Custom Unit Preferences (Miles, Kg, Celsius)

I'd like more control over what units are used in the app.  Specifically, I'd like miles, kilograms and degrees Celsius.  Miles is the most important to me so at the moment I'm stuck with other units which mean nothing to me (pounds and Fahrenheit).

Can we just get fields in the settings area for each unit of measurement please?



  • Strava please do something.  This post has been going on for 5 years.  All we want is selectable units rather than you telling us that if we have miles then we have to have Farenheit!

  • Yes please, fully custom-able...  I'm UK so Iike deg C and miles...  I also like lbs, but I know not everybody in the UK does...

  • Just adding another voice to this request.

    Everyone I know; runs in miles, swims in metres and cycling is spilt evenly km or miles.

    Weight is stones and lbs, or kg (lbs on their are are exclusively used for baking, I don't think Strava tracks baking).

    Temperature is neatly divided by age; over 60 it's F, under 50 it's C, in-between some of us are really hard to please and use F above freezing and C below (I'm not suggesting that as a realistic option).


  • I'm British, over 60 and I use Celsius/Centigrade for temperature and kg for weight. But I like distance in miles and speed in mph.


    At the end of the day, we all just want to choose each unit individually.

  • Please implement this feature!!!

  • Agree. Being British I run in miles and mph and everything else I do is in metric.

  • I want miles, metres, celsius and kilograms. Please !

  • Yes please , adding my voice for all of the above

  • This is just ridiculous. Hundreds of likes, eight pages of support over many years and Strava just keeps ignoring this aspect of basic funtionality...

    Maybe it's time for more concerted action? How about a Facebook campaign to have UK subscribers cancel their subscriptions over the summer in protest?

  • Over 5 years of users asking for what must be a childishly easy modification to make i.e. allow users to simply select they preferred method of measurment. 

    Every time a Strava bod reads one of these for 5 years they have decided doing nothing is the best way to serve their users. Seems counter to the public image they spend so much effort projecting.

    Maybe they care that much about us all after all. 


  • Just do it the tried and tested way Garmin connect so it. Simple. Amazed this isn’t yet a thing for Strava.

  • Can we have a reason from Strava as to why this hasn't been picked up after being requested for over 5 years from a large number of users?

  • Strava, I can only assume the reason this has not been implemented in the last 5 years is due to its difficulty. Let me help out.

    Fahrenheit to Celsius - T('C) = (T('F) - 32) / 1.8)


  • Only 5 years? Seems so much longer.

  • Maybe somebody needs to hack Strava and do it for them..? Looks like the only option! Either that or figure out a way to make a big fuss about it on social media.

  • It's really annoying that Strava gives me temperature and weight in Fahrenheit and lbs because I use miles for distance.

    It defeats the point of having data if you don't know what it means.

    Come on Strava!

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