List My Top 10s or "Almost KOMs"

On the KOM page, could you also put a section that would list my "Top 10s"? (or Top 5s) This would be a list of the segments that you've almost made a KOM (but didn't and are still in the top 5 or 10). Some of us are old and we ride where lots of people ride. We get some top 10s, but not a lot of KOMs. Do you feel me?



  • The new features don't work anyway. Auto-flag allowed someone driving at 100kmh to take 2 koms off me yesterday, and another driver kept the 26 koms they took for a week after their ride was flagged.

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  • This is why I refuse to pay for Strava.  So many features or options that people have been asking for for YEARS, some of which should be relatively easy to implement, and no progress.  Strava could be awesome, but right now it is not.  I don't understand why we can't see a list of our Top 10 finishes.  You get a cup for them, so why can't you see a list of the cups that you have gotten?  QOM/KOM and Cups (Top 10's) are what SHOULD be in your trophy case.  I'm guessing that for most people, that hard won top ten time is a greater feat than completing some challenge(like exercise 3 days per week for 3 weeks) and getting a badge for it.  I know I would much rather see crowns and cups in my trophy case.  At the very least, on my QOM/CR page, I would like to see a list of my cups as well as my crowns.

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  • I am a paid member and willing to keep on doing so, but it is really sad that this feature is still not implemented when it was suggested back in 2014. This is really something that is needed it will help one to find the motivation to get those KOMs. 

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  • As Strava becomes increasingly popular KOMs naturally become harder to achieve. Particularly on popular routes. Getting a top 10 should be recognised as an achievement and easy to view along with your KOMs. Staggering that this was suggested 6 years ago and still hasn't been implemented!

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  • Let's give this some action: Strava are clearly going through a development cycle and listening more than ever to their subscribers. So...Subscribe to Strava and please "up-vote" this topic. Would be great feature to have.

    Vote. Vote. Vote!

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  • Crazy, how is this still not available? For many, a Top 10 in itself is a win and being able to quickly view this is a nice ego boost and motivation to try to claim the KOM.

    C'mon Strava!


    If you are intentionally choosing to not make this available, what is the rationale as to why??

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