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Turn-by-Turn Audio Notifications for Route Navigation (mobile)

Audio turn by turn voice directions of a Strava Route from the mobile app.



  • So I have now tried RWG (on a paid 1 week trial), and it worked well until it lost the gps signal. Then it stopped recording the rest of the ride. To be fair, so did Strava which is rare.

    I have now tried Bike Tracker which has been developed to give voice prompts on premade routes. It focusses on the gps accuracy and voice guidance, so it doesn't have a route planner, or any way to store and analyse your rides. But it does access your routes in your RideWithGPS account directly. It also records your ride which you can then upload to your main app of choice (RwGPS or Strava in my case.)
    Most times I ride on tried and trusted routes so I only rarely need voice guidance. So my preferred app for regular rides this is still Strava. But when I want to try a new route, I will use RwGPS to plan it making sure the route has cues added, then use Bike Tracker for guidance (and a backup ride recording), alongside Strava to record the ride.
    I am guessing you could probably load a Stava route into Bike Tracker, but I have not tried that - yet! Also beware of routes imported to RwGPS as they will likely not have a cues list. To get these, on the browser website, you will need to set up control points and "wiggle" the route between them to get the cues generated. Refer to the help for this and watch out that the route between control points still follows the original path as the tool will redraw the route giving the shortest path.
    Bike Tracker does what it says "on the tin". It isn't fancy, but does what it does well. The in-app help is excellent. And when you deviate from your route, it doesn't just give up. It continues recording and tries to get you back on course at the nearest point. 
    There is so much about Stava that I like so I will continue with it. It is just such a pity they continue to ignore this very basic feature.
  • I have to say that I'm also rather disappointed by the stance to not implement this feature. I have tried ride with GPS but it sadly has caused me more ire than pleasure. Not accurately telling me when I have to turn left/right caused me on multiple occasions to reverse my route and look at my phone to figure out where it wanted me to go. 

    I am almost at the point of spending the money for a wahoo elemnt bolt just to have it in front of my face constantly. 

  • Im a road cyclist and am adding my thoughts to this thread because I really appreciate the social media side of Strava and the route builder, whilst not perfect, is still a useful resource but agree the navigation let's it down.
    I found this app called OSMAND (probably through this thread on the Strava forums) and it appears to be using the same engine that the Strava app gets all it's route data. It's hugely a overcomplicated app so requires a lot of tweaking to get the map settings and navigation right but thats not a bad thing if you can be bothered to fiddle for a few hours. The pros outweigh the cons, in my view, since it works on Strava's GPX files, there's an option to downloaded free maps, it gives voice directions as you go and you can select the voice of a posh English bloke if that's your cuppa tea (or download others!) Plus it has a brain so can can work out a re-route should the wind in your ears be too wild to hear the fellow tell you you're off track! I got approx 9hrs with my backup battery before it left me to rely on my schoolboy French for the final leg of a 160+k ride around some hills in the Dordogne so I'm working on adjustments to the online mapping settings so it uses less power. It also records the trip but I doubt this can be imported back into Strava and, as the saying goes, 'if it's not on Strava then it never happened!'
    If anyone has any tips on how to use OSMAND with Strava and reduce their smartphone power consumption then please share your tips and maybe next time I'll be home before teatime!

  • I am using turn by turn using KOMOOT. I like strava for route design as it gives me Heat Maps..

    1) Create Route in Strava

    2) Export GPX file

    3) Import file in KOMOOT.

    4) Use KOMOOT app for turn by turn direction & Keep strava open for Mertrics..

    5) Better way, buy Wahoo elemnt, send KOMOOT map to Elemnt. You will have turn by turn direction & also all your Metrics...




  • Hey Jon Garyfalakis, I had done the Google method in the past but stopped doing so because when I tried, if you got off-course, google was REALLY HELPFUL and recalculated my route... from the nice scenic 65 mi route I had selected, to the 12 mi shortest bike route.  I don't know if its till does this, but if you haven't tested deliberately going off course, you might want to do so before assuming you've got your method.


    Ride With GPS has remained the only mostly reliable simple method I've found to have your phone do audible routing for me.  I've since switched to a Wahoo Element Bolt, but will not pay Strava again till they add this feature for all those who have been requesting it for years.  Its way more important than a HeatMap :)

  • You have to pay Ride With GPS to get voice prompts, but you can buy a 1 week trail before you commit. I tested it on several rides but it lost the gps signal on several rides, and then stopped recording my ride. I do like the route planner but not as much as the Strava one.

