Custom Unit Preferences (Miles, Kg, Celsius)

I'd like more control over what units are used in the app.  Specifically, I'd like miles, kilograms and degrees Celsius.  Miles is the most important to me so at the moment I'm stuck with other units which mean nothing to me (pounds and Fahrenheit).

Can we just get fields in the settings area for each unit of measurement please?



  • 179+ comments in support of this new feature is something your customers want. Poor response and not what many want to hear. 


    What part of customer feedback does warrant a proper review?!

  • Seems in this case the customer "is not always right".    Lucky for us we can vote with out pockets.  No PREMIUM membership for me :-)



  • I suspect the software is written in such a poor way that it would be complex and costly to fix.

    That and/or we're talking about supporting something for people outside of the US, and that's of very low priority. Temp in F is all they care about, even though almost all the rest of the world uses C.

    This and the constant lack of acknowledgement/distinction of mountain bikes (despite supporting e-bikes as a category), means no premium here either.

  • Can't believe this has been going on for 3.5 years! Such a simple but annoying problem to fix, and 72 degrees pharoonhit means nothing to me! Also no premium membership for me at the moment.

  • Reading the posts here it is a feature that has been asked for already but having miles for cycling and kilometres for running would be really beneficial for multi sport athletes

  • JFK put a man on the moon in 7 years!!! This forum has been waiting since 2013 for this simple change. Thankfully there has been people outside strava with more ambition and creativity otherwise we would be still living in caves. Strava clearly don't care about us as customers.

  • We've been asking for this for 4+ years now. Why has this not been implemented?

    Strava we really want an answer!

    I would be much happier if you spent time giving those whom without ypu would not exist the tiny details they need to complete their experience rather than "our new feature so you can 'post' crap into a news feed" that nobody reads. Why spend all that development cost and time creating something nobody asked for than giving us the simple measurements we want and that you already have but badly grouped together.

    Your act, sorted out, soon please!

  • Celsius please. It's great - zero is when water freezes!

  • Please update us on the ability to select units as required, I.e I like miles and degrees Celsius. I like what a contributor said earlier, “people have been asking for this feature for a very long time and you do not even answer” why can’t you just say no we don’t want to do this in spite of you paying Strava premium

  • I am really sorry to say Strava, that at the moment I am a premium member and when it expires I will not be renewing it but I don’t suppose you care really.  I totally agree with the comments made earlier that you go ahead and radically change the whole layout of the software just because you want to and without consulting the people that actually use it ,  but when no same people who use the software and pay for it ask for simple changes you totally ignore it . I don’t know who designed your business model but they need a kick up the pants

  • I measure my swimming in meters, my cycling in miles and temperature in Celsius.

    I've been patient - it's 2 years since I last requested this.  I've now cancelled the renewal for my my premium subscription.


  • I've been happily recording cycling and running activities in miles for a while now. Went for a swim today and noticed my 1000m had been recorded in yards, which isn't a unit I'm familiar with so the number was meaningless to me. Logged in to change it and came across this thread. I'm surprised this hasn't been implemented and disappointed to see that Strava have been ignoring requests for this feature for several years. It's made me rethink bothering upgrading to Premium. 

  • It's not a Strava fix, but if you use Chrome, you can use this free bolt on to make it celsius


  • Thanks Simon Jones!


  • Is this still an issue? Miles / KG / C here. We just don't do F in this country and it's totally meaningless to me. 

  • Yes it is still an issue.

    We're having to use third party Chrome plug-ins to change F to C. 

    Strava are just silent on the issue but are happy to try and make this the new facebook.. very poor business model.

  • Elle said 4 years ago this fix was on the “roadmap” I wonder if she would care to come on here and tell us how long the roadmap is?

     Years ago I raise the subject of how difficult it was to get strava to make changes that users wanted and I was told that they only had a small team and finite resources.

     My reply was this is a global product used by millions of people, then they needed to get a bigger team if that was a problem.

    I have zero confidence in strrava to do anything that any users want, they do not listen, they make glib comments on here that they have no intention of living up to.

    Please don’t get me wrong I love the program and use it almost every day and I feel I should pay for it as I use it so much but if I pay I deserve to get some customer support and for that reason I won’t be renewing because I get no support

  • I would like have the temperature in celsius with distance in miles and weight in kg.

    Please can you fix.



  • This is quite a funny feed, and for that reason, I'm out...

  • Strava,


    Please can you update us on this, clearly everyone wants it so you should at least tell us what the plan is?



    Premium customer:


  • Pace in km/h instead of min/km?

  • Strava,

    Can you let us know, please?  Some of us live in countries where miles AND °C are the standard units. °F means nothing to me.

    Whilst I don't think this should be a Premium-only feature, I am surprised, given how much I pay each year for Premium membership, that Strava's response on topics like this is seemingly so elusive.  Where do all the Premium subscription monies go, please?

  • This request has been asked for a multitude of times and not even been properly replied to by Strava. It is a serious annoyance to users.

    Yet you can spend time and resources to give users the option to give tailored Kudos!

    You really should take a long hard look at how you deal with us

    Alan Bennett

  • me too for walking pace in Km/hr NOT mins per Km - whose daft idea was that?  I've given up on Strava really until they respond.  I now use a garmin Vivoactive HR which gives me all the units I want and communicates with Strava so I can check my segments!

  • Can you believe this request goes back nearly 5 years!!!

    And nobody from Strava has even commented. What’s the use of running a support forum if you don’t respond to requests? Yet as I said earlier, spend tons of resources on a stupid unnecessary tailored Kudos “feature”

    Vote with your feet people, cancel your premium subscription, then and only then, Strava might just listen, but don’t hold your breath.

  •  I have voted with my feet - I'm no longer a premium member....

  • Change the reporting on my Strava to Metres and Kms and not Feet and Miles.



  • I would really like to see my sweep rowing and sculling in meters/sec, not mi/hr or km/hr.  I also follow a lot of cyclists and runners and of course I can relate to mi/hr speed or min/mile pace respectively.  It's absurd that I have to change my personal preferences between si & metric.  A drop down list of units seems like an obvious tool to add somewhere for each activity.

  • Seriously. This is just unbelievable. Absolute every single comment want to have the option to set up their excercise in the values they are familiar with. They have been asking for this for years! I joined today, and I didn`t even consider this issue for even excisting. Pls Strava, fix this.The point is not that I don`t read miles and feet. I`m not the kind of athlete that NEED this, but I just don`t see why not. It should be a piece of cake. Fixed numbers in the computer, correct numbers at the screen! I prefer the metric system. Excpecting you change this rather fast. 

  • Still waiting Strava!  Picking units of measurement is pretty basic, and much needed, I keep having to use an online converter to interpret my data.... 

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