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Strava support for Pebble on iOS

Could Strava please consider support for Pebble watches as an external display?



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    I'm so sorry everyone, but we are ending support for Pebble and will not be able to pursue this request. Read more here.

  • I am with Andrew. I'd love to see Strava develop functionality to work with Pebble. Great to have the phone in your pocket and the information on your wrist.

  • I third that. Runkeeper has it. I hate to switch but now that I got a pebble for xmas it becomes more tempting.
  • Strava information availability on a Pebble (via iOs) would be superb. I may not be particularly fast, but yes, as most Strava users are, i'm competitive. If I could simply start / stop / pause my runs or rides via the pebble (along with time and distance), I could easily (and more accurately) record my sections and not waste 30 seconds stopping, swearing at why my iphone as it  wont let me access strava quicker through the armband or find where in my camelback i put it. I've already lost one iphone due to sweat / rain using an armband so the thought of being able to control everything without exposing the phone would be great. Its obviously nearly there on android, so can we have a date for cross platform onto iphone. It also gives me an excuse to buy a new toy!

  • Thanks for your input! iOS support for Pebble is something we are considering, and we'll be sure to post updates here when we have more information. 

  • Thanks Elle. I look forward to your updates.
  • I agree I have garmin etc, but it's nice to have a strava on pebble.

  • Just want to throw in my support for seeing this feature!!

  • Here also some extra support for the pebble feature!! Is there any news regarding your consideration about the pebble, Elle Anderson?
  • Would love this, too! :) And would get all my Pebble-friends over to Strava. 

  • I would very much like to see a pebble app for strava as well.
  • +1 for pebble support on strava
  • I too would really like this, if you are already in beta for android then why not for iOS.

    Surely it's a bigger market than google glass, but probably won't get you as much PR [cynical]


    pretty please.

  • +1

  • +1

  • Being able to start/pause a run via Pebble would be great. I tend to run with my iPhone in an arm band and it is certainly rather fiddle to access the controls that way!

  • Much Want, Such idea, Wow!

  • Until Strava decided to support this I've stopped running the app and started using

    I can then do all my recording with it, it supports export as .gpx I then upload this to Strava. Bit of a faff, but work it for watch support.


    Come on Strava.

  • Yeah, I'd like to be able to use my pebble with both strava and runkeeper. I like strava because it seems like the gps is more accurate, but runkeeper tallies more than just I'd like to keep using both.


  • Any news on this topic, Strava support?

  • I want this so bad! Would make the greatest cycling app even better!

  • No new updates to share! Sorry! Will of course keep this thread posted, and we do appreciate all the support for Pebble integration here. There is the app "VeloViewer" currently available via the Pebble App store. 

  • Please please please!! It would be so good!

  • +1

  • +1
  • I'd love to see strava info on my pebble!!!


  • +1.

    Both Runkeeper an MapMyRide have it at this point. I want to stick with Strava only, but I miss the info on my watch.

  • Would love Strava on Pebble. Just a few hooks to start? MPH, TIME, DISTANCE??? Then maybe avg. speed wind direction with feedback at a time or milage interval
  • Tried to use VeloViewer but it crashes on startup every time. What's with the delay on a Pebble App? Seems like a no-brainer. MPH, Time and Distance would be great features to see on my pebble watch so I could keep the iPhone secured in my pocket.

  • Strava on my Pebble would be magic, but when will it happen ?

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