harder, especially those that might feel a little overwhelmed by some of the site wide challenges.



  • Beaux (and others), yes, it's a great idea and we've been saying that for months but it looks like hell will freeze over before Strava does anything (if ever) so private developers have been working on programs that will allow us to do challenges using Strava data. A couple of months ago I did some trials with an app from a fellow in the Netherlands. I ran some challenges for a month for members of our local club and the app worked perfectly. Since then the creator has add even more features. You can create a segment in Strava and, using the app, make a challenge for whatever period of time you want and can even restrict it to your group or whatever or make it public (for anyone to participate). The app has leaderboards which can even be personalized (male, female, etc.). It is not difficult to learn and the creator has been very helpful with advice. His website for the app is here  give it a try.

  • Nike+ and many other apps have a quick and dirty way to do mileage challenges for clubs and groups that are invited. I find it hard to believe that allowing users to create challenges for a set of invited users would tax their system more than the personalized heat maps. Perhaps the person responsible for challenges should work on automating the process by which challenges can be created so it takes less time and effort.

  • I agree with Kate B.  Monthly leaderboards would be great, especially if you can view all the options (miles, elevation gain, hours, etc.) and filter through activities (biking, running, swimming, ALL, etc.).

    Keep making cool improvements Strava! :)

  • I've created a small app that uses the Strava API, for a upcoming "first one to reach 1000km" running challenge at work. From within its admin interface, I can create challenges based on milage or duration. I'm thinking about putting down another round of hours and make it into a public app, so everyone can use it. Before that though, I'm just posting a thread here to see if anyone is interested of using it.

    Right now, you enter a certain club, and the app then fetches all the members and associated activities, and if it matches the challenge, it will add it to the leaderboard.


  • Oh, forgot to add the url.

  • C'mon Strava!

    Personal challenges would be so motivating, you invite some friends to see who can get the most meter vertical, distance, whatever. At the end of the time period you get a trophy in your feed saying you either won or came second or last in your challenge against your friends Rob and Bill or something similar. 

  • Hi Mattias,

    what you have been programming is exactly what I am looking for. We started a 5000km Challenge this year and are now looking for an easy way to track it. Would you be able to share your source code make it an public app? That would be great!

  • Mattias O. Thank you, yes!!!  Please make it public, I would love to be able to utilise it for our club too.  Awesome work!!!

  • matties, from the api it says this below. Is this 200 per result from server or 200 latest... I can imagine in my club that we would exceed an overall 200 very shortly.

    List club activities

    Retrieve the recent activities performed by members of a specific club. The authenticated athlete must be a member of the club. Pagination is supported. However, the results are limited to the last 200 total activities by club members.

  • Great work Mattias O. I would be interested in having access to your app as well.

  • Mattias O. there is certainly interest here too. We're actually wanting to run a club challenge with a parnter club. Basically we establish the distance between the two locations and all the club members from each club swim/bike/run and accumulate distance to have a virtual race to cover the distance first. If there's a way that you could help with this, we'd very much appreciated it.

  • I made a smaller update to the segment challenge result page so that stats are displayed for participants if no segments are chosen for the challenge.

    It is ready for you to set up your own if you wish.

    This creates a list for whomever has joined the challenge. It pulls the activites per authenticated user, and therefore there is no clubwide 200 activity restriction. The challenge results and stats are updated on a schedule, so it may take up to 24 hours before your own results appear. Feel free to join the sample :-)

    (For a challenge with segments, see

  • yes pls


  • I am currently looking at using Strava with our company Wellness program and I too am looking to see if creating private challenges is offered.

    This is something that would be very useful corporate wide for businesses to promote and get more participants involved in health and wellness.

  • I feel everyone's pain on this and on NOT being able to upload photos from a computer/desktop. Unfortunately Stava obviously have other priorities. Last year I tried to work out a way to do challenges for our rider group and the local bike shop, it was a huge amount of work, time and labor intensive and I decided that it wasn't worth it. For just under 50 cyclists it was hell BUT if you have, say, a hundred it would be a nightmare. HOWEVER, there are software developers out there who have make it much easier. A fellow in the Netherlands came up with software to links to Strava and makes it easy to setup challenges for distance, segments, whatever and it works great. We tested it out and it worked very well. So, there are solutions out there, they are just NOT being provided by the Strava.

  • Great feature request! +1

  • I mentioned that a fellow in the Netherlands came up with an excellent app that gives you the ability to create all kinds of challenges in connection with Strava. I have used it and tested it with our Strava group and it works very well, here is the link 

  • +1

  • I see Strava has updated the look and feel of the forum, but still haven't implemented this idea...  Anyway, John M - re: the Netherlands based app you mentioned, I have just had a look but wanted to ask - can you create a challenge for an unlimited number of people? Can participants take part even if they live in different states/countries (ie it doesn't have to be based on segments?) and does it give you overall stats ie total distance travelled etc etc.  Really wish Strava would just do this thing, after 3 LOOOONNNNGGGGG years, but perhaps this will do the job in the meantime? Cheers, Kate 

  • Feeling frustrated...  Visited Endomondo tonight and set up a challenge in under a minute.  So easy.  Why oh why can't we do the same on Strava??? :(

  • Hi Kate,

    I too wish we would just get it from Strava. But since they haven't done that, I made the page John linked to.

