Option to undo Elevation Correction and revert to Barometric Altimeter

I'd like to be able to reverse the elevation calculation.  I was curious if my barometer was shorting me on my Garmin 500, so I had Strava recalculate my elevation.  It ended up being about 100 feet shorter in elevation, so I wanted to go back to using my barometer.

Currently the only way to do this is submit a ticket and have a customer service rep do this.  This erases the ride name, resets the bike chosen, erases all Kudo's and comments.  Kind of a hassle too.



  • On June 30, 2014, 4:05 PM Ellie Wrote:


    The problems you've witnessed with our elevation correction service in some areas of the world (done automatically for devices without a barometric altimeter) can be very problematic for elevation Challenges on Strava. We are very much aware of this situation. 

    So almost 18 months later and nothing has been implemented to address this issue.
    What I have also noticed recently is Strava is giving different elevation on the SAME loops, I do a local 30 mile loop, it's my default ride, yet every time I do that ride my elevation is different, anywhere from 450 - 650, it's the same loop, same roads, same hills and I assume the same correction algorithm being used by Strava.
    The only other logical solution is the UK has suddenly developed a San Andreas Fault in the North Sea which is causing tectonic shifting (sarcasm!)
  • I have shiny new Fenix 3 and wanted to know which method is more accurate.It seems elevation correction on Strava shows more.

    I haven't tried this, but I believe it could be done.

    1. when you connect your watch to your PC make a copy of the current activity (if it's via USB, otherwise not sure it works)

    2. let Garmin Express upload your activity

    3. check/correct the elevation data

    4. if you don't like the result, delete the activity

    5. manually upload your original gpx file

    6. you got your original back :-)

    Hope this helps.

  • Sigh ! This is typical of all software companies. Addressing issues is never a straightforward Yes or No. Am utterly disappointed with STRAVA



  • What I don't understand is why did Strava create the elevation correction feature, which essentially skews data even if it was recorded with a barometric device. It makes zero sense. Even people with 500's and 510's are getting grossly exaggereted elevation gains if they allow Strava to tweak their accurate numbers. Its not enough that there are people with iPhone apps and non barometric devices logging data, Strava has to add to the problem. And why does it not get addressed immediately? This is a data storage site first and foremost, if you want kudos and comments log your ride to Facebook. None of the Strava elevation challenges mean anything, its a joke, when people upload ridiclous rides, with 15 and 20K vertical that should be 8 to 10.  


  • How hard can it really be to add this function?!

  • It's over 2 years since this was submitted. Why is it still not fixed? How hard can it be? There are 2 simple options:

    1. When elevation is corrected, save the original value and give the user the chance to pick their preferred outcome.

    2. Allow the user to re-upload the file. Currently Strava recognises when a file is the same as an existing one and won't upload it. Instead, it could ask "This workout already exists, would you like to overwrite elevation data only in the existing workout?" This would keep everything else (Kudos, comments etc.) linked to the workout. 

  • It´s a mistery!


  • just tried something that seems to work...In garmin connect export ride as export original.  unzip the zip file..inside is .fit file .. i uploaded this into garmin and elevation was exactly the same..bit of mess on but only takes couple mins..  did i just get lucky..??!!  btw i'm using an edge 510 

  • Yes. Please add this or even the option to show original. 

    I think they. Don't implement this due to challenges. 

  • Ride with GPS allows this option to turn Elevation Correction back off if you don't agree with it. They've offered that for years, before I committed to Strava. Come on Strava - it's not that hard to do and it's been 2 years since these posts and replies. 

  • +1 i dont know why this has not be added yet. some times stravas correction are spot on compared to garmins connects corrections, and some times they are way off for no reason. so a simple revert button would be great

  • I just did a "Correct Elevation" on a ride with a 920xt, just to find out that the Strava elevation is HORRIBLE on that particular set of roads. It is full of elevation spikes which are not real.

    PLEASE add the capability to revert the Elevation correction......

  • I ride a local park all the time (Red Rock Canyon in Colorado Springs), and something is seriously wrong with the data that Strava uses to calculate elevation gain.  There are at least a couple major glitches where Strava's elevation data jumps up a hundred feet or so where in reality there is no climb at all.  The good news is I get about 300' of bonus "climbing" every time I revert to Strava's calculation.  Is there any way to report bad data for rides like this that are otherwise well documented?

  • Come on Strava: What's happening here? Nothing for two years?

