Option to undo Elevation Correction and revert to Barometric Altimeter

I'd like to be able to reverse the elevation calculation.  I was curious if my barometer was shorting me on my Garmin 500, so I had Strava recalculate my elevation.  It ended up being about 100 feet shorter in elevation, so I wanted to go back to using my barometer.

Currently the only way to do this is submit a ticket and have a customer service rep do this.  This erases the ride name, resets the bike chosen, erases all Kudo's and comments.  Kind of a hassle too.



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    Hi Everyone!

    Good news! You can now revert back to your original elevation by clicking Elevation (?) again. 

    If you'd like to learn more about Elevation click here

    If you'd like to see some of the frequently asked questions about Elevation click here

  • I can see where you're coming from Jeff! A simple "revert to barometric altimeter data" option would work great. 

    In the meantime, another option is to delete and reupload the activity yourself - and you wouldn't have to write into us. You would still erase comments and kudos however. 

  • Unfortunately you don't always suspect your elevation until hours later - after other folks have uploaded their data.  Then to delete and reupload will most likely cost you kudos' and comments.

  • The work around suguested is not ideal, because deleting the ride and adding it again removes all kudos & comments! no warning that there is no roll back option!
  • I have the same problem and am not happy with the idea of deleting and loosing all my kudos & comment. May be it is an option that should be remove is in my case it does not work.

  • I too would love this option. It seems the corrected data is rarely more accurate with mountain bike trails. It seems to work well with paved road rides. I just "corrected" a mtn bike ride that showed 1400 feet of elevation, and it should have be closer to 1800 feet, the "corrected" amount Strava changed it to is 1000 feet! So it took it the wrong way, and I can't roll it back without losing the kudos on the ride. Bummer

  • Feedback noted! Thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding the workaround to revert to barometric altimeter data. We will look into a better option :)

  • I was going to submit the same request :-)

    I use the Strava Android App, and I noticed that immediately after the ride the Elevation is "almost" correct, but then the Strava Elevation auto-correction kicks in and it double the Elevation!!

    For example, a ride I know ha an elevation of around 1200 mt., first the Strava show 1455 mt., but later it skyrocket to an absurd 2843 mt.(I've uploaded a screenshot before and after Elevation auto-correction) ...

    If i try to export the gpx from Strava and import into Sport Tracks with Elevation Correction plugin it became a more precise 1115 mt. ... so something is totally wrong with auto Elevation Correction, and having a setting to disable it would be great ...


  • I too would like this option, but more so to stop auto correction of the non altimeter garmins etc (edge 200 in my case). Just used it for the first time (previously been using android app on phone). On the device it says 765m elevation, and because strava 'auto (in)corrects'  it comes out as 555m! Quite a difference!

    Now I know, and a fair point, that it doesnt have an altimeter so not so accurate, but I was out with several people with garmin 800/810's and they all recorded elevation ranges around 750m so pretty close to what my edge recorded and a long way off the strava corrected 555m. Just to add more confusion, Ridewithgps converts it to about 650m so somewhere in the middle!


  • Thanks Andrea and Harvey - I supposed Strava could design a tool to stop the auto-correction of non-barometric altimeter data, but overall we've seen low accuracy with mobile devices and non-barometric GPS devices for elevation. However, on the flip side, there are some areas of the world where our elevation database is not very accurate either, causing issues with our corrected elevation. 

    I know what you mean that sometime the "triangulation" method of elevation estimation from non-barometric elevation devices appears to be fairly accurate. So I'm sure displaying this data could be an option for Strava. For whenever we host an elevation Challenge, we may want to require elevation correction for these devices though. 

    Thanks for the feedback! Will pass along. 

  • Hello Elle,
    thanks for the answer! :-)

    I've usually ride in the Northern Italy Alps, and I've noticed that the database used by the Elevation Correction plugin (in SportTracks) is really precise, maybe you should take a look at it.

    Infact, when I export my gpx from Strava (recorded with the Strava Android App on a smartphone) and import it into SportTracks, after I use the Elevation Correction function, the result of the elevtion is pretty good!

    Here is the URL of the plugin, maybe it can help to improve Strava Altitude correction for non barometric data:

    Thanks again.