    Anyway, you don't have to add segments. Then it just shows the participant stats, ranked by total distance. There is no restrictions in number of people who can join. 

    Go to the feedback section, and send a message if you have other requirements for doing something with stats/non-segment based challenges.


  • Hi Jens, Thank you very much for getting back to me, and sorry I am a bit slow on the reply!!  I will jump on and have a look :)

    Cheers, Kate

  • Does anyone know whether it is possible to customise your club page?  I know I can't do it myself, but I'm wondering whether I could engage a developer to do it for me?  Is this possible?  Does anyone know someone who could do this?  The main thing I want to do is have our club page show leaderboard etc for the current/past month, instead of 'this week/last week' that appears currently.  And also include a combined club total for the current/past month, much like what appears on the global challenges run by strava/sponsered challenges.  If anyone can advise whether it is possible for a 3rd party developer to access the back end of the club page and tweak it I would love to hear from you as I am having no joy from Strava itself in regards to my request.  

    Thank you in advance!   

  • Hi Kate - I'm sorry we haven't been able to act on this feature yet. I'm also a fan of having custom club challenges in the future. 

    Although you can't tweak the Strava club page to show monthly data instead of weekly, you can get access to our public API and develop a custom webpage to show the totals you would like (e.g. monthly) much like Mattias and Jens have done. 

    I hope you can find a way! 


    Hi Elle,

    Thank you so much for writing back :)  It's reassuring to hear that you are still a fan of this feature, that gives me hope that this idea might still end up happening one day!!

    I also really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, and confirm that it isn't possible to get a developer to tweak the club page...  

    It looks like I am going to have to engage a developer to build custom web page for me...  What I want to do is create a reoccurring monthly challenge that includes all activities that family/friends complete on Strava (not just running, riding, swimming and cycling), in support of my sister and her battle with Multiple Sclerosis.  It is a personal project, all coming out of my own pocket, but it is really important to me and I am passionate about making it happen.  I just don't know how.  My main concern is that if I invest time and money into building a website, which I am happy to do, I need to make sure the link to Strava API will remain as is because I couldn't afford to get someone to build a whole new webpage if this link/data changed somewhere along the way.  And please excuse my ignorance, I have no idea how any of this works, just that I have read some comments on other forums and earlier in this one that refers to API 1 and API 2 no longer being available and therefore pages/apps built using them no longer work.  I couldn't afford for that to happen to me...  Can you enlighten/advise?

    Thank you in advance for answering my long and probably stupid questions.  I really appreciate your support and assistance. 

    Kind regards, Kate



  • Strava's 2015 Tour de France Challenge was incredible & I'm hoping Strava will host a 2016 TDF Challenge - let me know if this is in the works. Thanks a bunch for your consideration!!

  • YES - PLEASE allow us to create club challenges. The more we can get our club members to interact with Strava the  better for you and us...

  • Hi Elle, I have just received an email titled 'We're Betting on Clubs' which made me VERY excited!!!  I have returned to this forum with great anticipation hoping that in the wave of updates to come we will finally receive the ability to create club challenges.  PLEASE say it's true!!!!  I have all fingers and toes crossed while I wait to hear the answer...

    ps - Is the new 'scatterplot' leaderboard, summary of total club activities, distance etc visible now via the web, or only via the new mobile app?  Because I can't seem to see it when I log in via my laptop...

    pps so glad you guys are investing in clubs.  It means a lot.  Thank you.

  • One other thing, slightly off topic, but relevant, esp with Strava committing to the development of clubs...  I know the focus of Strava is on runners and cyclists, and consequently you have the ability to create a club for each of these activities = awesome.  You also have the ability to create a "tri club" which caters for running, cycling and swimming = also awesome.  

    But what I really want to see, is the ability to be able to create a club for the other activities Strava supports.  There already exists an option to create a club under the banner of "other", which you would presume would give you this option, however all it does is create a "tri club" - running, cycling and swimming.

    The ability to be able to create a yoga club, or a skiing club or a walking club would be fantastic and is the missing link for Strava Clubs (along with the ability to create club challenges!).  You could simply add 3 drop down menus under the existing "other" club button allowing the club creator to select up to 3 activities from the existing Strava list.  The activities could then simply be dropped into the existing "tri club" format/structure.  I will create a new topic titled: "Club for 'other' activities" later today, to try and get more traction/attention while club development is underway.  Exciting times for Clubs!! :)

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