Custom Unit Preferences (Miles, Kg, Celsius)

I'd like more control over what units are used in the app.  Specifically, I'd like miles, kilograms and degrees Celsius.  Miles is the most important to me so at the moment I'm stuck with other units which mean nothing to me (pounds and Fahrenheit).

Can we just get fields in the settings area for each unit of measurement please?



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  • Same here. I use miles but deg F means absolutely nothing to me and indeed the two share no relationship at all.

    In the UK we use miles for the road but some people like to use km. We have deg C for temperature but some prefer deg F. Nobody uses pounds for weight we use stones, or sometimes kg

    Simply have a choice for each unit. As it's impossible to group them.
  • Yes please! 

    I'd rather not have to choose between miles and degrees Celsius. In the UK, we don't really do KM or degrees Fahrenheit, so either option is a compromise!

  • Couldn't agree more. I'm also in the UK so use miles for distance and speed, however elevation displayed in feet, temperature in deg.F and weight in pounds means that these aspects of my data is absolutely meaningless to me until I check it using the Garmin Connect site which give much greater control over which units are used.

  • Agreed; please can we have the option to display:


    Temperature in "Degrees centigrade"

    Distance in "Miles"

    Elevation in "Metres"

    Weight in "Kilograms"

  • Yes please!!!! I found it hard enough to convert to miles, but I simply CANNOT get my head around the stupid, archaic feet, pounds and Fahrenheit units. Surely this should be quite easy to do.

  • Yes please Strava it is silly how you cannot change to suit at the moment. Temperature in "Degrees centigrade" Distance in "Miles" Elevation in "Metres" Weight in "Kilograms Many Thanks Stu
  • Garmin Connect do it OK & call it Statue UK

    Temperature in "Degrees centigrade"

    Distance in "Miles"

    Elevation in "Metres"

    Weight in "Kilograms



  • In Canada we like a mix of Kilometers and pounds so I guess a full Customizable profil would be great. 

  • +1 from me, miles + kilograms + metres + centigrade would be good :)

  • Yes please too!

    I would like to see temperature in Degrees Centigrade and distance in Miles please

  • I agree 100%. I have no idea what fahrenheit is in degrees. All unit options please!!!!

  • I could tell you how far a mile was, but have no clue about Fahrenheit. Would prefer an option for stones as well just to complicate matters.

  • Individual ability to customise each of the units makes much more sense, it's just a case of converting one to the other. It'd be nice if Strava could do it rather than having to google e.g. "54 Fahrenheit in Celcius" all the time... I personally have no problem with pounds, as I weigh myself in stone but always being around 15 stone makes it a reasonably easy calculation. If I actually ever shift some weight and get away from there then it would be useful to have stones and pounds as my scales measure them

  • There's a definite need for customisation of each parameter. Garmin Connect, in my view, doesn't do it right either because I want distance in miles, elevation in feet, and temperature in Celsius; "Statute UK" is close, except the elevation is in metres.

  • Most definitely. I use Feet, Miles, Kg and Celsius, but there is no option to show these

  • Strava is this on the roadmap?? This is the same frustration i have with the Wahoo Fitness app.

  • @Robert - not yet to my knowledge, but we are definitely aware of the feedback here so this item is on our list for a roadmap candidate. Thanks for your feedback! 

  • Other family members are on apple mac phones and can edit to mile per hour.

    I am on Android phone and can only use kilo meters per hour, would like to use the same format as takes time to convert, any help?

  • Other family members are on apple mac phones and can edit to mile per hour.

    I am on Android phone and can only use kilo meters per hour, would like to use the same format as takes time to convert, any help?


  • 100% agree. I want miles, metres, celsius and kilograms.

  • Come on, make them all selectable, already!

  • I'll second this.  I would like miles for distance, stones and lbs for weight and celsius for temperture.  In particular temperature readings in farenheit are meaningless to me.  The weight I can live with, having miles and celcius is most important.

    This will be an issue for most UK people.

  • I also support this request, it is part of internationalization (and by that I mean potentially more revenue for Strava).  I would want Miles, Miles per hour, Metres, Celsius, Kilograms, with the units for each parameter individually selectable.  But as a further twist, my more competitive colleagues think in kilometres, so could we have some parameters duplicated in two different units?  (By the way, is it meters or metres?  Yet more internationalization.)

  • +1 from me for "Statute UK" or (ideally) customisable units on all measurements.  I might even consider Strava Premium if there was a sign that Strava were interested in responding!

  • Go for it Strava; this one's low hanging fruit - a couple of days effort at the most and a lot of happier customers :-)

  • "I might even consider Strava Premium if there was a sign that Strava were interested in responding!"


    Totally agree. Some sort of acknowledgement of this thread, even if it's a "we can't do it because..." would be nice, the lack of any sort of acknowledgement is infuriating. This thread has had growing support on a regular basis since it started, it would be nice for someone at Strava to acknowledge it's existence and let us know their thoughts on the matter.

  • NO, no, no.  If you're using metric, use metric.  Just because the lame UK government won't convert our roads to modern units doesn't me we have to compromise.  Work in km and convert all miles to km and you'll never look back.  The exact conversion factor is 1.609344

  • David, why would you even comment on here if you're happy with the existing offering? Are you deliberately trying to offend people by suggesting their personal choice/preference is stupid?
  • Definitely more custom settings for units, or a typical settings for locals like UK. Yes it's odd in the UK, but it's the way I was brought up, the systems we use mainly, we're not completely metric. There's no point to me in km when everything is referred to in miles in the UK. Pounds I'm okay with though understand stones & pounds more. kg is nice and metric but I don't relate to kg, I can visualize a weight in pounds or stones, but very little in kg.

    But more important than all of this is most people these days in the UK use C for temperature, not F, but switching to metric means kg and km which we generally don't use.

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