Manually add Distance for an Indoor/Stationary Activity

When uploading indoor activities like indoor cycling or treadmill, no distance appears. Only HR. Would be useful to activate a field in wich we can type in the distance



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    Thanks everyone for your feedback. We recognize that this is a long-standing request in our community forums, but we have no plans to incorporate manual data fields for activities on Strava. You're welcome to record your indoor distance in a manual activity - unfortunately that's the closest solution we have currently. 

    We'll keep you posted if anything changes! 

  • Agreed! This is the one feature that Garmin Connect has that I would really like to see in Strava.

  • strava needs this to be relevant with runners

  • I track my treadmill runs on Strava by entering it manually, I would very much like to have the HR graph from my wahoo fitness thingy included.


  • Agree with all : now it is either HR data and zero distance (TCX file import in my case), or manual entry (then no HR data can be added...)

  • I was about to suggest this! 

    Perfect suggestion, HR data with manual distance. 

  • No reaction from Strava ? Seems like a major technical challenge to be able to add the distance manually :)

  • This flaw in Strava annoys me to no end.  I live in a climate where I have to ride a trainer and a stationary exercise bike several months of the year.  I just want to be able to easily log sensor data (e.g., HR), upload it to Strava, and manually enter my Distance so I can accurately track my training and miles.  Map My Ride, Endomondo, and other sites allow this.  Unfortunately all my friends are on Strava.  So I'm stuck.  

  • Thanks for the feedback! 

    For those of you interested in manually adding HR and/or Cadence data to an existing indoor recording, you can vote here:

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  • +1

  • Please add an option to enter your approximate distance for a trainer ride or treadmill run. 

  • Kindly add this option.. we really need it !

  • I'm a current Training Peaks user and I would be willing to switch to Strava if I could add miles to my indoor treadmill (does anyone use a treadmill outside?) sessions. Training Peaks has this functionality as does Garmin Connect. 


    Thanks, Dan

  • I'm new to Strava and came here looking to find out how to do this, really surprised we can't!

  • Still no love from Strava?
  • This does not sound like a complicated request...  Allow manual input of distance when the event was produced using a device for heartrate!!!

  • Mike, it seems to be very complicated.. Rather introduce useless stuff like heatmaps than a simple field for entering distance. I am seriousli thinking of unsubscribing
  • Add my name to the list - bring on the manual distance add for those that spend time on indoor trainers ...... please.

  • Another annoyance: for some reason automatic import from Movescount (Suunto) doesn't work at all for treadmill runs. On movescount I get, HR, cadence and approximate speed and distance based on the acceleration sensors in the watch. If support for this is not added to Strava (soon) I'll cancel my pro subscription... :(

    Also; my watch do track my phase and distance when I'm without GPS coverage on ordinary runs (typically at the beginning of my runs), Strava don't accept this and silently leaves the recorded distance out of my logs. Annoying, and another reason to drop Strava. 

  • OK people, not a great answer, but...  I just discovered that if you hit the 'Upload' button you can add a manual activity and put in your mileage and time.  Obviously if you wear your watch on the treadmill and have a heart rate tracing that will sync as a separate event and will artificially double the amount of time exercising that day, but at least your mileage is correct.

  • How many of these voting things are they going to produce before they actually do something about it? How difficult is it to add a manual option to edit the distance when doing an indoor activity with a sensor like a HR monitor? All the other major players allow this (Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, MapMyRun/Ride). It seems to me that Strava needs to hire some better/more programmers.

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    I just downloaded and used Wahoo's Fitness app for this very reason.   Then I was excited to see I could upload my treadmill run to Strava!  Sure enough, the HR data from my Wahoo Tcker HR strap shows up, but the time is all screwed up - strave brought in the distance (which is crap) and somehow estimated a "time" from that.  Couldn't it just use the time recorded in the Wahoo Fitness app?  WTF mates?  I relaly like Strava for biking long rides outside.  But for training for a marathon, or really just training for anything, which is gonna involve indoor training, I'm really starting to get annoyed.  Especially since I spent the money on a premium membership.

  • Please add this, seems like an easy feature to add surely?

  • OMG, this issue and the other thread ( where I saw it first are almost on their second birthday. In the lightning fast age of fitness apps and websites, two years is like an eternity. Get this fixed! 

    Simple request. Use Strava app to record indoor workout with whatever sensors are available (HR strap, in my case). Mark it as "indoor", followed by prompt to enter distance, time, duration or whatever else seems relevant. If the issue is that indoor miles shouldn't count towards challenges or whatever (really? who cares? in Chicago in the winter, indoor miles is all I've got and I'm durn proud to get them in at 5am...) then just don't count workouts marked "indoor" towards whatever challenges need to exclude them.

    Endomondo does this. Ride w/ GPS does this. Map My Run does this. Strava, the king of kudos and challenges, doesn't do this? WTF?

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  • Please!
  • Is it that complicated to enable entering distance? Come on!

  • Maybe they're all just too busy on a beach somewhere.

    My apps and sensers can record my distance, cadance, heart rate, speed and all kinds of splits etc etc but strava need the GPS map to PROVE it for a challenge!!. It's a shame that these elitists think trainers shouldn't count, we still bang in the K's, some of us every day, some of us more than many so called REAL cyclists. Not all of us have lives that allow us to just pop out for the 50km ride I do every day.


  • Also for swimming!

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