History of changes in weight, FTP, and other changeable variables over time

As weight  and FTP change over time, so do watts/kg etc.  It would be interesting to be able to track progress of weight loss (for example) and increases in watts/kg over time.  It would also be interesting for strava as a company to be able to see the total weight lost, or power/kg gained by their members!  Proof the website has a positive effect on people!



  • :)

    I've long since moved on from Strava to a tool that works, but - not knowing how to unsubscribe from the alerts - this thread has been a consistent source of eye-rolls and chuckles over the past couple of years. Back when I started this thread, the fitness & freshness feature was the ONLY thing the Premium package offered. It astonishes me that the organizational structure of Strava is such that this has gone unnoticed and/or ignored for so long. Andrew, you're right, it is an embarrassment, perhaps the penny has dropped, and I fully expect this entire thread to be deleted by them soon. Well done Thomas on shining a light on this.

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  • New to cycling and bought into Strava Premium since I have an interest in seeing the additional analytics and progress over time. I was really surprised to hear that a change in FTP changed how past rides were analyzed.

    Seems like a massive oversight considering that this was reported 5 years ago, and brought up in numerous places online, including other threads in this community section, various subreddits, and fitness focus Facebook pages/groups. 

    Furthermore, I'd imagine that product/eng teams at Strava are made of a few cycling enthusiasts and would flag this as something they themselves would like to see on the platform... but maybe they're just using TrainingPeaks, too. Who knows!?

    Hopefully this change is implemented soon to help win back the paying customers who were interested in seeing accurate data and prevent others from falling off — from browsing it seems to be a decent pop. Strava has a lot of potential — for example, they tease on their Relative Effort help page that they're developing more around this area — but let's not forget about the basics, too.

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  • "Unfortunately, I can't give you any sort of ETA on implementing this feature as old as this request is. What I need from all of you is to continue to provide constructive feedback so when I do report back to the team, I can show your comments."

    I would stress that the age of the request and the number of people complaining about this blatant oversight absolutely demonstrates the need for development priority. 

    If you really want to be serious about staying in the training metrics game, historical context of measurements should be a priority.

    Start with a single metric, such as FTP, and make it point forward: Take FTP, prompt for a historical archive value for which to measure all past results, then flag each new workout with the current value. Add a timestamp field when updating FTP, to allow for calculations of Power Zones based on the timestamp of the FTP value. Then, later on, allow graphing of FTP changes. Iterative feature development. 

    mPaceline does this beautifully and I was shocked to find that a much larger platform (that is more expensive subscription!) cannot provide historical FTP context.

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  • I suggest app - just discovered some of the Strava partners and they've basically saved me from canceling my Summit membership. I'm now looking simply to track my weight over time... it's almost 2020 and we certainly have the technology to automate this!

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  • Pete MacKay Thanks for sharing here about! I didn't know about it and checked it out: looks awesome! It even estimates load for runs, not just rides. Highly recommended. This app is even more complete than (at least for now; we'll see when Elevate Desktop is released in 2020) in that you can override the estimated load, weight, FTP, HR, etc., on a per-ride/run basis. And it's free (donations encouraged)!

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