Create Group or Club Challenges

I would love to be able to set up challenges within groups for the folks that I ride with. Complete with the features that are on the normal Strava challenges such as leaderboards, ranking.

Ability to set up the challenge measurement such as mileage, time, suffer score etc.

I feel like this would really help drive people to ride even harder, especially those that might feel a little overwhelmed by some of the site wide challenges.



  • How can this still not be done??

    Strava, please explain why you haven't developed this feature.

    Are you not going to, still busy? Please communicate.



  • Ironically, we claimed Nike had the challenges feature but Nike just removed that feature with its latest update. No more Nike challenges, I was disappointed but it seems like its not a largely popular feature no matter how much we want it.

  • Hi Elle, YAY!  This is so exciting to hear - thank you!!!  I am hoping that during the work on Clubs Strava will review and update the 'catagories' under which clubs can actually be created.  Currently we have the ability to create a 'running club' 'riding club' 'tri club' or 'other club' however if you create a club under the category of 'other' it simply creates a 'tri club' (ie running, riding and swimming) I believe the category of 'OTHER' should either create a club that counts/covers ALL activities, or gives the club creator the option of selecting specific activities from a set list.  As it stands I am not sure what the point of having an option for creating a club under the category of 'other' really is...??  Could you please advise.  I know this is not directly related to the ability to create club challenges, however it is relevant as without the ability to create 'specific activity relevant clubs', or a club that covers ALL activities you are effectively excluding a huge number of clubs/groups/individuals because their activities simply aren't captured. :(  ps I have requested the above via other relevant topics but thought it was worth posting here too.  Cheers.

  • I'm also in favor of this... very much so! I would LOVE to be able to set up a challenge that allows people to capture/count "new-to-rider" trails. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a challenge for people to ride 25 or 50 new-to-them trails during 2017? That would really get people out exploring their world on bikes! Thanks

  • I like it!

  • Really looking forward to seeing this feature :)

  • How long will it take?

    I have another point. I would be nice to have the feature for club segments which are only visible for club members.

  • Where exactly is this feature on your roadmap? I see requests for this going back 3 years. My tri team has lots of challenges throughout the year, and we currently have to manage the data in Google spreadsheets. It would be much handier to use simple custom date range and activity type accumulators.

  • Can't believe this request started in 2013, more shocked I only just found it!

    Strava Clubs are presently very redundent as it is just a glorified messageboard that no-one uses.
    I think Strava clubs has a lot of potential.

    One club I am a member of is a Monthly route challenge club on FB. Presently we create a segment for the monthly challenge and then the only purpose the Strava club serves is for the filter option on the segment leader board.

    Its pointless creating an event in the club as it is limited to social rides and the route editor still sucks with stupid bugs.

    I think it would be good if challenges could be created from events, set a time frame and objectives and show a leaderboard.

    This would be a good way for people to create leaderboards for set time frames such as weekly, monthly, Annual, hourly plus make it activity specific, objective specific, segment specific, route specific(update the editor), etc.

    A history log is needed for reviewing the events and a clone/repeat options.

    Would also be good for clubs/members to have an Auto opt-in setting for all events and/or specific challenges.

  • Yes please, at the moment the work around is to ask riders to report there mileage and then it can be checked by going to there activity page however a leaderboard on the club page would be far more useful and exciting.

    Please bring in for 2017 as our club would like to set an annual mileage challenge.

  • Elle Anderson, when are we likely to be seeing the 'Create your own challenge'?

  • Great idea!!

  • I am looking for this feature for my club.

  • I haven't seen anything.  What's going on with this idea?

  • How can Strava not have custom group challenges?  Technically the platform is already built, just add the functionality....

  • Hello...Strave? this on? Do you have community moderators still? People keep asking about this feature and are met with stone cold silence. Some of us are even premium subscribers. How about a little love?

  • Nudge, nudge!! Any news pepes? This is exactly the feature I have been after for some time now. Would be fantastic to get some feedback on progress/plans. Much as I love data crunching and emailing updates to team members this would just rock! :)

  • This post has received so much support and it is clear that Strava users want this to happen with Strava. Come on folks in Strava! Get this going! If you dont someone else might just come up with this feature and you'll start to lose users and attractiveness. That's what killed Nokia! 

  • I'm looking to create a challenge for my club. We want to set a total anual mileage target of X kilometers.

    I can't belive this can't be done. It seems to be much easier to develop than many other features Strava has.

  • Could Strava at least make it possible to view our Club's results in Challenges sorted yearly/monthly (not just this week/last week)?

  • Is it possible yet to be able to create club challenges? 


  • This feature request just celebrated its 4th anniversary, and it's still not done. Does Strava have any actual engineers?

  • I stay subscribed to this thread just to see how it is so obviously NOT on Strava's roadmap. ;-)

  • @Mick, It really is, truly, on our roadmap for 2017. 

  • I've started to use Garmin Connect more, it has all the common sense functions right on the main page / app:

    - List of my PRs

    - Groups

    - Challenges

    Its a bit mind blowing that this basic functionality and usability is not available in Strava.  

  • @Elle, great to hear, hopefully it will put this thread to bed in 2017! ;-)


  • this would be brilliant for the Clubs ,

  • hi! i wrote Lochal,  an app for create very simple challenges!

    please take a look! 

  • I completely agree, can't believe this still isn't done! other apps can do this, Strava is great but it is very poor that this isn't yet a feature.

  • Wow! I've been creating challenges on Endomondo for 5 years. Strava...have your programmers left the building? Please allow us to create Challenges! If you can't do it; why not? Top of agenda please. 4 years waiting...

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