Integration with Withings Devices

I have just bought a whiteing scales/body fat % device. I think it would be a great device to complement Stava. Weight % body fat and other info could be used to display and update as body weight changes Also this device is sold in apple stores so integrates well with iOS devices



  • I am always a bit surprised why connectivity appears to be such a difficult topic for websites...  The Withings devices (scale and blood pressure measurement among a few) are a solid added value for many sporters.

  • Withings has a widely used API that countless other sites and services have connected with.  As a longtime user who is losing significant weight through cycling and just ordered his first power meter, this is my number 1 feature request.  Please incorporate weight as a data stream so we can see meaningful power/weight charts over time!

  • Yes please

  • My Tanita BC-1000 just died and I'm going with a Withings.  Disappointed to see Strava doesn't work with it yet SO many others do - Training Peaks, Nike + (gah!), Endomondo, RunKeeper, etc.  Come on guys…this is a no brainer.  Good stepping stone for the FitBit folks to up their game.  Make some of the tracking features premium only perhaps?  Or just incorporate the API and track the info.  Please!

  • Thanks for the feedback all! We'll definitely take the time to consider this, but it's not something we're currently working on. 

  • I've used Syncmetric and this takes the Withings body analyser and can enter it into Garmin Connect I believed that it did it for Strava too but it doesn't seem to work.

  • Please add this! It works beautifully with my Jawbone up24, with my strava data and maps showing in the up apps and mileage/calorie count. But I want to move to a withings pulse 02 and don't want to give up on strava!
  • or you could have runkeeper integrate with strava but that seems pointless..

  • Yes please!
    Withings integration into strava! I thought this would have been done by now!
  • Yes! Please add Withings integration to Strava! That would then really take the edge over Runkeeper. Cheers

  • +1

  • +1

  • Agree - this would be the complete package then

  • +1 add my vote for this

  • Just need body weight synced from their scale.. Their other devices don't add much value to Strava.

  • Watts/kg is the best measure of where a cyclist stands relative to other cyclists from amateur to pro
  • +1

  • +1

  • +1 please

  • +1

  • +1
  • +1
  • Please get this sorted. 

  • +1
  • It looks like this has been accomplished (and then some!) for iOS with the HealthKit integration in Version 4.2.1 of your app.  This lets users choose to allow Strava to read data on Biological Sex, Date of Birth, and Weight.

    BUT, please clarify how the weight data will be actually be used after Strava reads it.  For instance, will the Watts/KG view in our power curves be calculated based on actual weight at the time of each maximal power interval?  Will users show up in different weight classes in segment leaderboards if their weights change significantly over the years?

  • Please please add integration with Strava. It is surely a no brainer - Strava has a massive user base so it will likely lead to a large increase in Body Analyser sales.

  • It seems that this would be a very easy feature for Strava to add and it would mean that the watts/KG data would be much more accurate. I never remember to update my weight on Strava so most of the time this feature is not accurate and all my historical data is most likely inaccurate as well. If my weight was automatically updated from Withings then it would be accurate all the time.

  • make it happen guys!

  • Considering change to Endomondo due to the lack of this feat here on Strava, so definitely +1 from me.

  • +1

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