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    We are excited to release a Handcycle and Wheelchair activity category on Strava. Members who use adaptive equipment now have a place to categorize their activities. 


    Note that these activity categories have separate segments from the existing Ride or Run activity types and there is currently no gear tracking functionality. 

    Send us your thoughts and feedback by posting a comment below. 

  • I 100% agree there should be an handcycle option added as I also use a handcycle

  • That's why I still use Runtastic, they have a Handcycle option.

    Too bad Strava doesn't.


  • I agree.

  • Hi Donald, did you ever get anywhere with this request?

    I work with people who handcycle and was surprised this wasn't an activity. I was disappointed by the response I got from Strava when I asked if it could be included and it is clear we need to mount a bit of a campaign to get it on Strava.

    I am involved in a large club here in Sydney, Aus and will try to get all those members (all of whom are on Strava) and a few other clubs involved. I don't think it's reasonable that handcyclists should have to compete with legcyclists on Strava.

    Strava is an excellent networking tool that tells you who else is out there doing the same/similar rides as you. I've met up with people I've found on Strava and it seems to me that if people who handcycle could see who else might be there, perhaps on a different day or time to their regular ride, then they could contact each other and really take their riding further.  Counting your rides as regular "rides" in Strava you won't see that because the places handcycles tend to go (parks and closed roads) is where thousands of cyclists go to. 

    Watch this space!

    Paul (Strava name Horatio Bugle)

  • This is such a simple thing to add – just a drop down and it'd make some happy people :)

  • Agree - it's a different activity to standard cycling with different comparison data - handcyclists deserve the same ability to accurately measure their rides;  and an extra option in a drop down box is soo simple to add - cheers !

  • It seems to me that Strava is dropping the ball a little here. 

    Whilst it's only fair to provide equality of services, adding handcycling would be both a core cycling activity as per Strava's roots, as well as a place to find other hand cyclists. 

    Please look at this Strava :-)

  • I can't imagine this being a big change to implement on Strava. They list already Kitesurfing, Surfing and Yoga - it seems like Handcycling would be more relevant to the core of Strava's users (cyclists) than any of those.

    I would really like to see this please!

  • I agree with Luke, it should be a simple thing to add an additional menu item. Please consider this request favourably, Strava.

  • This would be a fantastic thing to do, Strava is such a community and connects people who do the same activities to encourage each other. Please add this!

  • Please add handcycle as an option.

  • Seems a good move - lets add a Handcycle activity.
    I can't see a reason not too unless someone knows something I don't.

    lets get it done.

  • This seems like a very small change but could make a big impact for those affected. Please add it Strava!

  • I'm sure that people who handcycle would value this inclusion in Strava.. I lovethe connection to others with similar interests thst Strava provides. I'm sure handcyclists would love that connection.

  • Totally agree with what's been said. Hand cycling seems a much better fit in Strava than some activities already in the Strava list. Surely it's a pretty simple IT change to add another entry.

  • This would be cool to see. Comparing achievements/KOMs over multiple types of cycling is pretty hard and handcyclists are unlikely to see their big achievements recognised. Would be great if Strava made this more accessible so we could recognise some of the athletes (and amateurs!) who do really well at this stuff.

  • I occasionally see a handcyclist on my travels, working his way uphill on a machine much heavier than mine, and with his arms (not his legs) is an amazing feat.

    Strava you should definitely considering this request.

  • Strava,  please support hand cycling.  Thanks for listening. 

  • I think it's a pretty good idea as well. You guys should add it.

  • I also agree - seems to be an important sport to add, especially given the rising interest (and engagement) in Paralympic sports. 

  • Adding handcycling could encourage more people with disabilities to get out there and ride! It's a great activity and many people would benefit from adding it to the app. Please consider, Strava.

  • Hand-cyclists have faced so many challenges to get to the point where they're actually out there turning wheels on the road.

    Strava ... give them an activity category!  Let these guys see how their efforts are leading to improvement in performance.  Give them their own K/QOMs!

  • I think it's a brilliant idea!

  • I support separate KOM based on broad groups of equipment so that recumbent riders are kept separate from traditional road cycling which are kept separate from handcycliers/e-bikes and the like.

    Its discouraging when I am competing with a KOM set on a recumbent race machine that barely resembles a bicycle and I presume handcyclst's feel similarly when competing against me on a road bike.

    I don't know how'd you police it, honour system would hopefully be sufficient.

  • I absolutely support this. I am a physician that specializes in rehab after serious injuries and care for many people who are athletes in every sense of the word but have different abilities due to their injuries. I fully support having hand cycling listed as an activity. I would love to see the networking and comparison with other athletes that Strava offers available to hand cyclists.

  • It would be a great addition to Strava to have this and would help to open up the world of cycling by catering to a broader cross section of cyclists.

    It seems to be an obvious fit with the goals and purpose of the Strava product.

  • +1. Handcyling is now a Paralympic sport. Any company seriously involved in sport should be doing everything they can to encourage young and upcoming athletes to get out there and take part. The options for disability sport apps are dire and the argument that changes need to be requested and supported by users before being considered couldn't be more backwards. How many people do they expect to request the change? Most will just move on and their business will be lost.

    It would be great if Strava could make the first move this time. I'm sure it would encourage disabled athletes to come back for a second look.

    In the meantime, Runtastic was the only app I could find with a Handbike option (although the icon seems to imply a little too much leg movement!)

    Time to lead. from the front Strava!

  • Many options to choose different sort of sports in Strava nowadays. But no Handbike cycling... It's even an Olympic sport!
    You guys would make a lot of Handbikers happy and thus considering a premium account to have all the benefits. And a more realistic and fair comparisment with other handbikers.

  • Surely this would count as discrimination by not including activities that people with disabilities/adaptive athletes take part in?

    Shame on you Strava.

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