More flexible Custom Heart Rate Zones

Hey Strava peoples. Can I suggest an improvement to your premium analysis features? It would be really really nice to have more customization of my heart rate zones. Five zones with no gaps allowed is limiting. I'd love to see:

1. Support for more zones. 
2. Support for gaps between zones.

For example, my coach laid out six zones for me: Z1, Z2, SFR, Z3, Z4, Z5. I don't really care about the names; it's fine with me if what Strava displays as "Z3" is really my SFR zone and "Z4" displayed is really my Z3. But you see I have no slot for my Z5 because Strava would need to display "Z6." (However, as a bonus, it would be great if I actually could name my zones as I wish.)

Also, I have gaps that I want to avoid. For example, my SFR stops at 160 and Z3 starts at 168, meaning there's an 7-beat gap between zones. So it would be great if I could define both the start and end point of each zone, independent of the other zones. What do you think? Can your product guys build it? I'd be really grateful if you could pass this feedback to your product managers for consideration.




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