More flexible Custom Heart Rate Zones

Hey Strava peoples. Can I suggest an improvement to your premium analysis features? It would be really really nice to have more customization of my heart rate zones. Five zones with no gaps allowed is limiting. I'd love to see:

1. Support for more zones. 
2. Support for gaps between zones.

For example, my coach laid out six zones for me: Z1, Z2, SFR, Z3, Z4, Z5. I don't really care about the names; it's fine with me if what Strava displays as "Z3" is really my SFR zone and "Z4" displayed is really my Z3. But you see I have no slot for my Z5 because Strava would need to display "Z6." (However, as a bonus, it would be great if I actually could name my zones as I wish.)

Also, I have gaps that I want to avoid. For example, my SFR stops at 160 and Z3 starts at 168, meaning there's an 7-beat gap between zones. So it would be great if I could define both the start and end point of each zone, independent of the other zones. What do you think? Can your product guys build it? I'd be really grateful if you could pass this feedback to your product managers for consideration.



  • I second this. And my heart rate zones are tight, and one has just 3 beats. I'd like to be able to type in the numbers, forget the sliders, they are too limiting! Thanks! 

  • I recently made a lab test and have my heart zones Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6/Z6+ and agree that adding you own heart zones more flexibly would be super great.

  • i would definitely like to be able to increase or even decrease the number of zones and renaming them would be helpful too.

  • Yes, please.  This is a common feature on most other sites.  TrainingPeaks also has a number of automatically generated zones based on canonical methods.  This would be great, too.

  • Yes. I train with power, however HR is important to have. As suggested above would be a great feature. Your "Moderate" to me is really "Endurance" and your "Endurance" is really only a "Recovery" ride. Being able to add custom zones in there that come in closer to the power zones would be great. Many people like to have a lower Z3 that is not quite "Tempo" but can be used for slightly faster endurance aerobic activities. Also an upper Z3 and lower Z4 or L4 zone is handy for sub-threshold or below LTHR and up into L4. Some use up to 7 finer tuned zones to target specific functions.

    From a premium member, who would like to stay on with Strava in the future, this would be great if you could add this feature. Thanks. James

  • Premium member here

    Please give us the ability to add more zones (I use 7 to train with) and the ability to type in the zones vs the sliders that only go one way (really annoying). 

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  • Premium member here

    I would also like the ability to have more zones maybe even to customize them.  I know it's hard to calculate suffer score with more, but there's a way.  Right now I have Z4 for my threshold training and would like to see a Z5a to show when I'm above LTHR and Z5b to show me anaerobic.


  • same here! 6 zones is the way forward for my as a cyclist... thanks for adding!

  • Also keen for this feature.  It ties in with the coaching programs and details.

  • This feature is certainly something you should consider giving Premium Users if possible. Training Peaks gives you an option of up to 7 zones and I think this could be a drop down you offer. With training becoming a whole lot more scientific this really is a feature you should consider.

  • Thanks for all the excellent feedback! Great to know what our Premium users would like to see for this feature going forward. Your feedback has been shared with the product team. 

  • Just signed up for Premium for the HR zone analysis and agree some additional flexibility would be good for naming zones, and adding more zones.

    Also, it would be useful to be able to view the HR graph on the analysis page as Zones on one axis, or perhaps colour banding on the graph.

  • +1 from me - I could do with 6 zones please.

  • I prefer six zones. it's more flexible and better for cyclists :) Thanks,
  • I prefer six zones. it's more flexible and better for cyclists :) Thanks,
  • 6 Zones to use same zones as British Cycling would be good please.

  • Would love to have multiple zones, selectable per sport please.

  • As a triathlete, separate zones for cycling and running are important for me.
  • My zones are really tight, only 6 beats between one. I can't define these with the sliders so I need to type them in. Help!

  • I've also had my HR tested in a lab and I can't enter them with the sliders. Please change this to manual entry and I second the request for custom number of zones. Thanks!

  • As mentioned by others, knowing my heart rate zones, and knowing they are different for running and cycling, and also different from what you guys calculate, I can only support the others before, please add this flexibility so we can use the heart rate analysis again - else its worth a lot less than it could be. 

    Thanx a lot

  • I also would like to have 6 or more HR Zones. Possibility to set own names on each zone should also be there.

    Presentation of heart rate zone analysis in Android app should be bar chart like on the website. It is easier to read than the circular diagram wich is almost useless, only looks pretty.

  • I'd also love to customize the amount of heart rate zones. To only having 5 Zones is too less for me, according to the Joe Friel HR settings.

  • Heart rate zone 1 should have a lower limit. As Strava does it now HR zone 1 is incorrect and is meaningless. 

    My HR zone 1 is from 107 to 117 BPM. If I am below 107 BPM I am not in HR zone 1. If everything below HR zones 1 upper limit was HR zone 1 (as Strave has it now) then riding at 115 BPM or sitting watching TV at 60 BPM would be the same. Relay this is not the case.

    Please add a lower limit it Heart Rate zone 1.

  • +1, more zones please!

  • Can you not apply the same definitions for Z1 (Active Recovery) - Z6 (Anaerobic Capacity) to cyclists' performance profiles as you do for runners (Introduced for Premium runners in Oct 2014)? 

    Z1-Z6 is what's produced automatically by the standard Wattbike 20 minute FTHR/Average Power and Submax Ramp tests, and the British Cycling Calculators, so cycling life would be much simpler if Strava calculators would use the same...

  • Just chiming in for my vote for more zones. Would love to see this feature. Would also like to see someone from Strava comment on this. Last comment is over 15 months ago. Are there any plans to introduce this into the product? 

  • +1 on this...I'd love to set my Z3+ 

  • I can't believe this item doesn't get more support.  Very popular training programs use 6 zones.

  • I just asked Strava about this issue and the answer was the following:

    "I apologize for the inconvenience. Currently I do not envision any additional Heart Zones for activities in this capacity."


    I guess we'll just have to wait. 


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