    I checked out Bike Tracker and so far I'm impressed. It isn't fancy, but will receive imported routes - or even connect to a RWG account to access routes defined there. Be sure that the route includes cues. BT focuses on the GPS and warns you when you go off course, with advice on how to get back on course. It records your route, which you can then manually export to Strava or RWG.

    Bike Tracker doesn't have fancy bits like ride analysis or even a route editor. But as a GPS tracker it works well. I am particularly impressed by the extensive help provided in-app. -And it is free. (Though the developer deserves some pay back..)

    So if I need voice guidance, my plan is currently:
    * Design route on RWG on PC (making sure it has a cue list)
    * Use Bike Tracker on phone to access and download the RWG route
    * When riding, use Bike Tracker on phone for voice guidance and..
    * Use Strava on phone to record my ride

    If I am riding a familiar route and I don't need voice guidance I will use Strava alone.


  • Exactly what I do for road rides. 

    I sometimes do the same for off-road rides if I have the time to edit in all the turn points in RWGPS. If not, I will use OSMAnd. If you are an off-roader, it really is worth persevering with OSMAnd which does work pretty well, and has the benefit of using the extra detail provided by Open Street Maps which shows paths / tracks / bridleways / cycle-paths. Also, if you ever go walking, OSMAnd works well following a GPX track.

  • I would really like this feature as well. It's the last thing I need as Bryton have withdrawn support for downloading routes to their older devices as that is what I used in the past when I'm somewhere new along with google but google only works with A to B routes which is not always what I want.

    I did discover that the cue sheet is much better than it used to be however and this is useful as well, especially in noisy areas where voice cues are no use.

  • Expected this functionality as a premium user. Big disappointment, add this feature Strava!

  • I have read this thread from the first thread back in 2014. I believe folks here in Strava must be agree with us about the importance of Standard out of the box voice turn by turn functionality.

    Now, fast forward to second half of 2017, it still has not progressing. I could not believe how hard that would be? It's all using standard/common API which supposed to be easy to implement. I believe this is not about inability of Strava in terms of technology capability but I think it is more on legal/commercial reason?

    Anyway, workaround using OsmAnd seems to be straight forward and easy to use for Android users, not sure for iPhone users. 

    Another think that I also notice that is important is the ability to export MAP for segments, which currently not available. 

  • I agree and am disappointed in premium upgrade. Thinking of going back to Map My Fitness.

  • Hi Folks,

    Sorry if I repeating what you discussed before ..

    I've got a route built with RWGPS. Now I want to use it for turn-by-turn navigation either in Strava or Google Map on my iPhone.

    My 2 questions:

    1. Does Strava allow to import route (.gpx or .klz)?

    2. I was able to import the route into Google Map. Will it give me turn-by-turn navigation when I ride or I just see the route and that's it?


    Thanks in advance

  • I can't believe this is not part of Strava at the very least as part of the Premium package. I am not on a subscription at the moment. 

    I really like Strava and have started using the 'Use Route' feature to follow other riders' routes. I was really disappointed (and continuously lost!) when I found there were no directions.

    At the moment I am considering buying a world map from Komoot who have a lot of cycling routes and voice turn by turn.

    However i really dislike having to launch 2 apps to go cycling - I would much rather have this functionality in Strava which I try to remember to launch every ride. PS What about that auto-launch feature too huh ? ;) 



  • This is BS and big time. I think I'll wait for Hammerhead Karoo, and if it works that's the solution. It's interesting to see what kinda platform they are building and how it will compare to Strava. Also, with Karoo I don't have to carry my phone and expose it for an accident!

    I'm also thinking to buy Training Peaks premium on top of Karoo because if Strava is handicapped and I have to buy another solution then i could use my money for the best training solution on the market too. 😎 

  • The lack of audio cues makes it impossible to use a pre-planed route using Strava.

    On a recent bike touring trip I tried out Strava for the first time.  I love the ability to make maps and prepared several for each day on our trip, but because Strava cannot tell me how to stay on that route I was forced to use Google Maps (which does a *very bad* job of setting bike routes, but has good audio instructions once I'm moving).  I'll take the suggestions here though and try OsmAnd.

  • Another vote for Turn-by-Turn Audio Notifications for Route Navigation. How many more votes do we need?

