Heart Rate Zone Analysis by Week/Month

When doing heart rate training, and targeting specific zones for  several weeks to a month, a user should be able to get the sideways bar chart for more than just a single run.  We should be able to see this heart rate zone breakdown for a week, month, or a user defined period.


For instance, if I want to do 2-3 months with 80% of my run time in zone 1/2, and a mere 20% in zone 3, as would happen in a solid base/endurance building phase, I should be able to check and see that I am meeting this goal.


Currently there is now way to do this.






  • That would be a great feature

  • Yes! 

  • Would be a great feature that is available in other tools. Also the same for running pace for run (already in premium), week, month, user selectable dates.

  • i concur Thomas, I can't believe a person has to add this by hand.  OMG how old school is that?  also why can't we set heart rate zone goals? It isn't just about the miles.

  • This feature is the only reason I still have a MapMyRun account and haven't dived 100% into Strava. It's a must-have.

  • I totally agree with this suggestion.  Anyone who is fairly serious (and we know Strava users are serious cyclists) and is following a multi week program will need to know how much time they spent in each zone ... PLEASE make this available.


    Totally loving your app...thanks


  • This is a critical feature that would save me loads of time manually inputting the individual activity data into a s/s. 

  • This would be a great addition, and would save a lot of time exporting data and doing the calculation either by myself or in other software (eg TrainingPeaks).

  • Must have.

  • I currently put this all into a spreadsheet...... a real pain.   a simple screen showing each different week (mon-sun) as a separate row with % time spent in each zone would be awesome.

  • This should be a feature, at least for premium users! Make it happen Strava!

  • I would love this! Please strava!

  • Would be even better if we could specify the time interval, like "1 Jan - 31 March" or " 1 May - 31 October", just add a little calendar that we can click on the desired dates.

  • +1
  • Yes, please. Would love to see if I'm meeting my 80/20 goals for the week/month/year.

  • I've been having to make these week/month calculations in my own spreadsheet.  

    Plus, the fact that heart rate data is not displayed for at least a few activities (example: ice skating). I have to use selfloops.com to crunch the heart rate data for these activities.

  • +1


  • This would be great! Having read 80/20 Running and aiming to do more low intensity workouts it would be great to be able to see this in Strava.

  • This is an essential feature that's missing

  • This is exactly what I need. Is there any way how to do it?

  • Still waiting for this. Come on strava where are the upgrades for premium memberships?

  • Still waiting for this. Come on strava where are the upgrades for premium memberships? :)


  • Waiting... hoping....  sure would be great to view a period of time versus just one activity.

  • I would really like to have a chart of the hours I have run on a weekly basis with a second line for every hour above a threshold of heart rate and/or pace threshold to ensure I'm meeting my 80/20 goals. I think this is important for Strava (and Garmin) because the Suffer/Intensity/Fit Scores encourage over training according to many/most endurance training models. 

  • Yes, super keen for this.

  • I have been holding out for this for quite some time as well. It seems to make a lot of sense that Strava would give you access to this data. Most modern-day training programs for distance athletes are based on time and the percentage of training in different HR zones. This would be a feature that I would happily pay for!

  • For optimal HIIT, there's a limit on the total number of minutes in a certain heart range over the last 7 days.  It would be very useful if this sum was displayed by Strava.

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