Map-based Explore feature for Activity Search

The process of finding and comparing activities on Strava feels like it should be so much easier. Perhaps taking cues from sites like Trulia or Redfin could improve the design of the Activity Search, making it super simple to quickly and easily find an activity that meets your needs.

When you click on Activity Search today, it starts out by showing a blank page with filter controls on the side. When you search, you see a long list of names, most of which are formatted like "MM/DD/YY City, State". It is hard to differentiate between them, without seeing them all on a map. With the way that this feature is currently designed, I end up opening browser tabs for each activity to try and compare them. It's really frustrating! And there's no way to see the popularity of each activity.

Including a map, in addition to the list view and filter controls would be really helpful. The map could start out by showing your current city, and you could zoom in from there or enter in a different location. It'd be great if you could also have a setting to have the map default to my home address or current location. The map would show the N most popular activities in view. The list would rank those N activities by popularity (based on segment frequency). Hovering over each activity shown on the map or in the list would expose its full route. You could then filter the results list by location (i.e. zooming in on the map), in addition to using the existing filter controls (e.g. type, distance, time, elevation gain).



  • Hi Erik - thanks for the feedback! Better search options are coming soon, so stay tuned. 

  • search activity is too simple.

    we need date of the track, and a place (on the map) to select and find a activity.

    the result of the search, can the see on a map.



  • agreed. if I am looking for a route, need to see the start point on the map. making it like segment explorer would be key. thank you.

  • Hi, 
    I want propose a new feature for search into our activities: instead of the list of activities I think is better to have the google maps with all our workout, like when your search the segments near you...

  • Hi, can you please advise when the improved search functions will arrive?

    Really need to be able to search using a map...


    Many thanks

  • Better search options were promised 2 years ago, but I do not see improvement and agree with the requests being made in this thread. Activity search should be map based, not returned in an unpractical table. A bit like "popular routes" (not just segments or heatmaps, but "routes") on a map.

  • Elle, what's the deal? 2 years and counting for this enhancement...

  • Hi. Is there any update on map based activity search?

  • 3 years ago...still no improvement ??

  • Has the activity explore option been deleted? i recall i used to be able to explore activities via search, but now it isnt there?

  • It seems Strava have gone backwards .. not only is there still no development for usable activity browsing (ideally map-based), but they have taken down the Strava Labs Clusterer Tool which did some of what we are looking for such as filter by activity type (e.g cycling) and distance (e.g 100+km) and you would get a map overlay highlighting all paths meeting that criteria, which you could then click on to get a ranked list of activities. Very useful for discovering new or better routes..

    Unfortunately it seems to have been taken down in response to the overreaction to the heatmap revealing 'sensitive sites'. Strava already provides two activity-related privacy tools;

    1. set a privacy radius around your home or other address (e.g 500m) so anyone viewing your activities cannot actually see where you live, but can see the rest of your activity

    2. set entire activities to Private, so only you can see your activities

    You'd think that should be enough to keep activities private if a users wishes. If users who should know better - such as anyone deployed to a sensitive location - are not using these options then thats their problem and Strava should not be dumbing down their service to protect people from themselves. However if Strava has not actually been hiding activities flagged this way from heatmaps that is a big stuff-up, and one they absolutely need to fix but also one which should not require taking down useful features such as the Clusterer.

    Provided Strava provides options to make parts or all of your activities private, they really should not be concerned with the privacy issues around activity search.

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