  • Eliya Voldman - if you didn't gather, this thread is about the LACK of turn by turn (audio) directions in Strava. It doesn't do it, and the last time they posted, they don't intend to. However, the is a free solution (osmand) that I am not at all find of. Alternatively ridewithgps does it with a basic paid membership. Or you might want to consider a expensive bike computer. Almost all platforms (Strava included) will deal with gpx import/export. For audio cues though, don't look too Strava. (Strava will not receive any more money from me until they start adding features people are actually asking for like this one.)

  • Hello Elie

    Add me to the list of Strava users that have cancelled their Premium membership due to the lack of Turn-by-Turn Audio Notifications for Route Navigation (mobile).  I like Strava  a lot.  I like the route planning and being able to share what I am doing with friends - but given I need spectacles to even see a route on an iphone (if its in my hand - let alone if its attached to the handlebars of my bike) and I need cycling specs to keep the bugs out of my eyes - I need Turn by Turn Audio Notifications for Route Navigation!  Its fundamental for me to enjoy the routes I have so carefully planned using your excellent app.  I am stunned to read that Turn by Turn Audio Notifications for Route Navigation (mobile) "is not currently planned!  Its not even on the plan!  Seriously?  In terms of usefullness I struggle to imagine what could possibly be of greater value to your users!  Get it on the plan now please.  Then make it a priority!  



  • I really, really want this feature.  I use another iOS running app, RunGo, to help me when I am running someplace new (such as when I am on a business trip).  I can use both RunGo and Strava at the same time without any noticeable issues (not even to battery life) except that sometimes they talk at the same time, so I have a work-around, but I would really love it if my favorite running app had this as a first-class feature.  If RunGo did a few other things better than it does now, it might be my first choice overall just because of this feature.

  • I use it the same way as you do. I.e. I use RunGo for turn-by-turn navigation and Strava as my favorite app which counts calories that I've burned. Unfortunately RunGo does not have bike mode but they promised to release it soon. Both apps are free for me and works together with no problems although I'd prefer to use only one. 

  • I too am disappointed that this is not on strava, personally I would be happy with on screen turn-by-turn as a compromise. At the moment I am just sticking to trail centres as I can’t find an app accurate enough.

    Tempted to just jack in strava and get a piece of hardware where the support people actually reply to user suggestions.

  • I use Strava premiun for tracking progress.  I also expected turn by turn by now.

    With the Strava API I can now write my own apps to pull my training data and do my own tracking for free.

    I have now found a free app called RunGo.  Just created an app and imported my GPX file from Strava.  Website worked out all the turn by turn navigation prompts and I've now downloaded this to my phone ready to test.

    Next, remove premium subscription as it's pointless. 


    Sorry Strava.  It's a simple request - simple app.  Stop doing pointless updates and focus on this feature many are screaming for.

  • I just tried RunGo and it's a pretty cool app.  It's similar to Bike Tracker which I recommended in an earlier post.  However, RunGo is geared toward running whereas Bike Tracker is geared toward cycling (no duh, right?).  I like Bike Tracker because you can import routes directly from RideWithGPS whereas with RunGo you have to first export a GPX from your routing tool of choice and then import the GPX into RunGo.  However, RunGo has a much nicer interface plus it has the ability to create routes from scratch using the web version.

  • John,
    I use RunGo free and 100% agree with you. Meanwhile I'd like to try Bike Tracker as well to choose which one is better for me.
    Could you please tell exact name of app you were referred because there are a lot of similar names in App Store and clarify if you tried free or paid version.

  • I have been using RideWithGPS forever. Great map creation tool, fantastic turn-by-turn audio notification, great integration with Garmin GPS, streamline and intuitive interface; wonderful and responsive support. Not sure what else one would want. Best of all, most critical features are free. Although, just for the damn good app that it is, I don't mind supporting them -- I am on their Basic plan which takes care of everything that I need.

    I also love Strava, and have started using  it for segment features and social media aspect of it, but the turn by turn navigation feature ( I do a lot of long distance touring) keeps me going back to RideWithGPS.

    Long and short of it, I navigate with RideWithGPS, and synch up my rides afterward with Strava to take advantage of the best features in both app.

  • Mehrdad, that's exactly what I do, except that I'm paying for both services. I want to stop paying for Strava's premium features, but I'm hesitant because I'm not sure what I'll lose.

  • I am using it. I have a free version
    It works quite well for me

  • please add this feature!! it would be very useful!!!!

  • just discovered Strava and the route planner is fantastic, but the lack of notifications on the route was disappointing, would be great to have these in either the basic or the premium.

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