• I've given up on Garmin to give us the much requested feature/ability.

    Would be nice if Strava would/could give this to us, we could always use thestrava file to back port/upload into Garmin.

    really needed, and can't imagine it being such a large project to implement,

    either provide 2 files and allow user to cut them together or specify 2 strata loaded rides, specify the order, and they get glued together.


  • That will be a helpful feature. For now, I have to workout via Endomondo (that has this feature) - merging/exporting - by native Strava feature of this kind will be helpful. Just imagine how many tracks for longer events are truncated due to loss of battery power, etc.!

  • please add the feature!


  • Yes please

  • Yes please, implement this function...

  • Dear Strava - if you're going to endorse a third-party tool, you should probably suggest instead of (or at the very least, in addition to) gotoes. Combining .FIT files preserves laps, whereas .GPX just blends all your laps into one, which makes gotoes useless for run workouts.

  • Please add this feature.  It would be useful for endurance events which take longer than the battery of a single device will last.

  • Jake, this thread is 3 1/2 years old, Strava gave up caring about their customers a long time ago, don't hold your breath waiting for this to be implemented.


  • Please add the function to merge rides, phones fail for various reasons and Strava on Apple watch very frequently.

  • After a 5-day ride, I would like to combine individual days in order to share the ride with friends. It makes no sense to send them 5 separate links, they want to see the big picture.  This feature is really missing from Strava. If Strava wants to be social platform for athletes, it should make sharing of activities easy.

    Ideally, there should be a function to combine multiple rides into one meta-ride, with individual rides visible inside that meta ride.

    Please implement this already, this feature request is 3 years old!

  • If you haven't voted on this item, please do so.  It's 4th on the list by votes but not far from 3rd. The vote box is to the right of the title at the top. Currently at 626.

  • I ran into this use case an year ago. I used a third party website to merge 3 of my activities, delete those 3 activities in Strava and then add the new activity. Quite a lot to do for a merge.

  • I need this because using the Apple Watch app gives me heart rate without a chest strap, and using my Garmin gives me cadence and better GPS.

  • Just finished the AIDS/Lifecycle ride from SF to LA.  All of the days except one were too long for the Apple Watch Battery with Strava recording, so I have all these segments that I'd like to combine, but they already have likes.  Would love to be able to aggregate these into the day-long rides that they really are, without trashing all the likes and stuff.


  • +1

    This would indeed be a neat feature. Especially for those times where your phone app crashed and that you end up with two or more files at the end of your ride.

  • So weird!

    If I upload activities through Garmin connect I get the heartbeat graph shown in Strava too... (just the basic account btw) But if I connect my Vivosmart HR to the strava app on my mobile... the heartbeat results dissapear behind the premium option?

    So weird! 

    Does anybody know how this is possible?

    Kind regards,

  • This would be a really useful feature. My Apple Watch died half way through a very long ride and had to start the rest on the phone. It's hard to play around and I'm afraid to delete the original entries as suggested on the support pages.

  • How many times do people need to be told that there is a service that will merge partial files?
    It's called Export all your partial exercise files to your computer. Best to do it in .fit format. Go to the website and follow the instructions to upload your partial exercise files into the website and it will combine those files into one workout.
    Don't be cheap. Leave a small tip for the service they performed for you.

  • How many times will mansplainers have to be reminded that a request for a simple, user-friendly feature is different than an assertion that the task is otherwise unachievable?

  • And a plug for FIT File Tools, which also has a FIT file merger among many other tools.

  • Kimo, you're an idiot for even suggesting it.

  • Obviously, they don't know how to fix this problem and Strava has been mum on this topic for years. Somebody has to mansplain it to those who don't look for an answer in this thread before posting the same question for the umpteenth time.

    gotoes or fit file tools, it doesn't matter. Both merge .fit files. They need to still need help finding a service to stitch their files together.

    I wasn't responding the other people were simply asking Strava to add this feature. I'm one of them. In the mean time...

    Josh, get back under your bridge.

  • It should be really easy to implement, yet super useful. Why isn't it done already?

  • Jesús - because sad little trolls like Kimo make pompous pronouncements based on bad assumptions about what people use, and what people do, and what people need, and that gives Strava license to ignore developing what would actually be a tremendously helpful feature.

    Kimo - I don't have .fit files or .gpx files. Over to you, smartass.


  • +1

  • Just brought a fitbit, you can only track food intake in Cal, not kJ, requested nearly 5 years ago with 500 other requests and still not implemented. Maybe Strava and Fitbit are the same company :) They both seem to treat their end users with contempt.



  • Perhaps make it so that activities have to end/start within 1 hour of each other so that people can't cheat and string together ridiculously long rides from weeks apart etc.

  • This can be done manually by exporting the two activities into a gpx file, then merging the text files together and uploading as a new activity. You just need to delete the existing activities before uploading the new one.  

    +1 if Strava could automatically do this it would be great, I often stop my watch by accident and have to merge activities.

  • Definitely add.  Yes Gotoes will work - sort of - but it strips all metadata (kudos, comments, pictures, often heart rate / cadence) and requires a full computer (needs saved GPX etc. files).

  • amen.  I accidentally stopped my workout half 1/3 of the way through.  looks like two posts with some missing stuff in the middle.  Not to hard to get a software program to repair that and get the pace right on the missing portion with the distance and time lapse.  Why was this post started in 2013 and there isn't a feature yet?  


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