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I'm a new member to strava and would like to sign up for challenges, but the current cycling ones are well out of my reach.  I can't forsee myself being able to ride 100miles any week soon, let alone in a single ride.  Having some lower level challenges for people just starting out would help with enthusiasm and getting more out of the strava experience.  

50km in a week, 75 Km in a week, 100km in a week.  500m climb in week , 1000km climb in a week etc etc  Average speed challenges?

Anyway, what do others think?



  • As someone who has recently started cycling again after more than 10 years of idleness, I agree it would be nice to have more challenges aimed at beginners and intermediates. While I am quite happy to enter a challenge which I know I will currently fail (eg. Quark Power Trip - which got me my longest ride so far), it would be nice to have the odd challenge which I can complete.

    How about an improvement challenge based on the difference between our performance this month and last month.

    For example increase your monthly distance by 20% and increase your average speed by 5%. This will presumable be much more achievable for beginners with a lower baseline activity but challenging for regular members.

  • Adam & Ankh, I totally agree with both of you. I was an avid cyclist a few years ago, but then I stopped when my work situation changed. Now I'm getting back into cycling & would love to have a challenge that is at a level more appropriate for beginners. It would be great to have something that I'd be able to accomplish & would be a reachable goal.


    Ankh, I really like your suggested example of increasing your monthly distance by 20% & increasing your average speed by 5%. This would be an excellent challenge to push beginners without being too much to achieve. It'd work for everyone, really.

  • Just wondering if you told anyone from Strava your ideas?  I don't know if it's just because the Tour De France is taking place at the moment, but the current Challenges open to me are utterly unattainable, for a variety of reasons (fitness, lifestyle, work etc).  And there is something offputting about entering Challenges that I know I will fail because they expect the number of miles I do in a fortnight to be done in a day

    I know that getting PR's on local segments is some sort of challenge, but TBH where I live (Edinburgh) it only takes a few clowns to go stupidly fast down the street (40+ MPH) to make any notion of becoming KOH an impossibility too.

    Would love some sort of beginners/general Challenge that I could incorporate into my daily commute for example? I'm not suggesting removing current levels of Challenges for enthusiasts, just adding new ones at lower levels.

  • To let you know, I raised this issue as a request with Strava today.

  • I also would struggle to complete any of the current challenges - 500km in 8 days? I'm unlikely to be able to do that in 3 months of cycling!

    Maybe they should stagger the monthly challenges better to provide goals for both the recreational cyclists who can only get out at the weekends (like me) as well as the pros who cycle 50km+ every day. Instead of a badge at every 250km, perhaps go 100km, 250km, 500km, 1000km and finally 2000km (which is higher than the current top badge).

    Or maybe even a challenge where you have to do more miles than you've done in the past month and you get a badge if you achieve this 3 months in a row - that would encourage you to do more regardless of how many miles you were doing in the first place.

  • I think this would definitely be a great idea to help encourage beginners. It can also serve as a great way to help people get back into their racing seasons once they roll around.

  • +1

    This would be great for my daughters who all use Strava.. However, it would be more valuable if you could also actually see which challenges you have completed 

  • What about adding the partial badges to the trophy case, if you made the 500km badge that month that is the one that shows in the trophy case, could also do the same if say some rides 3000km they get a 3000km badge?  This might encourage more people to join the challenge or push it a little further to get next badge up even if they don't make the full challenge.  

  • Thanks for the feedback Strava users! These are definitely some good points for our Challenges team to consider. 

  • I agree - im a total noob - im signing up for the 1000KM ones in lieu of anything else - I want one like - cycle 20m in a week - gimme a badge (in a stabilisers motif) to celebrate that!

  • Hello! We've created a new forum to collect feedback around Strava Challenges. Please check it out here:

  • This is my biggest gripe with challenges as well!  The distances/climbing goals are *usually* out of my reach or what is healthy/sustainable for my body.  Yet, I find trying to go after an achievable badge (when they do come up) extremely motivating and actually result in me riding much more than I would otherwise.

    It also doesn't make sense that the badges are usually all for 8,000m/1250km every month.  How do they even decide this and why does it usually stay in the same range? 

    You should definitely have a beginner AND intermediate AND advanced category for each badge.  

    Also, why are women's and men's standings separate, but not the challenge goal itself isn't?  Why go through the trouble to specifically separate men/women in standings in default view, but not the challenge goal itself?

    I think Strava product is mature enough now to make some interesting changes on Challenges.  Hire me as a software engineer and I will do it for you.  Haha.   

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