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Strava support for Pebble on iOS

Could Strava please consider support for Pebble watches as an external display?



  • Seems like its not going to happen for a while.... *sigh*

  • I had the Premium Membership with STRAVA hoping that pebble support would eventually come.

    I cancelled it considering that it looks like no development is happening.

  • +1

  • Switch to Runtastic guys, has great Pebble support. I did. Seems like strava supporting pebble integration is a pipe dream. I not have anything to gain by recommending the competitor.

  • Sorry I'm not able to deliver any new updates on the topic of Pebble and Strava for iOS. Unfortunately, this project seems to have moved to a back-burner for the time being. We still appreciate your feedback, so be sure to vote and leave your comments here for the product managers to see! 

  • Thanks for the updates Elle but it's disappointing to hear this project is not being pursued more aggressively.  I generally prefer Strava's features to Runkeeper's but have been using Runkeeper more lately because of their Pebble integration.  Being able to quickly see the distance and pace data on my wrist during a run (instead of having to carry my phone in hand or dig it out of an arm band or pocket) is such a delight that I'm willing to use Runkeeper over Strava to track my activities.  

  • I think Strava needs to realize that Pebble is the #1 smart watch on the market... Maybe we can all get together and find a guy to program it for us, i'm willing to drop a few $, if we all did it and found the right person to code it.. i guess there would be no need to ask Strava or even have them involved in it! They already provide the API  

  • I too think this is very shortsighted, I'm a premium member and would expect this to be an easy inclusion. As far as I can tell it's just a case of adding some hooks to the app, the watch-face is already included in pebble. If a little one man band can add it to their fledgling apps then why can't strava. I would have to say much as the pebble user base is small its not as small as Google glass and strrava were happy to create an app for that! Being a cynic I assume this was done for the blog coverage it would generate.

  • For a decent coder i should think it would take no more than a day to get it working and another day to iron out any bugs

  • I'm an iOS developer. I'll do it if you guys give me a pebble to test it on. Sound fair? I too would love this! Shoot me a message on LinkedIn,

  • End users taking matters into their own hands. I like it! How disappointing the Strava devs don't seem to think this is a worthwhile endeavor when clearly  there's strong interest from the Strava community. 

    Please keep us all posted on this development. It's amazing to me that Strava wouldn't crank this out. It doesn't have to be technical at all. Looks like everyone here just wants the very basics: ability to view elapsed time, speed, and distance on your Pebble watch. And maybe it'd be good to be able to start and stop recording from the Pebble as well. I love the idea of being able to put my iPhone in a backpack pocket or saddle pouch and leave it there until I'm done riding.

  • +1, if there is one for android, why not for iOS. Wonder What the ratio of IOS and Android users are!

  • I would also like to throw my hat in for this feature. I utilize mapMyFitness for most of my activities, but leaning towards strava recently. I do use my iPhone for capturing my data and like to keep it in my jerzy or bag. If i had visibility to my data on my pebble, it would be great.

  • +1. Pebble start / stop control, display mph, distance, and time. Please Strava +100 do this!


    I would love Strava support on Pebble. I too think it is LAME of Strava to not realize the customer requests here. Share the wealth not just to Garmin support please!  

    For now, Strava will remain deleted off my iPhone because Runkeeper is the only supported tracker via iOS and pebble. For activating my Pebble with RunKeeper on iOS, the app gave me 3 months free of premium service, why can't Strava be more like this ఠ ͟ಠ



  • Hey people! Good news:

    I got this reply after posting a request for Pebble connectivity on the Strava support page:

    Albert Lum, May 08 12:54 pm (PDT):

    Hello Eric,

    We have a couple of pebbles in the office we are working on this. I don't have an exact date but hang in there.

    Strava Support Team


    *** FOUND ON:

  • Great news.

    Hopefully it won't take them too long. I'm a professional iOS programmer who has written a Pebble App myself. All Strava need to do is follow the 'sports-demo' example in the Pebble SDK. There is no need to write a dedicated Pebble App, they just need the Strava App on the phone to send messages (via the Pebble iOS/Android libs provided) to the generic sports app thats embedded into every Pebble watch. Thats all that RunKeeper did... N.B. If they do go with this quick approach the Strava Pebble feature will look identical to the RunKeeper Pebble feature on your watch, which I reckon is fine...

    To make things more interesting I'd suggest that maybe Strava raise a local iOS Notification from within the Strava App when the user enters a Strava segment that would in turn automatically push a notification (via bluetooth) to the Watch - no code required. It need not be more complex than that.

    Later on Strava could write an all-sing-all-dancing Pebble App - but thats a whole new level...

  • Alexsandro - I believe that comment is from May 2013, which is about a year ago. There are no new developments on this front unfortunately. Sorry for the false hope! 

  • I've got a few friends that are developers and I'm considering letting them borrow my Pebble Steel for a while so they can use the Strava API to code a pebble app.  If I setup a Kickstarter to help funding does everyone here think this is a good idea?



  • +1

  • Royal Bomber, unfortunately the Strava API only gives you access to the data stored on the servers after you've completed your ride/run ( The API does not provide a means for allowing the Pebble to get your current pace/time from the website or the iPhone/Android App while your exercising. Basically only Strava can embed the Pebble libraries into their Apps that communicate with the Pebble and if they don't want to add them then there is precious little can be done by anyone else. You would need access to the App code which only Strava have.

    If someone was so inclined they could Jailbreak a phone and extract and hack the App but lives to short. Just use Runkeeper!

    The fact they do not respond to this thread indicates its not on their development road map. Perhaps they are waiting for the iWatch or Google watches...

  • +1 for android

  • Not a premium user, but use Strava via iOS and now I've got my Pebble feel I'm going to have to revert to MapMyRun which can connect to my new device.

  • Hi Strava Customer Support, The SF Marathon and Pebble just announced a partnership for this summer's race. I use IOS and I have a Pebble. Any possibility that Strava will be ready for IOS by July?

  • @Scott, not sure about July, but I'll be sure to pass yours and other's requests along! 

  • Run keeper it is then.  

    Strava Premium user. Just downgraded to the free programme. See Ya.

  • Hmm, Pebble-aware apps thus far:

    1) Strava - yes only for Android, no support for iphone. Shame!

    2) RK - yes

    3) Runtastic - yes but only for PRO version

    4) MapMyRun - no

    5) iSmoothRun - yes, but $5.99 paid app

    6) AeroTracker (Pebble) - iPhone/works with smart phones apps that don't use pebble's build-in sports app.

    7) Other?

  • MapMyX (fitness, ride, run) all support the pebble. I use them today in place of Strava. Had considered a pro account, but chose not to based on lack of support for pebble
  • Thanks for the correction Sean.  I'll try again tonight.  Are you using Android or iPhone?

  • I use iPhone, but according to this ( they support both iPhone and Android. Seems like a a simple feature, but appears to be driving people away from Strava.

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