  • Thanks Andrea - Strava also uses the SRTM elevation database, so it is interesting that you feel the data in SportTracks is better than Strava. Perhaps SportTracks smooths their data differently? This is certainly something we could look into. 

  • Need that option as well, as it doubled out the recorded data. I don't know, may it be tunnels? However even the original data from a rflkt+ are reported double than in the wahoo app. Wahoo app barometer based: 400mt Exported to strava they become 800 Recalculated: I rode 1600. If it was that easy to double that climbing data....
  • I would also like to have the revert option. I have a rather great device in this manner (Suunto Ambit 2) but I tried to prove one of my moves with elevation correction, however, it seems it almost doubled the elevation (and it is obviously wrong). I also tried to reupload it, but it became "corrected", too. So, I have no idea what else I could do.

  • I would also like this options, as the strava elevation correction usually just adds a lot of elevation. I use the android app  and at first the data and graphs look very precise, then the elevation correction kicks and adds like 30% more elavation at least! (on short routes) and the graphs look like some crazy rolley coaster ride. There should be an option to revert to first elevation results. Right now the elevation correction works very bad in my area, even if it's constant uphill on asphalt it shows ups and downs, where data and graphs from those who use garmin devices are super smooth.

  • Same issue happened to me as described on previous posts.  My initial upload displayed an elevation for 1905ft and after I clicked "Elevation Correction" it is now displaying 2902ft.  By looking at the elevation map on the Analysis tab, there is no way I was climbing some hills that were 20% incline.  I will delete this and re-upload it again.  Hopefully there will be a "revert" button soon!

  • Me to for the roll back option, it would be nice to either request a 'preview' of the corrected elevation values before applying or roll back if they seem even more inaccurate.

  • Had a similar problem to some of the others listed. Took a ride which was fairly flat apart from one big climb using a Garmin 200 which doesn't have a barometer. Uploaded it to Garmin Connect and it said my overall elevation gain was about 250ft, but Strava auto-corrected it to 600ft! Looking closely at the ride profile on Strava, it shows some of the flat stretches as incredibly bumpy - in the space of just 0.1 miles it goes from 60ft above sea level to 30ft, then to 80ft, back to 40ft, and finally to 60ft again. All of which makes the power readings off the chart because it thinks I've been doing lots of very small 20% climbs! Even if the elevation data on my Garmin isn't particularly accurate, it is clearly more accurate than the data in the Strava database, so it would be nice to be able to keep my original set.

  • This feature is really needed. I wonder if some programmer got lazy and coded it to replace the uploaded data, rather than storing both uploaded altitude and adjusted altitude. I made the adjustment today just to see what the difference was, and was surprised to find no way to revert, even though the Strava data is obviously inaccurate. Garmin Connect allows altitude adjustments to be turned on and off - surely Strava can do likewise?

  • I wondering why it taking so long to fix it ... The Strava Elevation Correction is the worst things on this great site. I don't understand why they don't make it simply optional. Today ride was 1089 mt., but after Strava recalculate it, it became an absurd 3531 mt. There really is no need for this. Make it optional, or take it off at all till the Elevation Correction really works (if ever ...). Thanks.

  • The elevation correction is becoming a running joke on strava, especially on climbing challenges. That makes climbing challanges kinda meaningless as you know the data is fake. Same thing happened on todays ride, the data from the phone itself was super accurate for a phone, right on the road and no excessive bumps. I was really glad to see such accurate results but then, strava elevation correction kicked in and now it looks just horrible and provides unusable data for elevation. I mean, you must know how faulty this algorithm is, it's not so hard to make it optional ! Included the picture of before and after, as you can see it added 600m+ of elevation on what was already like 200m+ of addition elevation due to gps coverage. So now it's almost 2x the real elevation gain! By this "calculation" I only need to ride around (probably much less then) 3500m of elevation to complete the"Rapha Rising: Three Ranges" challenge of riding 8,800 meters. Please fix it as it's super annoying for android and iphone users!

  • Thanks Tine, This may be best suited for a new discussion topic specifically for devices without a barometric altimeter. Indeed, the problems you've witnessed with our elevation correction service in some areas of the world (done automatically for devices without a barometric altimeter) can be very problematic for elevation Challenges on Strava. We are very much aware of this situation. 

