• I've had a ride end today half way through, on starting a new ride it gives the option "save ride data"  etc, why can't there be a continue option? There could be a script of say an hour maximum to continue your ride if your concerned people will "continue" rides the following day.

  • FIT File Tools ( has added an upload to Strava feature. You can merge separate FIT files into one then upload directly to Strava. Previously you had to download the combined file and then upload to Strava. I know that folks would like to see this feature added to Strava, but in the interim hopefully this can be useful. If you have any problems merging please get in touch with me via the 'Contact' link on the site and I'll look into it. Thanks!

  • +1

  • Yes, add this option please, Strava!!!:

    Or on restarting strava following a shutdown add a 3rd option - save, discard or continue. (with a requirement to be within 1mile and 1hr) it's very frustrating when going for long single ride goals when the phone crashes or runs out of power

  • Hello, I went on a long mtb ride and as my finished the ride , I clicked the finish flag on strava and was abiut to name the ride whilst then my phone died , have I now lost all the data of my ride???
  • Sorry for spelling predicted text crap
  • I'm not sure that this is the right thread for this Dean.  It may be the case that when you restart the app it will ask you to "resume" the activity you were recording in which case you can try to Finish it again.

  • yeah - garmin dies, continue the activity by recording on phone, merge later. Genius good idea!

  • Yes, this would be very helpful to us in the ultra-running community as well.  Neither my Garmin nor iPhone has the battery life for long training runs and races. Strava, please make it happen!

  • Please do add this, I always have to download each segments > delete all segments > wait for a day > import merged track, it's really annoying.

  • It is imperative this feature is added

  • to make it even better--   

    I sometimes take a van shuttle.   I ride to the van, then get driven to the trail, then ride, then van back, then ride home.

    To my body it feels a lot like 1 "day of riding".   I'd be happy to combine the stats into a single ride vs. having "3 rides".    Mostly because at the end of the week, I don't feel like I actually did 9 or 12, or 15 rides.  I feel like I did 3-5.    But the 5km to and from the van aren't trivial -  53km in a day feels like a lot more than 43km, to me.

    this would be nice to have.  Not critical.  but nice.

  • ... well, just take a look on this link:

  • I think the people at Strava think batteries out last people...... but it is very annoying after riding for 10+ hours 200km and your battery is going to die, and you have to rush home absolutely drained rather than stop and eat or you will lose your data. I can't for a minute understand why you wouldn't make your App usable to the entire community I thought about a Garmin and getting 17 hours but I will out last that soon as well so give me a reason to go premium as your App doesn't support my ridding.

  • fit file tools looks great, but it doesn't seem to want to sync with strava.   otherwise, could be a sufficient solution

  • Hi Steve - can you contact me via the FIT File Tools contact form and I'll work through the trouble you were experiencing with sync'ing with Strava? Thanks!

  • Would be a needed feature

  • Hi guys: here is an intermediate solution that works for GPX and TCX files.  I expect that Strava will eventually develop their own, but until they do, here we go.  It's made to be pretty easy, and is a work in progress (contact me using the contact form on the page if you witness any bug with the tool or have a feature request).

  • +10 for doing something that Strava don't: splicing the FIT files together!

    and more awesome data processing besides.

    bravo, thanks Kevin.

  • +1 -- having this tool would be really useful. Or you could integrate the fantastic tool that Brian Lucido created (see above -- thanks, Brian!)

  • Really, this feature needed!

  • Why hasn't this happened yet?


    To use the interval feature on my watch I have to stop my recording so 1 session becomes 3 on strava!

  • I'd love a merge feature, especially for riding and running. Like if I bike to a track, run, then bike back.

  • Brian Lucido,  thank you for your tool  at

    it works well for what I want to do.    

    Strava:  consider integrating this!   It would be much quicker to do the same thing within strava.   Thanks!


  • I just tried combing two rides from today by using the tool. I selected both files and downloaded as GPX, but when the upload come back Strava told me that it was a duplicate of the first mention of the second half. What could I be doing wrong? I mistakenly turned off my Garmin after 50ish miles, so had to restart for the next 44, but I want credit for a 94-mile day to complete the Gran Fondo 130 challenge. Help!
    These are the links to my day:


    My email is



  • Hi Beth

    It's simple: just remove the original file from Strava!  Our app tries to preserve as much as possible from the original files - and one aspect of that is the <id> tag.  So, the first file has the same <id> as the combined file.  That's just the nature of it.  Remove your partial file, and upload the one you got from our tool instead.





  • Beth - I should explain further: Strava uses the <id> tag to differentiate between files that have been uploaded previously.  The other option you have (if for some reason you don't want to remove the original file) is to open the file you got from us in a text editor.  Then, search for "<id>" (without quotes).  Then, change the part between <id> and </id>  You can change it to anything as long as it doesn't match the original file you uploaded.  Perhaps we can change our code so it tweaks the <id> slightly...

  • Brian Thanks for the tip re Ride ID Creating a new ID would be nice as often, by the time you've got home to a proper computer to make the changes, friends have already commented on, or given kudos to, your "awesome ride"!
  • Dermot - Glad it helped.  I think that if you know you're going to have to merge tracks, you would want to wait to upload until you're at a proper computer to do so.  Otherwise, you're going to have duplicate activities in your feed.  If you're using Strava to track your annual mileage, this would mess that up.  Your point, however, does draw importance to the original request - that you can merge activities on Strava.  If Strava implemented such a feature, it would be nice if you could also merge the kudos and comments so they don't get lost. 

  • I downloaded the GPX files of two back to back ride (stopped at home to refill bottles, stopped app by accident), after getting the "duplicate ride" error I deleted the two rides, but they still persist on my feed though they lead to a site error when I click on them and still cause a conflict when trying to upload the merged GPX files. I've tried logging in an out to no avail. Frustrating to say the least.

    This is a critical feature for Strava... much more important than "live segments' :|.

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