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Can we please have an edit mileage feature.  I use a garmin watch when running but it often does not pick up at the start of the run, sometimes for quite some time, and therefore despite me running 10 miles, it only logs 4!!! Can we have the ability to manually edit the mileage.  And then show on the logs that mileage was edited.

It would also be good to edit the course, and plot the actual route taken to check the distance run.

Many thanks

There is a related Feature Suggestion found here: Manually add Distance for an Indoor/Stationary Activity



  • Today I went for a run with my Epson SF810 and as I wasn't feeing that great after 7 km or so I stopped running and stopped the watch. I carried on walking towards home and after 400-500 m I felt a bit better and so started the watch and carried on to my destination.

    I uploaded the run to RunSense and it's showing 9.08 km that is about right. However, when I go to Strava it has upped the distance to 9.50 km (apparently including the section I walked when the watch had been stopped) and given me PBs for 1 km, half mile and mile which is just ridiculous. What I would need to do is remove the extra section of 400 m or so that Strava has considered I ran in basically 0 seconds, Having just read through a lot of this thread I am guessing it's not possible and am quite surprised at how apparently easy it would be to cheat if one was that way inclined.

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  • Problem sorted and it was simple, split activity and then crop, stats now correct.

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  • PLEASE! I just ran a very tight, technical mountain bike trail with heavy tree cover. The GPS distance is WAY off (recorded 12.3 miles, bikes taking distance from the wheel rotation record 16 miles).  Instead of fixing the distance and knowing my ACTUAL pace, I now have to create a bogus "run" to just add the missing miles :( Super sad. 

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