    I think in general, mobile device do not collect as nice data as your image attachment shows. However, It does seem like we could be proving our Strava users with many more options to control their elevation data - what you see on your graphs, what is most accurate, and a choice between which dataset to use. 

    The feedback in the forum is very useful in this regard - please keep the discussion going with your thoughts and ideas about how to improve this. 

  • I have been trying to get around this automatic altitude correction when I upload a .gpx (because like Andrea this "correction" ends up setting the climbing amount way off).

    I wonder if it would be easy to edit the gpx file a bit to add a sort of "signature" to it which would make strava believe it comes from a device with a barometer and would then disable this automatic correction.

    Without a quick fix like this one strava is basically useless in the whole region I live in, so it'd be nice to have a working solution.

  • @Jeje - this may be possible but only with the TCX file format. 

  • I would really like a feature to toggle between elevation correction enabled and disabled.  My particular case is that I use a Garmin Edge 510 which has a barometric altimeter.  This device allows me to automatically upload my activity data to the Garmin Connect website via bluetooth connection between the Edge and my smartphone and the internet connection of the smartphone.  I then like to transfer this data to Strava without having to manually hook my Edge up to the computer via USB.  There are various ways to do this, but many of them end up with Strava applying an elevation correction and there isn't a way to revert back to the actual data which was recorded with a barometric altimeter.  I can do manual export of the ride from Garmin Connect and upload to Strava of that file, but Strava will call it a "mobile" device and apply elevation correction.  I have discovered the service from that seems to work really well, but activities transferred in that manner don't seem to have a device tag at all and Strava applies the elevation correction. seems to maintain the Edge 510 device tag and therefore no elevation correction is applied, but that service takes an unknown amount of time to transfer the activity which is something I want to move away from.  Please either allow for elevation corrections to be toggled on and off, or allow for manually selecting the recording device so it could undo the default application of an elevation correction and revert back to the actual data in the activity file (I'm not sure if that second suggestion would really work, just an idea!).  

    For example, the following activities are all recorded with my Garmin Edge 510 with barometric altimeter and this is how Strava treats the data depending on how the file was handled.

    File was exported from Garmin Connect as a GPX, then uploaded manually to Strava. ->

    File was "synced" between Garmin Connect and Strava using Tapiriik. ->

    File was "synced" between Garmin Connect and Strava using Copymysports. ->

  • Pretty hard ride yesterday.

    My Garmin 810 recorded: 3.205 m elevation gain (the race organization said: 3.204 m), so I think it was pretty accurate :)))

    After uploaidng it to Strava I had 5.272 m. I was really upset... it's a joke.

    Please let the option to reverse this correction.... well, I don't know why we all calll this correction.

    As many user, I think this is by far the worst thing about Strava.

  • Along with the option of which dataset to use, it would be great to show which dataset has been used on the ride page. A small green, amber & red light alongside the elevation figure perhaps? (Barometric, GPS, strava)

    This would hopefully assist to deconstruct the growing ameorta that seems to exist in the climbing challenges where nobody appears to be saying that their elevation has been corrected using stravas algorithms despite using barometric altimeters. Most of us here know these are the wrong figures (embarrassing wrong actually) & it makes these challenges more & more inaccurate.

    I actually heard the term 'elevation doping' in regards to this the other day...

  • @1WD - there is some sort of indication currently. I'll attach a screenshot: Elevation_data_comparison.jpg

  • Thanks for your response Elle, your input is appreciated.

    your screen shot definitely shows where it is clear for ones own rides, but what I meant was an indicator for other users rides. I do hope more options & accuracy become available in regards to these elevation discrepancies. thanks!
  • Same same - my Garmin 500 recorded a realistic ~1600m elevation gain (verified against about 4999 others riding the same Gran Fondo route). I clicked the elevation correction and now I've gained 3300m.

    So, it comes down to whether I want to keep accurate records (ie delete the activity and upload it again), or whether I value the comments and kudos.

    I'm more of an accurate data kind of guy... deletion time...

    It's a bit rubbish and needs to be fixed. Months ago.

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