Add 5 miles to PR tracker

The personal record tracker (running) currently has records for many standard race distances, but not 5 mile. I have in fact done more 5 mile races than any other distance, and it would be very nice (and presumably very easy!) to include an option for a 5 mile PR.

Thank you.



  • Totally agree. 5 mile is a very popular distance, much more popular than 2 mile and that is listed.

    Please add 5 miles to the All Time PRs section.


  • 800 m and 4 miles would also be nice.

  • If I quickly search a certain popular UK-centric race directory ( for all future races listed I get the following:

    1 mile = 30 events
    2 miles = 6 events
    3 miles = 16 events
    5K = 889 events
    4 miles = 27 events
    5 miles = 159 events
    6 miles = 25 events
    10K = 531 events
    7 miles = 15 events
    8 miles = 11 events
    9 miles = 6 events
    15K = 14 events
    10 miles = 72 events

    Therefore, from this limited research at least, as I would expect, it is 5 miles that is conspicuous by its absence from Strava's all time PR section. 2 miles should certainly be removed. I don't agree that 4 miles should be added. And and I don't think 800m really has a place in Stava's all time PR section either. IMO Strava isn't really about track.

  • 2 miles might be more popular in the US. Certainly 4 miles is niche, although it does form a popular race route in a certain east coast US city...

    Besides, I don't see the problem with adding more distances. Only those that are filled in appear on your profile, so it's not like it's cluttering it up. If enough people want it, Strava should consider adding it, IMO.

    Strava might not be about track (some would say it's not even about runners...), but 800 m is still a distance race and they have 1500 m in there - how many 1500 m road races are there? I'll bet the majority of Strava users' 1500 PRs (where set) are track.

    Here's another one while I'm at it: how about the kilomathon (26.2 km)? 

  • Seems like basically they should just cover all normal or even semi-common distances. (I disagree with removing 2 miles, even though I don't see many 2 mile races). As another commenter pointed out, these only show up on your profile if you fill them -- and from a programming point of view it ought to be essentially trivial to add additional distance slots to PR. Adding 5 mi and other common/semi-common distances ought to be a no-brainer.

  • I do worry how long that list could conceivably be and therefore argue it would clutter the profile if all available distances of this list were then filled. For example, one would need to include 0.5 mile multiples such as 5.5, 6.5, ... miles to cover certain trail races that I know about. And I'm sure any of you guys can think of other quirky distances to add to this big list.

    I would still favour just tinkering with the list a little to better represent the most popular road running distances. 

    BTW I might hazard a guess that the 2 miles distance is listed because of the US Army fitness test of that distance. In the UK, the armed forces prefer 1.5 miles (which isn't listed, and shouldn't be IMO)

  • I fully agree that 5 Miles should be added to the PB list, it's such a common distance in the UK. A shame that it has not been added since this suggestion was posted in May, hopefully that will change soon.

  • I think don't just add 5 miles.  Just add customisable distances.  Each runner has their own goals and distances they want to have personal records for.  Some may want 5 miles, others may 1.5mi for example.  If it is customisable for the runner it will suit everyone!

  • There is still no 5 mile option under running PRs. It would be very nice if this distance were added.

    Thank you

  • Still no 5 mile PR?


  • Agree with James above that the best solution would be to allow customizable PRs. I just ran a 10.5km and cannot add it to my PR list.

  • Still nothing on this? I would really love to see a 5 miler option to this - it would be really useful to lots of people!

  • 5 miles, please?!

  • Just done another 5 mile race - got a PB - but *still* can't add it to Strava.

    Is there *any* chance of this being added at any point in the future? 

  • Where's the 5 mile pr! Didn't have anyone to congratulate me today with my sweet time. Thought at least my phone might :)

  • I have several 5-milers under my belt. Would love to be able to log them!

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