    Seems the "correction" algorithm changed recently, too. It used to be that we would hit that if we wanted to cheat and get a bit of extra elevation. Now it's inconsistent: Seems to be affected by the recording frequency, because I can go on the same ride with friends, and our barometric altimeters will be off one anther by 1000ft or so. Mine is always the lowest. Then if we hit correction, the "corrected" elevation will be even more off between us (and it tends to reduce my elevation gained by 500 ft or more). I record my rides at 5sec, and most people record at 1s or 'smart'.

  • it's been nearly 3 years since the original idea was posted, and as you can see, the lack of it hurts a lot of people. would it be soooo hard, to implement the undo option?

  • All I can say is I am glad I am not paying for this, who would pay for something that can't show your device elevation profile correctly, can't calculate elevation gain, can't show heart rate correctly, scales graphs wrong. If I can graph the gpx file in a spreadsheet surely they can sort their site out.

  • nothing happened lol

  • May be they are no longer maintaining the site. Strava calculates moving time way out. One ride I have has 9 gates and stopped time affects my pace. Another more scenic ride with a group with lots of stops has strava calculating moving time 4:36 instead of 3:24.

  • This issue was reported 2 years and 9 months ago. Nothing has been done. Do you have any engineers at Strava? Have you lost all your source code?

  • Replying to follow this thread if there is ever an update. I too would love to be able to toggle elevation correction in some cases to see if the Strava correction is "better" and revert if not.

    In my case, all of the devices I use have barometric altimeters and are generally good. Sometimes a storm messes with pressure and I get clearly bad elevation data. In those cases I'd like to see if Strava is better (e.g. locations I've hit multiple times like start and end are generally about the same elevation) but trail runs in the mountains don't always seem improved.

    Deleting and re-uploading, as noted, is not a good solution. Seems like the toggle should at least be enabled for sources with barometric elevation data. Garmin Connect and Sport Tracks (and probably just about everywhere) allow toggling the elevation data, and it seems the customer service folks have access to that feature, so is there some reason Strava feels users should not have access to it?

  • There are absolutely circumstances where Strava's elevation "correction" is dramatically incorrect due to anomalies in the elevation data that Strava uses (such as Red Rocks Canyon in Colorado Springs - where Strava's "correction" OVER-estimates elevation gain by several hundred feet) and/or overly broad elevation profiles that don't take into account elevation gains under "x" feet/meters that it SHOULD take into account, causing dramatic UNDER-estimation of elevation gain, such as Moab's Slick Rock trail.

    For both those reasons, I'm strongly in the camp that supports the "undo elevation correction" feature.

  • I'm tired of reducing my elevation gain by Strava coders...

  • At least, a simple warning could be on screen telling the user that this option can not be undone. So simple!

  • Honestly mine has been going the other way, I consistently lose elevation gain and it's getting very old. Did well over 4000' of climbing yesterday, verified on two discreet devices and was dropped to 2600' due to "correction". Challenges are becoming unattainable as I have to climb 60% more than I should to achieve the same goal, almost makes me not want to bother. Only thing more unacceptable is the fact that years later there is not even an acknowledgement to the issue. Strava...fix your issues.


  • The corrected elevations in Gran Canaria are insane. A ride of 11k feet of climbing has been assessed at 22k feet - there is no way I got anywhere near those stats in 80 miles otherwise my knees would be toast from the gradient! A simple 'undo' button can't be that hard, can it @strava?

  • Lame that Strava in 4 years!!! hasn't solved that problem. 2018 and still the very same issues. What do you mean with "I'll take a look into it?" Ok, I'm informed about the issue, let's go ahead and skip the problem?

  • I totally agree!  Maybe Strava believes that the GPS data it uses to calculate the "corrected" elevation is always correct, which is so far from the truth!  It doesn't seem like an "undo" feature would be a huge code undertaking, so I can't imagine why they continue to ignore this request.

  • I just noticed you can revert to the original elevation data using the correct button :

    'We recalculated elevation with corrected data. You can revert to the original elevation.'

  • IT IS FIXED!!!

    We can now revert the Elevation Correction back to the device calculated value!

    Finally Strava, it only took you.... 4 years..

  • Great news about elevation un-correction!  Thanks so much, guys!  I also appreciate the "correct distance" feature (and new ability to undo that as well)!  Garmin Edge devices tend to miscalculate distance, particularly when you're going slowly.

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