Custom Unit Preferences (Miles, Kg, Celsius)

I'd like more control over what units are used in the app.  Specifically, I'd like miles, kilograms and degrees Celsius.  Miles is the most important to me so at the moment I'm stuck with other units which mean nothing to me (pounds and Fahrenheit).

Can we just get fields in the settings area for each unit of measurement please?



  • Additionally, I think it would be great if we could set default units for each activity. For example, I swim in a pool measured in meters, but when I run I prefer the units to be in miles. So I could set my swim default to meters (or km) and my run default to miles.

    Another thing that would be useful is a toggle switch on each activity that toggles between units. Sometimes it's nice to be able to quickly switch between miles/km when viewing a run, for example. And with the units setting deep in a couple of menus, it's nearly impossible to do this now.

  • Each unit should be separately customisable.  For me:

    * Weight: stones and pounds

    * Distance: miles

    * Elevation: metres


    If Strava wants to operate globally, it needs to be flexible and take local customs into account.  Separate settings for each metric is essential.


    What's the timetable for implementing this feature?  If there's none due to lack of manpower, open source the site so techie volunteers can make the changes and post the enhancements pack to you.

  • Come on Strava can't be difficult to support "Statute UK" like Garmin can it?

  • Thanks for all the feedback and for those who have chimed in with specific suggestions on how to handle unit preferences. This is definitely a hot item on our list, but we haven't yet set aside time to work on this project. Keep the comments coming! 

  • I'd like to add in that when importing rides (from a Garmin in my case) - the date format that's auto-applied to make the Ride title is also (annoyingly) US format.  For the UK, we prefer the (more logical but let's not go there..) DD/MM/YYYY format, not the Month-first, Day second that seems to be Strava's preference.

  • Been said before, but 

    Temperature in "Degrees centigrade"

    Distance in "Miles"

    Elevation in "Metres"

    Weight in "Kilograms"

    It does become tedious when the US think that they're the only country in the world, and that their units are the correct way to display things.

    Besides, when we go to France we cycle in km, but change back to miles in the UK. Mental conversion is a way of life - but this is a computer. It's made for doing things like conversions, so why not make the most of all that processing power and JFDI.


  • Endomondo allows users to select units of measurement. Why doesn't Strava. I've just started to use Strava but may have to revert to Endomondo.

  • I disagree completely. The whole point of the SI is that the units form a coherent system when used together. The only choice that should be offered is between either absolute or Celsius temperature.

  • I completely support this, as it affects everyone in the UK, which is a huge customer base for Strava. It's a very simple change to make, so please make it as soon as possible

  • Yes please, I want miles, pounds and celcius!

  • I personally would like km, pounds, and F.

  • I hope Strava actually read these postings. I'm surprised they haven't already expanded the customisation of the units on their site.

    Even with these additional settings. It would be nice to see the key pieces of information on a recorded activity displayed in both miles and kilometres. The unpreferenced units can be shown in a smaller, greyed out font. I run various distances for different events, some measured in miles, others in kilometres. It would be ideal to see both set of figures for quicker cross referencing of information.

  • I have just uploaded swims using my Garmin Swim and it has uploaded in yards and I can't seem to change it. Because the pool is used in meters it makes it pretty hard for me to use Strava for all my training needs. So the option to change the unit per activity would be amazing!!

    Thanks :)

  • I second on Karl Craggs comment

  • Frustrating that there are no UK units. We use Celsius but not KM. Please fix for the UK users

  • I'll suggest something EVEN BETTER than this. As a European living in America I actually want to see *both* pace per km and pace per mile, for instance. But in order to switch between metric and imperial takes a whole series of clicks to update my preferences, and then navigate back to the page I was on. So I'm suggesting that each metric simply have a one-click toggle attached where you can switch the units instantaneously and without reloading the page. For instance, it says "10 km", you click on the "km" and every distance changes from km to miles -- and the units for elevation and temperature etc don't change.

  • Another vote here for separate user-selectable control over each unit - can't think why it would be any other way?!



  • Agreed with the above. UK Statute as it is on the Garmin. Distance I'm imperial, everything else in metric.
  • please click "me too" if you leave a comment

  • ME TOO!

    This conversation has been going on since the end of last year (2013) Isn't about time that Strava pulled their finger out and did something? Either make an announcement as to when it will be implemented, or tell us they can't be bothered!

    Either way it will help me to make a decision as to whether or not to renew my subscription when it is due.

  • This would be a really handy improvement to the interface.

  • I'm in the UK too. I agree this would be really useful - can just about cope with ft, but hate being stuck with F for temperature, i need it on C, but don't want distances in km

  • It's really an exercise in stating the bleeding obvious, this.  Strava: support user (viewer)-settable units for display of measurements, optionally with "template settings" like the Garmin's "Statute UK" .  Converting between measurement systems is easy for computers to do.  JFDI (look it up if you're not sure what that acronym is!).  Also, while you're at it, remember my preference for how to get data off my Garmin, willya (using the direct plugin, please)!

  • I just wanted to emphasise the point that, where people have mentioned Garmin's "Statute UK" template, that shouldn't be used as something to copy; "Statute UK" gives miles (distance), metres (elevation), Celsius (temperature) - I think there's clearly a large number of people who use miles and feet (like in the US) but want to change to Celsius for temperature instead of Fahrenheit. Separate options for all three items are just so easy to do!

  • yeah - sorry, I agree - the "Garmin Statute UK" should be the *optional* "quick-setting" but users should have the choice of units individually-settable for each parameter.  Come on Strava.  If your devs can't do it, get better devs.

  • Hasn't this been done yet?

  • Yup- me too. I'm in the UK. Deg F means nothing.

  • Agree 100% - very frustrating not to be able to customise this exactly how we want.

  • Come on Strava, this is a great idea. Like many, I work in miles, but weigh myself in Kilograms, but work in feet when  it comes to height, but can also work in meters with height. Its not that harder thing to achieve surly. 

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