• I have been using Endomondo to merge my rides, takes a few seconds.
  • The FIT File Tools site ( allows you to combine multiple FIT files into a single one. It also provides tools for removing specific fields (like power), adjusting power, and adjusting ride time. Enjoy!

  • Think it' is pretty clear to Strava that there is loads of users that want this feature, and sadly they go to other sites, competitive sites like endo to get this done.

    This in itself I would think should create some heat under a developers @ss to get this feature written and added to the site.


  • +1 for me.  iPhone crapped the bed 85kms into a 135km ride and I missed my Fondo badge, which tells my world of dedicated followers I'm a badass...  First world problem I know, but I'm now forced to drink away my sorrows and will forever live with the shame.

  • Just out of interest how many people have to say please before it is done? oh and please :-)
  • +1 We really need this. 

  • +1 For me. Either that (better yet) fix the problem with GPS dropping when taking a photo during a ride. None of the other cycling apps have that problem. The only way to recover is to end the ride and start another from the photo which means splitting the ride...
  • Please add this feature as it should have been essential to begin with. We cover plenty of miles and for this of us using our cell phones, this means definite tower switches. Not to even mention loss of signals in the mountains. Please, with a cherry, add this feature. Many feats of personal accomplishments are not being recorded correctly by your otherwise fine app. Have a good day support.
  • Seems like a useful thing given that batteries don't last as long as some of our rides.

  • slight extension of this requirement - I have two ways of recording data currently, my on-bike computer and my iPhone. They record different data and I would like to be able to merge into a single record in Strava. This would give me Speed/Cadence/HR from the bike computer and GPS/Altitude from the iPhone.

  • I had previosly requested this addition, however having just run through the merge process outline by Elle in her post above - the work around takes less than five minutes and is not arduous in the slightest. It'd still be a nice feature to have, but not quite as imperative as I'd realised!

  • Adding this would be lovely!   It would make strava rock even harder.

  • Would be great to see a single map showing all the Rides within the past month/past year/current month etc.

  • Was thinking,

    Would be great to be able to select 2 or 3 or more rides, and have them over laid on the same map, then allow the user to scroll on the time line of the ride, showing where on each of the routs the riders were, a ride to ride comparison.


  • Update:  The link posted higher up to merge files works perfectly.  Just delete your old .gpx files before uploading the merged one.  But it'd be cooler if it was part of the site.

  • Thanks for all your continued feedback on this feature request! It is clear that a merge feature on Strava would be very helpful. We'll definitely consider this for future development. 

  • It is no longer a request of mine, I will not be resubscribing to Strava once my premium subscription runs out, many other apps have taken over and exceed it now with functionality and ease of use. It is nothing more than a social app like facebook is now. It was a pioneer and it hasn't simply kept pace.

    Also once I figured I was getting double dipped paying for the app and the premium web service it left a sour taste in my mouth, thankfully you upped the price of the iphone app and I had to agree to the new pricing or I wouldn't of actually noticed.



  • +1 for the merge feature.

  • +1


    If you have to restart your Android Phone when Strava is recording, it recognizes that you were recording before shutdown.  It then offers "Discard or Save".  Please add a third option "Continue".  This may be easier to implement than merging multiple files from multiple sources.



  • +1 for the merge feature.  Just finished a 150 mile ride but app crashed 3 times.  3 50 mile rides is not the same as one 150 mile ride!

  • +1

  • +1.  Google My Tracks has an 'automatic resume' recording for when phone crashes.

  • +1.  Google My Tracks has an 'automatic resume' recording for when phone crashes.

  • +1 please


  • +1
  • +1 YES Please! Thank you.

  • Yes! If the phone app had a "resume" rather than just save or discard option when the app crashes or whatever, this wouldn't be as critical a feature. Nevertheless, it should be trivial and implemented.

  • Please add this!!! accidentally reset and bummed I cannot join the two!

  • +1

  • pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, i have an android phone with two battery so i can record big ride but can merge the two strava ride ;(

    do it pleaaaaaz

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