Option to undo Elevation Correction and revert to Barometric Altimeter

I'd like to be able to reverse the elevation calculation.  I was curious if my barometer was shorting me on my Garmin 500, so I had Strava recalculate my elevation.  It ended up being about 100 feet shorter in elevation, so I wanted to go back to using my barometer.

Currently the only way to do this is submit a ticket and have a customer service rep do this.  This erases the ride name, resets the bike chosen, erases all Kudo's and comments.  Kind of a hassle too.



  • Four and a half years. Unbelievable.

  • "Good news! You can now revert back to your original elevation by clicking Elevation (?) again."

    The elevation is in grey text and does not have a question mark, when I click nothing happens.

    Am I missing something

  • I have an "Elevation (?)" button and when I click on "correct elevation" that I find inside then I receive an error "Ooops! It seems there is a problem".



  • Can I enable Elevation Correction by default, for all of my activities?

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