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I'd like the ability to share my training log view ( with a third-party -- specifically, a friend who is helping me with marathon training and coaching -- without having to give him full account access via my password. While I can always export Garmin activities to a .csv-format file, that's not a particularly rich data set and doesn't show HR trends or pace trends on a per-mile or other interval basis that would be useful in assessing progress toward specific pacing goals. I would think the ability to share the visual training log view and to give a coach the ability to click into individual workouts/runs would be hugely beneficial for anyone using any kind of online coaching.





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    You can now make your Training Log public, thanks for all your feedback! 

  • Hi Tim,

    If your coach has a Strava account, they should be able to see all the same run analysis as you see on any given activity page. Are you looking for more run analysis feature that don't currently exist on Strava to help you with your marathon prep?

    Thanks for the feedback! 

  • Elle, thanks for the response. What I have in mind is giving my coach the ability to get the same global view of my training that I can get when I go to the training log page. From there, he could dive into specific workouts to see splits, HR details, etc., but as far as I can tell, there is no way him to see that Training Log view -- I haven't been able to see it for the people I follow on Strava when I click into their profiles, but if there is a way, that would be awesome.



  • I'm also looking for this functionality. The training log page with the visual overview of what training has been completed is perfect for sharing with coaches and fellow runners. We just need that functionality setup.

  • Great, thanks for clarifying! 

  • Hi, i was thinking about this as well. My coach has me marking particular training sessions as private, as I don't want to be sharing all my data with the world. However I'd like to be able to share it with my coach. Is there any way that we can add a "Coach" instead of just an "athlete", so that the Coach can see everything I've logged on Strava, including private rides. Essentially I only want to share some data with my followers, but all of it with my coach, and as we live on opposite sides of the world, timing can be a bit of an issue.

  • I totally agree with this request - that is a coach possibility, where you can allow a coach to dig into you power profiles, specific rides etc.

    This is possible with trainingpeaks and is very useful if you're a coach.

    STRAVA's interface and visual design is so much better than trainingpeaks - but it is in my opinion a serious drawback that there is no coach possibility





  • I'd also like the see functionality to share training logs added.  To start, making the URL to each athletes training log distinct and not requiring a login to view it would be helpful (similar to the way you can share a specific workout by passing the URL to a non-strava member).

  • I've voted up this feature.

    The training log is a great summary of training information, and I would love to share this with training partners and coaches. My training partner and I can see all each others exercise at{athleteID}, but we would really like to be able to view each others training in an easy to read summary at{athleteID}/training/log

  • +1 the ability to view others training logs, premium only...shared only, anyway would be awesome :)

  • Ellen (and STRAVA),


    basically what we want is the same functionality that is in the Trainingpeaks Coach edition. So that you within your Coach account could have a roaster of athletes that you coach and follow. So you easily could see their power profiles, fatigue score, training amount etc.

    Also it would be very nice if you could use STRAVA to plan the athletes training. So that from my coach account could apply training to my athletes..



  • Yup, I have the same request. Thanks, Joel

  • I would love to see the the Settings that @David Ellison dicribed!!!

    Setting an Activity on Privat for "the World" but my Coach would still be able to see and analyse it.

  • Hi Tim,

    If your coach has a Strava account, they should be able to see all the same run analysis as you see on any given activity page. Are you looking for more run analysis feature that don't currently exist on Strava to help you with your marathon prep?

    Thanks for the feedback! "

    That's not quite the same.  Our coaches can see the individual workouts, but we'd like to allow them to access the Training Log page.  You know, the one with all the circles! 

  • I'd like to be able to have a tiered approach to privacy. For instance I don't want the guys in the cycling club to know I've trained hard through the winter but there may be a friend/coach that I wish to see that activity.

  • Great discussion and feedback here, we appreciate it. Although this would be a notable enhancement especially given our new Training Plans, adding an interface for athlete/coach interaction isn't currently planned. Keep the comments coming, thanks!

  • The majority of us are not asking for a "new" feature, just for the current feature (Training Log - via bubble view), to be accessed by all or select people only (you can decide - if you make it a premium member only access then I'm sure it would be a great way to boost sales). Its much more visually efficient to analyze overall training as a coach or just as a fellow athlete and see who is doing what without having to decipher and count each like activity for a given week. Adding the same "Training Log" view as a tab in each athletes profile next to "Overview", Training Log goes here, "Trophy Case", "Following", "KOMs/CRs" is a simple update. The work is already done and the info we are all requesting is already there. If a workout is marked private, make it so it just doesn't show up there. Then if you want to elaborate and add "special viewers to workouts" or something later on address that then. But for now, just adding the calendar style bubble view would make a lot of people happy and make coaches more inclined to use Strava over training peaks and other platforms. And like I said earlier, make it available for premium members only. (I would upgrade for that, and others have expressed the same) Thanks - Josh

  • Since the original post dates back quite a while, I am posting my similar opinion on the training log.

    The training log is an important feature to keep track of my global training.
    It would even be more useful if you:

    # made it available in the mobile app.
    # included an option to display the training log to followers/public via URL (or put it on the profile page).

  • As Elle Anderson suggested, I would like to keep this conversation alive. I'm a premium user who would love to have an option of sharing all with my coach and maybe by sweetheart, only some things with approved followers, and pretty much nothing with the world.

    If there already is such a feature, I don't know how to find it.

    Thanks for Strava!


  • I too would like to keep this conversation alive. As a coach I can see all the data I require from my athletes, but it is time consuming to bring up each athlete by name and review.

    I would like to see a private coach club option under clubs. whereby only the coach can see the people in the club and their sessions. some athletes like to keep their training very private, most dont like to be compared on leader boards as someone is always doing more sessions than them etc.

    So if I had a private coach club that only the coach could see all the activities then the coach could keep up to date with their activities more readily. I do also think that apart from following the athlete, the athlete should be entitled to approve their inclusion in a coaching club.

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