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It would be great to be able to plan activities on the Strava Calendar. So we could write down the activities for the Month or week in advance and then marked then as done (and edit them before mark as done if changes). We can already do this more or less by using a future date in the activity details. But in the case of riding for example you are not able to upload a track after the creation of the activity.

As a added value, a great functionality would be also that an user (in the role of trainer we could say) could write down the activities plan in the calendar of a friend or trainee.

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    This functionality to add planned activities in advance is coming to the Training Log. Please stay tuned

  • It would be great to have a link to other calendars on mobile and commuter so that you could sync both ways and overlay the various aspects of your life on the screen.

  • i know this feature sounds a lot like another site that already out there, but i really enjoy the social aspect of strava & "competing" against others using the same training routes. having any planning functionality at all would allow me to stop using the other site & move completely to currently i'm using both & its annoying neither has all the features i need. please consider this is an important tool that even amateur athletes would enjoy. thanks!

  • I agree with Erin and am in the same boat.  It is a good feeling to plan out your week or month and then see the progress of completing all of your activities.


  • ditto here on adding this feature.

  • Not only do I agree that it would be useful to plan activities in advance, but you could also integrate with Weather Channel's API so you can see the forecast for an upcoming activity for a given location. Especially if you use your planned routes.

  • Just wanted to +1 this. If I have a focus race and want to make sure I hit certain weekly mileage, it would be great to lay that out on the calendar, instead of a week at a time. As others have said, I will now need to use other tools for that = less time on Strava...

  • One minor addition...Since the ''Training" tab contains both past activities (Log) and future activities (Calendar) provide the ability to filter the "My Activities" list for past, future or all.

  • i upgraded to premium this year (mainly due the free t shirt they offered). The more I look at what I'm paying for, the less I see the value. I can't even plan my workouts for the coming months and show them on the calendar. Seems like basic functionality to me. Once Garmin connect gets their $hit together and comes up with a decent app, I'm done with strava.
  • Completely agree with this FR - it seems like basic functionality, and without it, I find myself struggling to really plan my activities in between complex work and home responsibilities. 

  • Yup, please add the feature to add future plans / workout (calendar planning). That's the only reason I'm still maintaining my Trainingpeaks Premium. 

  • it's been two and a half years, and Strava still haven't implemented this - you would gain so many premium followers if you just offered this basic feature. It might actually give a good reason for people to sign up for Premium.

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