Fitness and Freshness graph for Run activities

I, as most use Strava for running and cycling.  I don't know the actual calculation, but the tool Training Peaks allows you to map your TSS, IF and training stress balance for running.  This would be a great feature to add in to help with training for events.



  • Have signed up for a free TrainingPeaks account and manually exported / imported all my recent rides to Garmin Connect and there to TP - seemed to work well. Upload to both via Garmin connect and will see whether there remains any value in continuing premium membership.

  • I agree with the statements of others here.  Failing to help the multi-sport users when you are already capturing the HR data as well as not even allowing people to manually enter a TSS for an activity makes the Fitness and Freshness graph garbage unless EVERY SINGLE activity you do is with a bike AND heart rate or power.  For multiple years you have strung these people on with premium memberships and claimed that this was a 'multi-sport' website.  So long Strava premium, moving to golden cheetah or training peaks.  

  • Suffer scores for activities such as running should be calculated into fitness and freshness, or at least have the ability.  A check box for bike only / bike and other activities. A lot of times in the off season people will get off the bike and cross train a bit.. but your fitness just drops when running is not included.. if you had bike race on sunday and you ran a marathon on saturday.. according to the current fitness and freshness you would be ready to race bike. probably not the case. ;)

  • Elle,




    I'm not sure why you want us to make more posts to this thread as its clear that you have no intention of implementing the feature.

    For those that have not yet moved TrainingPeaks provides this functionality (and a whole lot more).  As a runner you are better off just using the free Strava version and paying for TrainingPeaks.  I struggle to see what value a Premium account offers runners but maybe I'm missing something.  Elle?

  • It's been 3 years. You'd think the team would've had ample of time to quantify our feedback and prioritize this development by now.

    Instead you fail to respond to any of the questions. I feel sorry for you Elle. The team has failed you completely and you're the one taking the heat. I'm not mad at you.

    How ever, your comment does not change my opinion about Strava. I have warned my running friends and family, going premium for a runner is really a bad idea. You get nothing, absolutely nothing, for your money if you are a runner.

  • Adding run data to Fitness&Freshness is in the planning stages. I will be sure to keep the thread informed with any new updates as planning progresses.

  • Wow finally, I don't know how many customers you will get back, but at least good news for those who stayed.

    To me the biggest issue wasn't the feature itself but the attitude towards paying customers.


  • I'm moving my subscription to two years of Strava premium and got tired of waiting for this and other non-cycling features

  • Hooray! I'm a cyclist first so premium has value for me, but this is the missing piece in a comprehensive view of my training load. Looking forward to it.

  • Hey what about swimming? That was my concern and comment, Garmin make reliable HR monitors for swimming so.... what are you waiting for. Do both Running and Swimming at the same time. You guys must be rolling in cash, you need to invest and stay ahead, or catch up smart ish!

  • Hi,

    I am training for my first Triathlon and since having got my first Garmin was hoping for a fitness freshness curve finally. But nothing, as I haven't had chance to get out on my bike yet. I assume if the running is not being taken into account then the data is useless, as if I have run for 3 days, but not been out on my bike, the graph would show me in good form for a race but I might be v fatigued from lots of running. It would also be important for me to have some way of manually adding in heart rate data for a swim as I have a heart rate monitor that will work in the pool, but it is not compatible with strava, my garmin doesn't work in the pool unfortunately. But for triatheletes, you really want to be able to include all forms of training in a fitness/ freshness curve otherwise what is the point.

  • Hi J N

    I have been following this post for some time and am also into triathlon. After much research and debate in my own mind as well as reading various reviews, I have signed up to Training Peaks premium, which is far superior to Strava as well as anything else in terms of the useful analysis that you can do. Lots of the earlier messages on this post will tend to confirm this view.



  • Along with others, I am interested in the fitness/freshness dashboard for running. Also, possible total fitness, regardless of sport.

    Glad to see this topic is gaining traction as a priority. I hope it continues to. If you are looking for beta testers, please consider me.


  • I'll leave another vote to please implement running into this feature.

  • please implement this feature, as it really makes a joke of using it when I go for a run and have a suffer score of 201 and fatigue decreases, i either have to stop using strava to gauge or stop running and guess which one I wont be doing


  • +1 

  • It is so late that it almost feel like never... but glad to see that you finally decided to implement it. I'm sure that the fact that StravistiX already provides a free Chrome plug-in to do exactly what has taken Strava over 2 years to do has been an encouragement...

  • Elle, FYI, I won't be going premium until this feature is added.

  • Great news Elle!

  • So late, after two years waiting... already changed to

  • That's great to hear Elle.  Do you have an ETA on the release to production?  I'll hold-off on my planned Training Peaks subscription if its going to be soon.

  • Better late than never - I look forward this feature release!

  • Yay! Keep us posted!

  • Looking forward to this

  • Hi Strava, my Fitness Freshness has stopped giving me forward data for Fatigue Form etc, it is happening with other club member so not just my account, can I get a response to this quickly please

  • Yes, Jon, it's a bug that we're working on. Thanks, and hopefully resolved soon. 

  • Great to finally see it in the pipeline. Far too long a wait for such an important feature (I imagine the team was working on Apple IOS or something instead), ugh.

    Request: can this please be retrospective? So when you look at "all-time" for cycling and you gauge it as you do now; with the addition of running etc... it should include that in the calculations.

  • Elle - If I click on one of the other time frame options (i.e. Last Year, or Last 6 Months) then the data/graphs show up as normal, for all of the time frame options.

  • Does anyone know is strava can take the data from the Garmin HRM-Swim yet?

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